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Meet the Go Media Team; Vector Legends

Go Media are widely regarded as the best vector design team in the world. They’ve designed for clients such as Nike, Sony and Disney, and their arsenal of design products has been loved by the community for over a decade. We couldn’t think of a better company to work with for our first mega vector deal.


49 Packs, 1360 Vectors: True Quality You’ll Use Again and Again

Go Media’s vectors are pure quality with each design showing a hand-crafted, amazing attention to detail. This exclusive bundle brings you Go Media’s most popular vector designs, with enough variation to fit any project you’re working on. Take a look…


The Detail in These Vectors is CRAZY

We all know vectors are perfect for print work, but only if they scale beautifully and have the fine details to stand up at very high resolutions. Luckily Go Media are famed for their meticulous details and beautiful hand-drawn approach. Check out this high-res look at one of their vectors.

With Go Media vectors you can stand out against the worthless filler designs seen elsewhere. They are the difference between working with true art versus cheap looking clipart. Which would you rather implement into your projects?



Use Go Media Vectors to Create a Zombie Themed Halloween Poster


In today’s tutorial you’ll be learning how to use some of the great resources available as part of our current deal:

Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs) Just $25 – 93% Off

We’ll be looking at how to create an old worn looking horror movie poster. This tutorial uses both the “zombies” vector set, as well as the “blood drips” vector set, both taken from this week’s huge vector deal. We’ll be combining these vectors with some old rough paper textures and Halloween style typography to create a frightening movie poster.

Let’s get started!

NOTE: This tutorial was written by our community member Ben, from Ben Brush Design. The fact Ben offered to write this tutorial for you guys is incredible, and we highly recommend you checking out his site, where he offers awesome design tutorials and freebies. There’s some really great stuff over there.

Zombie Poster Tutorial

Step 1:

Open Photoshop and create a new 21.6 x 27.9cm document, at 300 DPI resolution.

Download this Lost and Taken Paper Texture and place it in the document.

Adjust the Saturation to -70 and the Lightness to +5.

Step 2:

Create a new layer called “Green” and fill it with colour # 7f9b68

Change the blending mode to “multiply” and the opacity to 80%

Step 3 :

Download the “Grunge Frames Vectors” from the Design Cuts Freebies page and import one into your photoshop file.

Select the entire layer using Select > All (Cmd+A) and copy the frame.

Create a layer mask for the layer “green” and paste the frame into it so it edges the entire poster.

Step 4 :

Now we’re going to dig into the ‘Zombies’ vector pack, available exclusively from Go Media.

You can grab this pack, along with 1360 quality vectors as part of our current deal. For the next week only, these vectors are available for a HUGE 93% off.

You can preview all 49 vector packs, comprising Go Media’s biggest vector deal ever, by using the link below:

Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs) Just $25

If you’ve grabbed these vectors already, you’re all set. If you haven’t yet, we can’t recommend them enough.

Open the Go Media Zombie pack and import one of the zombie heads as a smart object onto a new layer in Photoshop called “Zombie Head.”

Align the bottom of the zombie’s neck with the bottom of the poster.

Step 5 :

Option+click on the zombie head layer to select the zombie head.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with colour #9d9667 and change the Blending Mode to “multiply” and the opacity to 90%

Repeat this step adding another layer filled with colour #9d966 on top of the layer you just made. Change the Blending Mode to “multiply” again but this time change the opacity to 50%

Step 6 :

Stay on the top layer and with the zombie head selection still live go to “Select > Edit in Quick Mask Mode” or simply press “Q”

Once in Quick Mask Mode use a soft, round brush to paint in some shading on the face. The effect we are going to use will work best if there is lots of soft, semi transparent shading.

Anything painted red in this step will remain light green and what isn’t painted we will darken later.

Once you are happy with your shading we are going to convert it to a halftone pattern. To do this, remain in Quick Mask Mode and use the “Colour Halftone” filter (under Filter > Pixelate)

Set the Max Radius to 30 and all of the screen angles to 22.

This will render the shading into a halftone pattern.

When you exit Quick Mask Mode you will have a selection of the halftone shading.

While still on the top layer containing the green zombie head, use the paintbrush, or Edit > Fill option, to fill this selection with black #000000

Step 7 :

Create a new layer called “Shadow” and place it just below the “Zombie Head” layer. Select the zombie head shape again, and fill it with black.

Change the layers blend mode to “multiply” and the opacity to 90%

Apply a Gaussian Blur with a radius of 250 pixels to this layer to create a shadow behind the head.

Step 8 :

Next we want to add some colouring and details into the zombie’s head. Before we paint them in we will create a nice strong outline for the image by duplicating the original “Zombie Head” layer, and moving this copy above the halftone shading layer. Rename this duplicate layer “Zombie Head Outline”

Change the Blend Mode to “darken” This will hide the white and make the outline nice and dark.

