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Beautifully Professional Font Bundle (Including Web Fonts) Just $24

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Refined, Pixel Perfect Fonts for Passionate Designers

After many more requests for another font bundle, we’ve put together some seriously beautiful fonts for a really special deal. These are professional grade fonts; pixel perfect, incredibly versatile and ideal for typography lovers.


Why You’ll Love This Font Bundle

The demand for another font bundle has been huge in the Design Cuts community, and we’ve worked hard to bring you a collection that will have massive impact upon your design work.

After our initial quirky/creative font bundle, there were a lot of requests for a more professional font bundle, suitable for web projects, as well as regular Photoshop and graphic design work. We’ve partnered with the awesome guys at Font You to bring you a font bundle sure to take your font library up a notch.

Beautifully Professional Font Bundle

You all know the benefits of a beautiful font for your work, so I’m going to break down exactly what’s so special about the fonts in this collection:

  • These fonts are serious, professional grade fonts. These are fonts that usually run for upwards of $150. Why? Because the quality is insanely good! This bundle is a true example of quality over quantity, and gives you fonts that you’ll want to use in every project. Normally fonts of this price range aren’t ever bundled together, but offered individually as part of a deal. We negotiated hard for you guys to come up with a bundle of fonts that perfectly complement each other.
  • Due to the high quality, you won’t need to worry about things such as legibility at smaller sizes or kerning issues. These fonts are so polished that they work great as headlines or body text, and are beautifully spaced whatever size you choose. The guys at Font You are true typography geeks, and their passion for type totally shows in this collection.
  • Did I mention quality? Because these fonts are what serious, professional designers choose, they come with some pretty awesome features such as powerful language support, extra ligatures, glyphs and weight variations. In short, you’re not stuck using them in a certain way, but can explore endless variations and have true creative freedom.
  • We’ve negotiated to include web versions of all the fonts in this bundle for you. These fonts work so well in both print and web design projects that we felt it was a must to include both versions.
  • Because these fonts are so versatile, you’re not confined to a particular style of work. These are equally usable for a corporate website, or for a quirky indie poster design.

As you can tell, we love these fonts ourselves! In fact, we’ve already been having a ton of fun using them.

Take a look yourself, and see how they may help your design projects:

FONT 1: Achille (Complete Font Family)

Achille is our new favourite font. Seriously, this happens about once a year for us that a font comes along that’s so good it just knocks our previous favourite aside. Achille is that font.

We love the fusion of professional and approachable. We love the pixel perfect kerning and sizing. We love the subtle flourishes on the lettering, and how they look at a variety of scales.

This font includes 4 weights:

  • Regular
  • Regular Italic
  • Black
  • Black Italic

and also includes a folder containing complete web versions of the entire font family.

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of fonts that look great in the previews, and then fall down when you try using them in your own projects. we’ve been using Achille across a range of designs, and it works great as

  • A chunky website headline
  • Elegant body text
  • A font to show quotes (the Regular Italics version is IDEAL for this)
  • Print design (check out the awesome examples below of how great this font looks on a printed page)


Beautifully Professional Font Bundle
Font You Bundle

FONT 2: Leano (Complete Font Family)

If Achille is our new favourite font, then Leano is a very, very close second. Whilst it’s another super professional font, it’s also so fun looking that we can’t help but want to use it in our new projects.

Leano includes 5 font weights:

  • Thin
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Black

We’ve also included web fonts for the entire family.

Leano is another font that works beautifully for both web and print projects. It’s awesome as a unique headline font, and also excels at smaller sizes.

There are so many lovely little details and touches to Leano that make it one of the most unique, impactful fonts that we’ve come across. The subtle letter curve adds an extra level of intrigue and will be sure to make your design work even more artistic.

It’s a font that’s just begging to be played with! Check out the gorgeous previews below:

Beautifully Professional Font Bundle
2 Lil Owls Textures

FONT 3: Booster

Booster is another beautifully professional font with plenty of applications. It’s clean, arcing lines make it ideal for print design works, yet it also works fantastically at smaller scale web use.

Of course, we’ve included full web versions for you.

Booster is a friendly, personable font that is great for branding work. If you’re looking to position your company as professional, yet approachable, then Booster is a great option.

Your clients will also love the fact that this font isn’t seen absolutely everywhere. This goes for all of the fonts in this collection, which are so new, they haven’t been used to death throughout the community. They’re the ideal way to keep your work looking fresh!

