Hey Design Cutters!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying our second birthday event. The feedback from the DC community has been absolutely incredible! If you haven’t gotten involved yet, we hope that you’ll check out our multi deal fest – which means that we are re-running our 19 most popular bundles from 2015.

As a thank you to the DC community, we’re running a massive birthday competition:

This is our way of saying thank you for another fantastic year, and for you all being such a wonderful community!

Here’s a look at the prizes:

The Grand First Prize (Worth $1500):

For our top prize, one lucky winner will win their choice of either an Apple Macbook Pro, or the latest Microsoft Surface Book.

Either device should have a huge impact on your creative work!

You will also receive a Design Cuts super fan hamper (details on this below).

Design Cuts Second Birthday Giveaway

The Runner Up Prize

Four lucky runners up will receive a Design Cuts Super Fan Hamper, packed full of awesome DC goodies! :)

This includes various Design Cuts merchandise (including our exclusive T-shirts among other goodies!).

You will also get a bundle gift card. This means that you can grab any single future bundle of your choosing for free!

Design Cuts Second Birthday Giveaway

How to Enter:

To enter, we’re looking for your best birthday themed designs! Any design to help celebrate our 2nd birthday is eligible, whether it’s a poster, greeting card, or illustration.

This is a great chance to show off your design skills – particularly using your Design Cuts bundle resources!

We’ll be picking our favourites over the course of the next week, and showcasing many of your designs across our social media pages.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Upload your birthday design to your website server, or a free image host such as Post Image. This will give you a shareable url for your design.
  • Leave a comment below this post, linking us to your image.
  • Be sure to mention if you used any bundle resources in your piece. Using the resources is not a requirement.
  • Feel free to share any additional details about how the piece was constructed and your work process. This is optional, but we always love knowing what went into creating your designs :).

Terms and Conditions

  • We’ll announce the winner on Thursday 29th at approximately 12pm GMT.
  • There will be one grand prize winner, and four runners up.
  • You can submit any design you’ve created over the past year. It doesn’t matter if we have seen it previously, or featured it on our social media profiles already.
  • We will select the winners based on the top designs as voted for by our team. The piece doesn’t have to be particularly complex or advanced. We’re looking for something that is a wonderful visual representation of our birthday.
  • You are allowed to enter multiple designs for this giveaway. However, the five prizes will be split between five different winners.
  • No Design Cuts team members can enter (as much as we’d all love the top prize ourselves!) :D
  • We are not connected or affiliated with Microsoft or Apple. We’re simply huge fans of their products, use them ourselves, and wanted to give you guys some awesome prizes.

This Contest is Now Over

Thank you so much to everybody who entered, we were so impressed by the quality of your designs.

After the very difficult job of judging, we have selected our 4 runner’s up, and our grand prize winner, which you can see on our Facebook page, via the links below:

Our grand prize winner can be seen here

Our 4 runner’s up can be seen here

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for some world class resources to help construct your design, we’re currently re-running our 19 most popular bundles from 2015, as part of our second birthday event.