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Connect with us on social media, we’d love to chat!

Published 26th June, by Tom. | 5 comments.

We’re huge fans of social media here at Design Cuts, but we never want to ask for follows just to bump up our numbers – that’s not how we do things. Rather, we want to offer the best value we possibly can, and for you to pick the social communities that work best.

Each social platform is different, and we bring something different to each of our social homes on the web.

Here’s a little overview of where you can connect with Design Cuts online, along with what you’ll get from each community:


This is the home & heart of our community 🙂 This is where we share the creations of our wonderful Design Cutters, announce news and share important announcements. We love gathering ideas from our community, answering your questions and interacting with you guys every day 🙂 .

Design Cuts Facebook page

Join the community on Facebook


This is the platform we use for sneaky peeks and announcements. If you want to be the first to know about what’s going on at Design Cuts HQ – this is the place to be. We also love jokes and generally chat and discover new accounts to follow. We also love RT (retweeting) awesome content we find in the Twittersphere 🙂

Design Cuts Twitter page

Come and chat with us on Twitter


This is where we allow the creative geeks within to roam free. We pin and re-pin our favourite inspirational images on all things textures, vectors, icons, fonts, art, architecture, community creations, food and much, much more. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for some quick visual inspiration for an upcoming project, and as with everything we do, we focus on sharing quality images, over quantity. Would you like us to add more Pinboards? Let us know your interests and we’ll get those up there 🙂

Design Cuts Pinterest page

Come and get inspired on Pinterest


We simply fell in love with Instagram as soon as we launched it. We really like posting never seen before pieces, as well as reviving classic tutorials that some of you might have missed. On Instagram we also like to put up short sneaky peek videos on our office life at the Design Cuts HQ. Wait until we start posting videos of pranking Tom on there! 😀 (Prank ideas welcome).

Design Cuts Instagram page

Come and get inspired on Instagram


Welcome to our video channel. Some of you are already following us, which is awesome. Having videos available on YouTube is much easier for you all to organise and browse. We are also planning to roll out regular fixtures on YouTube, such as the FAQ show – with Carol and Ben lending a helpful hand and answering questions that may save you time and energy working with your new resources. We’re also publishing Tom’s weekend design tips, as well as a show Edita and Tina will put together about behind the scenes life at Design Cuts HQ 🙂 Tell us, if these shows are something that interests you, or you do have any other ideas? We’re super keen to know 🙂

Design Cuts Youtube page

Check out our video shows on Youtube


Many of you may have seen our Behance launch party on Facebook. We are huge fans of this platform not only because of its beautiful and clean design, but also because we can follow you guys and get inspired by your work. We will also post bundle pages so that you are always in the loop what’s the current bundle and which one is being re-run in case you’ve missed it.

Design Cuts Behance page

Check out our portfolio on Behance

Live streaming?

Tom has been kind enough to take an hour or two every fortnight to teach the team some neat Photoshop tricks. Edita, being the social media obsessive that she is (seriously, she once started writing hashtags as bullet points in her notebook, #truestory), suggested that perhaps you lovely Design Cutters would like to join the lesson via live streaming. If so – what platform is your favourite? We’re liking the idea of Periscope, but perhaps you preferred Meerkat or STRE.AM? Let us know :).

Tom is one of the founders here at Design Cuts. Like the rest of the team, he's a massive design geek, and loves nothing more than connecting with our awesome community :).

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5 Lovely Comments from our Community:

  1. Ana Pereira says:

    After your text about instagram is a link that says Pinterest ( the link is OK only the text is wrong)

    • SJ Duff says:

      Hey Ana,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and for bringing this to our attention!

      I am so sorry for this inconvenience, however rest assured this has now been amended so that the link clearly reads, Instagram :).

      We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know that this needed to be updated Ana and if there was ever anything I could assist you with please do get in touch- I’m always happy to help!

  2. Zlatko says:

    Do you ever get off the monitors? I so much love your dedication and attention to the community.

    • Carol Sweeney says:

      Hey Zlatko,

      Thanks so much for your comment-we occasionally take a coffee break to refuel lol! We just love to respond to everyone- if our community take the time to comment or email, we will always respond back to you as we are just so grateful that you took the time to comment :).

  3. saqib ahmad says:

    I think I have followed you everywhere now! 🙂 You guys are so friendly.. I mostly seen companies with attitude! but hats off to you guys and that is not because of one man but your whole team is so friendly..

    Love you all guys! stay blessed and keep sharing freebies! so I can downlaod 😀 anyway keep up the good work.. I will wait for some giveaways also 🙂

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