Beautifully Professional Font Bundle

FREE Bonus: Lullaby Type Vector (Worth $25)

We know how much you love fonts, so we wanted to include an extra special free bonus for you. Font You go beyond regular fonts and are also loved for their Type Vectors.

Type Vectors are basically non-font, vector fonts. So rather than typing out these letters, you’re able to open the vector file, and position the lettering as you choose. It’s perfect for you more artistic designs and gives you ultimate control over your lettering.

This Lullaby Type Vector pack normally sells for $25, but if you grab this font deal it’s included, totally free!

Check out the design goodness below:

Beautifully Professional Font Bundle

Full Deal Terms & Licensing:

This deal includes extended licensing. This means that as well as using these fonts within personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in designs/products that you resell. Here is some further clarification:

You can:

  • Use these fonts within personal and commercial projects, as well as items for sale. The fonts must be used within a wider design though, and not comprise the entire design. This can include, but is not limited to posters, t-shirt designs, digital goods, merchandise etc…

You can’t:

  • Resell these fonts/files directly, or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
  • Share these font files with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.

Create a Clean and Professional Poster Design


Hello Design Cutters! Today’s tutorial will walk you through how to create a neat, International design-inspired, poster for a fictional literature festival.

The poster design will be using the awesome fonts from our current Beautifully Professional Font Bundle (94% Off). There’s just a couple of day’s left to grab the font bundle at this huge discount though, so if they’re suitable for your design projects, we hope you’ll grab them now.

Typographic poster design tutorial

The tutorial was written by Simon, one of the partners and designers at Studio Ace of Spade, who you might remember from the little owl or badge tutorials. To Simon!


Aloha! Simon here. Today’s object of our attention are the super neat typefaces that are part of the current deal on the site (four amazing type families for 92% off). I’ll use Adobe Illustrator CC to execute the tutorial, but you should be able to follow along with Ai CS3 and above. I’m advising to have Smart guides turned on, as these will definitely help with element placing (View > Smart Guides).

Type is a perfect excuse for a poster. A type-driven poster is the perfect excuse to dive into the wonderful world of the International design style. It’s also called Swiss design. Wikipedia tells us that it’s “a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s that emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity. Hallmarks of the style are asymmetric layouts, use of a grid, sans-serif typefaces like Akzidenz Grotesk, and flush left, ragged right text. The style is also associated with a preference for photography in place of illustrations or drawings. Many of the early International Typographic Style works featured typography as a primary design element in addition to its use in text, and it is for this that the style is named.

One thing that this introduction doesn’t mention is that Swiss design is also home to amazing, beautiful, geometrical motifs and patterns. One of my favourite piece is that poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann, called akari. It’s a poster for a 1975 exhibit of Japanese lamps.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Akari poster © Josef Müller-Brockmann, all rights reserved

I really like that kind of geometrical elements, and how the type just supports the visual. These are things to keep in mind when designing.

Knowing that we’re designing a poster for the Book Festival (don’t look it up, it doesn’t exist), a book-inspired symbol seemed appropriate. The symbol that you see below is inspired by the shape of an open book, seen from the bottom.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Creating that symbol is actually so much easier than having to copy and paste a stroked line multiple line, and adjusting the colors manually. We’ll be taking advantage of Ai’s blend tool.


Document setup

First step: let’s get a new document going in Ai. I’ve chosen to make an 11″x17″ poster, hence me using the tabloid preset.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Second step: a grid. Grids were actually integral parts of the International style. Müller-Brockmann, amongst others, actually created books of grids to be used for designers. Mine comes from this handy set of grids made for US standard formats by the good people at the Arsenal. It divides my canvas in four columns and five rows.

Typographic poster design tutorial

In order to make things look neat, I’ve clipped the grid to the edge of the canvas. I’ve also given it its own grid layer, which I’ve locked after manipulation.

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial

Color palette

Now that the document is setup, it’s time to decide on colors. I ended up browsing Colour Lovers for a bit, looking for warm and spring-like color. I found this sweet color palette, called Indecent proposal.

Typographic poster design tutorial

The site allows you to download a wallpaper-sized preview of the color palette, which I’ve placed into my document. I’ve also created square swatches of the individual colors in the palette, both as solid squares and as squares with a 5 point stroke, just in case. Ultimately, I’ve also assigned the color palette elements to their own locked layer.