Make a new layer below “Zombie Head Outline” called “Teeth, Eyes, Blood”

Use a brush to paint the teeth and eyes white.

Use some rough textured brushes to paint in blood on the face using Red #a00a0e

Make a layer group called “Zombie Head” and put all of the layers that make up the head into it.

Add a layer mask to the group and use a rough black paintbrush to mask off the zombie neck.

Step 9 :

Import the group of zombie silhouettes from the Go Media Zombie vector pack onto a new layer called “Zombies.”

Add a layer mask and use the gradient tool to mask off the bottom of all the zombies, giving them a more ghost-like appearance.

Step 10 :

Download the font  You Murderer and add your text across the top in the blood red #a00a0e

Add a rough black stroke behind the text. I used a free brush strokes set from Spoon Graphics: Vector Bumper Pack

To create a little drop shadow effect create a layer mask on the black stroke layer. Copy the text you just typed out and paste it onto the layer mask slightly below and to the side of the original text.

Download the ‘Blood Drips’ vector pack from our current Go Media Ultimate Vector Collection Deal (93% Off)

Set the vectors to red (#a00a0e) and import them into Photoshop. Place them just under the lettering.

Step 11 :

Grab the font Feast of Flesh and add some extra lettering to your design. I added another “Blood Drip” as an underline here.

Step 12 :

Next we want to add a final bit of aged paper texture to really make the poster look worn and grungy.

Download this Paper Overlay Texture and put it on a new layer on the very top.

Adjust the saturation to -100 and the lightness to -10

Change the Blend Mode to “multiply” and the opacity to 80%


You can view your final outcome below. We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to hear your feedback on the techniques and outcome.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to take a look at this week’s deal. The vector packs you’ve just worked with are just a TINY sample of the 1360 beautiful vectors available as part of Go Medias ultimate vector collection. You can preview all 49 vector packs via the link below, although the deal is ending soon, so you’ll need to act quickly to grab them at a 93% discount.

Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs) Just $25

Convert a Personal Photo Into Authentic Pop Art


In today’s Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn how to convert your regular photos into an authentic pop art outcome. The tutorial is accompanied by a fantastic halftone vectors pack courtesy of Go Media. You’ll use these halftone vectors as well as some great design theory to create a believable pop art outcome.

Time to go back in time and dive right in!


Follow along with this tutorial: Download the freebie + source file

This tutorial is accompanied by a fantastic freebie pack, taken from this week’s deal, offering you 1360 of Go Media’s best vectors.

To give you a sample of the main vector bundle, we’re giving away a free halftone vector pack. Enter your email below to download the vector pack, as well as the Photoshop source file for this tutorial, so you can follow along easily.

Step 1:

Start by downloading this photo of an attractive young woman.

TOP TIP: This tutorial can be applied to any of your personal photos, so if you’d like to create a cool pop art style avatar, feel free to use another image:

Pretty Woman Photo (

This will be our base photo.

Step 2:

Before we start working with our image, we need to plan some of the details of the pop art style we’re looking to recreate.

Whilst pop art is visually quite simple and striking, a lot of the authenticity of this effect lies in the finer details.

Start by creating a mood board of some famous pop art creations, to get an idea of the visuals within this design trend.

Some things that I identified were:

– Bold black outlines
– The black outlines varied in width, to give a more natural, handmade look. They weren’t uniform
– There are no straight lines in the outlines. Pop art is more fluid, rather than angular
– However, despite the fluidity of the trend, there are no rounded corners. The ends of shapes often form a sharp point, despite the main lines of the image being curved.
– The color palette is very bright, but also limited to just a few primary colors
– Usually the halftone textures popular amongst pop art are only applied over skin or specific areas of the image, with the majority of the image being comprised of solid colors

All of these observations are a great start for understanding the pop art style better.

I also created my limited color palette that I could use as a swatch reference palette whilst building up my image:

The colors are:

#fff000 (yellow)
#ffeef1 (skin tone)
#006db2 (blue)
#eb7e7c (red)

Step 3:

Create a new layer called ‘lines’.

Use the pen tool to create a path, starting around the girl’s shoulder. Remember, you don’t want anything too uniform, as we’re going for a bold, but handmade approach.

If you need any help mastering the pen/path tool then you should check out this helpful tutorial:

Become a Master of the Pen Tool in Under 30 Minutes.

One you’ve created a nice closed off path to form the start of a bold outline by the girl’s shoulder, go to your path’s palette and right click on your active work path. Click ‘make selection’ to turn this path into an active selection:

Fill your active selection with black. Now you no longer need your work path, so right click on it in the paths palette and click ‘delete path’.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3, until you’ve created your entire outline.