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial


And that’s an easy one: just create a 11″x17″ rectangle, align it with the edges of your canvas, color it with the darkest color of the palette (#6F5846), and you’re done. As you’ll see later, we’ll be switching it between outline and solid color mode quite frequently to get access to grid that’s hidden behind it. You could also simply turn the grid path on and off in the layer palette.

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial

Building the poster’s illustrative symbol

Let’s go back to our canvas, with the background hidden.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Time to start drawing the core piece of our symbol. I’m using the pen tool, and the grid as a support. Note that I’ve actually drawn the straight base first, and then the first curve. I’ve then duplicated the curve and reflected it to make sure both sides have the same curve and handle tension. Once the bits and pieces were made and in place, I’ve used the “join” command of the right-click menu to make the path pieces just one single path.

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial

Now that the “open book symbol” is done, it’s time to get the full element actually executed. We have four colors left after the darkest one has been assigned to the background. So, let’s create three more copies of the symbol, and space them evenly, using the Distribute vertically command.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Using the squares with the color stroked and no fill, color the four symbols from dark to light, starting with the one at the bottom.

Typographic poster design tutorial

The next step is where the magic happens! Behold, the power of Ai’s Blend tool. I’ll be only showing one of the many uses of that mighty tool. Luckily for all of us, Envato wrote a very comprehensive guide to demonstrate the tool’s abilities that you should go through.

Once you have selected your four paths, go to Object > Blend > Make . Dismiss the result at this point, and head to Object > Blend > Blend options . Look at the options I’ve chosen below:

Typographic poster design tutorial

I’ve selected Specified steps for the mode, and through trial and error, chose 12 for my value (note that the stroke thickness of the paths in the blend is of 8 points). This means that between each paths that we’ve originally drawn, there are 12 additional ones that were automatically generated by Ai. The other great thing is that a gradient between the colors of the original paths is created.

Turn your background back to be that solid filled dark brown, and let’s admire the result.

Typographic poster design tutorial


Now that our main illustrative element is done, we need to add the type elements that will convey the information.

Here are the typefaces that we’ll use: Achille, Booster, and Leano.

These are taken from our Beautifully Professional Font Bundle (94% Off), which is ending in a couple of days time.

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial

We’ll be using Achille Black for our main title, Booster for our additional information, and LeanO Light for the least important stuff.

Here’s the copy we’ll have to include:

  • Main title: The book festival (all caps)
  • Sub-header:September 22nd to 27th 2014 • 6 days • 3 countries • 150 authors Readings and performances London, United Kingdom Strasbourg, France • Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Additional information:Detailed author lineups, performance schedules and tickets available at
  • Footnotes:Festival poster designed by Studio Ace of Spade

I’m going to use the grid to align my text blocks. The title will go all the way across, on two lines. Below the main title, I’ll use two columns for the sub-header information, and one column each for the subsequent information. Action!

After creating a text block that goes all the way across the canvas (minus the outer gutters of the grid), write our title in Achille Black. I’ve sized my type to be 132 points tall. Tracking is set to Optical, and line spacing at 108 points. I spaced the text block around the same space as the width of the outside gutters of the grid.

Typographic poster design tutorial

After the title, time for the sub-header information to be done. The text block is only two columns wide this time. The type is set in Booster at 24 points, with a line height of 24 points as well.

Note this text block, as well as the next two, have the same vertical spacing from the main title than the title from the illustration.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Note that the “•” symbol can be found through the Glyphs panel.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Next is the additional information text block. It’s set in LeanO Regular, at 18 points.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Final piece of text, the little “poster by” mention. It’s set in LeanO Light, at 18 points.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Here’s a quick look at the layer palette. You’ll note that my type block are organized on their own layer.

Typographic poster design tutorial

And finally, let’s have a look at our finished piece!

Typographic poster design tutorial

Please note that you could push the piece further. My values are always what I feel is right. But there’s always room for experimentation. What if you pushed the stroke of the blend paths to 10 points?

Typographic poster design tutorial

Or what if you start the bottom path in the blend at 2,5 points, the top one at 10 points, and watch the Blend tool work its magic?

Typographic poster design tutorial
Typographic poster design tutorial

Like I said earlier, I’ve only scratched the surface of what you could do, and of how far you could push this design. I hope I’ve given you the itch to dig more, and to play to discover more about the softwares you use on a daily basis.

Last but not least, here’s a mockup of what this poster could like if printed. Until next time, cheers!

Remember, there’s just a couple of days left to grab our Beautifully Professional Font Bundle (94% Off) and get all of the fonts used in this lesson for such a huge discount.

Typographic poster design tutorial

Create a Typographic Design Conference Poster


In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to layer up some really cool lighting effects to create a poster for an imaginary design conference. There’s plenty of useful tips in the creation of this piece, so let’s get started!

Follow along with this tutorial: Download the freebie + source file

This tutorial is accompanied by a fantastic freebie pack, giving you a selection of abstract vector backgrounds. These are awesome for adding some more detail to your backgrounds, and work great within poster designs.

Enter your email below to download the free abstract vector backgrounds pack, as well as the Photoshop source file for this tutorial, so you can follow along easily.

Step 1:

Start by creating a new document (A4 paper size, 300 DPI resolution).

Download this Cityscape Photo and paste it into the bottom of your canvas:

Now download this photograph of a cloudy sky.

Paste it into the top of your canvas. Then apply a layer mask to this layer, and use a soft black paintbrush to mask off the bottom of the cloud photo, blending it smoothly into the underlying cityscape photo.

Now apply a levels adjustment layer with a clipping mask, so that your adjustments only effect the clouds photo layer.

Use the levels adjustments to darken the clouds, and blend them better with the cityscape photo:

Step 2:

Now apply a gradient map adjustment layer, to apply a blue tint over your background.

Create a new top layer called ‘blue’ and fill your canvas with #0065ac.

Then reduce this layer’s opacity to 80%. This will give a nice blue overlay effect, knocking back some of the detail in the background photos:

Step 3:

Download the abstract vector background pack using the form at the top of this page.

Start by pasting in the following design:

Now desaturate this abstract vector design layer, and reduce it’s opacity to 30%. Also change the layer’s blend mode to ‘overlay’.

This creates a nice abstract overlay effect:

Repeat this technique, applying a second vector abstract image over your design. Mask off the bottom of this design, blending it smoothly into your design:

Step 4:

Now download the fonts from this week’s deal, our Beautifully Professional Font Bundle.

For this poster, we’re using Achille, which has fast become my new favourite font!

You can see below how versatile it is, looking great a range of sizes and weights:

Create a new layer beneath your font layers, called ‘3D Text shadow’ and use your selection tool and fill tool, to create a cool 3D backdrop effect. Use a dark blue colour for these areas (#042c48).

Reduce these 3D backdrop layer’s opacities to around 30%:

Step 5:

Add some cool looking sponsor logos to the bottom of this poster, just to make it look more authentic:

Step 6:

Download this awesome pack of Burnt Paper Edges from our good buddy Chris Spooner at SpoonGraphics.

Chris did a great job of isolating these images from their backgrounds, so you can easily them into your designs. Here’s one of the burnt edge images dropped into the bottom of the poster design:

Then I change this burnt edge layer’s opacity to 30%, and changed the layer blend mode to ‘overlay’. Repeat this technique, adding a couple more burnt edges around the edges of your designs.


I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Hopefully you can carry through some of the techniques into your next poster design, and use the lighting effects in an upcoming piece.

Please let us know if this tutorial helped you in the comments below.

Remember, there’s just a few days left to grab our Beautifully Professional Font Bundle Deal, For 94% Off.

Beautifully Professional Font Bundle (Including Web Fonts) Just $24

  • 3 beautifully professional fonts. Perfect for web and print design projects.
  • Tons of font variations, alternate versions, extras, character sets and vector bonuses.
  • Compatible with Mac and PCs. Fonts include .otf and .tff versions. Web versions included (.eot, .svg, .woff - see details above).
  • Carefully organised into labelled folders.
  • An unprecedented 94% discount, offering you never before seen pricing on many of these hugely popular fonts.

Deal terms:

Files may be used for personal and commercial use, as well as items for resale. You may not resell these fonts directly, or in works where they can be extracted.

Fonts come in .otf and .tff formats (Mac and Windows compatible).

Files delivered as instant .zip download following purchase (3mb)

  • Reg price: $390
  • Deal price: $24
  • Save: 94%

Deal Expired ($24)

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