Avoid the facial features for now, and focus on a main outline for your character, as well as some details of the hair.

Be attention to how each part of the outline flows into the next.

Once you’ve completed your outline you’ll most likely need to go in and refine it. Delete areas that don’t look right. Play around with varying outline width. Keep referring back to your mood board of images for visual inspiration.

Step 5:

Create a new layer beneath your main outline layer.

Use your pen tool to create a solid black shape where the girl’s clothes are:

Create a new layer called ‘hair’. Select the yellow color from our original color swatch.

Use a hard paintbrush to paint in this yellow color where the hair falls. Be sure to paint within the outlines you created. The outlines are on a layer above your ‘hair’ layer, so you can afford to be fairly rough. If you make a mistake, just erase or mask off the incorrect area.

Step 6:

By now you should be fairly familiar with using the pen tool to create outlines.

Create a new layer called ‘nose’ and create some basic shapes to construct the outline for the girl’s nose.

Do the same for the eyes (including pupils) and the eyebrows:

Step 7:

Now build up the eye details using multiple layers.

Follow this order:

– Add eye whites behind the eye outline layer
– Add the blues of the eyes above this layer
– Finally, add the whites of the pupils on a top layer

Step 8:

Similarly, start to build up the girl’s lips. Use the following steps:

– Create the black outline (deliberately make the lips fuller than in the original photo, as we’re going for a cartoon look here)
– Create plain white teeth underneath the outline layer
– Then create the solid red of the lips, using the shade of red from our color swatch

Step 9:

Now create a new layer beneath all your outline, facial detail and hair/clothes layers called ‘skin’.

Select the skin tone from our color swatch, and fill in all areas where the woman’s skin is showing:

Step 10:

Now, return to the form at the top of this page and access the freebie pack that accompanies this tutorial.

This pack contains 8 beautiful halftone vectors taken from our current deal:

Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs)

From this point on, you’ll need these halftones to complete the tutorial. It’s a fantastic freebies pack and we highly recommend you grab it, as well as checking out the full deal.

Step 11:

Open the halftone freebies pack and grab one of the halftones with a more uniform pattern.

Create a new document roughly 40px X 30px and scale down the halftone patterns to fill this area:

Now apply a color overlay blending option to this pattern layer, making it red.

Now hide the original background layer, leaving a transparent background, with just your red halftone showing.

Go to edit>define pattern and save this pattern as ‘pop art halftone’.

Step 12:

Duplicate your skin layer, and reduce the ‘fill opacity’ of the duplicate layer to 0%. Keep the main layer opacity at 100%.

Now apply the ‘pop art halftone pattern’ you just create in the previous step.

This will apply a great pop art looking pattern to your skin.

Step 13:

Now it’s time to focus on some of the finer details of our piece.

Start by grouping all layers linked to the eyes and eyebrows into a single layer folder.

Then use your transform controls to enlarge all of the eye layers, making the eyes slightly larger.

This helps establish a less realistic, more cartoon appearance:

Then, apply the halftone pattern you created to the lips and blues of the eyes:

Step 14:

It’s time to hide our original photo layer and start work on our colorful pop art background.

Ensure that you have a plain white background behind your woman.

Then paste in one of the halftone patterns from the freebie pack for this tutorial. Reduce it’s opacity to 10%, and have it as a beautiful watermark to the left of the woman:

Now create a yellow panel in the left of your canvas, and a blue panel in the right of your canvas.

Remember to use the color swatch from the start of this tutorial to define these colors:

Apply various other halftones from the freebie pack for this tutorial. This really helps add depth and detail to the piece, and the halftones fit perfectly with the pop art cartoon style.

Step 15:

Create a new top layer called ‘speech bubble’. Use the circular marquee tool and lasso tool to create a speech bubble selection. Fill it with white:

Apply a 3px, black inner stroke to your speech bubble shape. Also apply a sharp black drop shadow.

This helps fit the bold pop art look for this piece:

To complete the piece, add some thin text to the speech bubble, and type out a stereotypically retro message:


I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. This pop art effect can easily be applied to your personal photos, and would be a fantastic way to liven up your Facebook page, and impress your friends and family. Have fun with the tutorial and enjoy the freebies pack.

Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs) Just $25

  • 49 Complete Vector Packs
  • 1360 Meticulously Detailed Vectors
  • Compatible with vector & raster software
  • Useful .pdf guide for browsing items

Deal terms:

Files may be used for personal and commercial use, but not resale.

Vectors come in .eps format

Files delivered as instant .zip download following purchase (76.2mb)

Deal includes standard license. View full license details here.

  • Reg price: $342
  • Deal price: $25
  • Save: 93%

Deal Expired ($25)

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