The Procreate Watercolour Masterclass

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‘I created this course over the span of 6 months to share a love of watercolor painting that I’ve developed throughout my 20 year career as an artist. The result is a unique and comprehensive course that covers every aspect of my digital watercolor process.

If you’re ready to change the way you think about digital watercolor, you’re in the right place!’

What’s Included?

14 Video Tutorials

Covering every part of digital watercolor painting


Providing active tips and takeaways for continual improvement

Essential Brush Set

A pack of 14 brushes created specifically for this course

Stream On Any Device

HD Video with quality options to match your connection

Permanent Access

Learn at your own pace, with no time limit for undertaking the course

Brush Strategy Lesson


Tips for categorisation and management of your brushes

Learn All You Need In 14 Lessons

1Achieving an Artistic Mindset

Finding your own creative head space will start you on a path to painting your best work ever!

2Understanding Real Watercolor

Recognize the characteristics of real paint on paper to unlock realism in your digital paintings.

3Sketching for Watercolor

Learn how a sketch can effect a watercolor painting, and you’ll start every painting with purpose.

4How to Work from Reference

Understanding reference will allow you to plan and execute a painting like the pros.

5Understanding Composition

Learn the 5 simple composition tricks that Nathan uses in his watercolor paintings.

6Recognizing Value Contrast

Check your work for proper values. Afterwards you’ll begin to see your paintings with new eyes.

7Brush Selection

Learn how to choose the right brush, at the right time, for different techniques.

8Creating Edge Variety

This lesson will look at how to create interest and depth using different edge types.

9What is a Watercolor Wash?

Discover different ways to paint washes and unlock the abstract and freeform nature of watercolor.

10Watercolor Special Effects

Create realistic watercolor texture effects and learn how to apply them in a digital painting.

11Basics of Color Theory

Remove all of the uncertainty that can come with choosing colors with just a bit of simple planning.

12Preparing For Print

Learn to setup your files and know what to look for when printing your finished artwork.

13Let’s Paint Together! (Final Project)

We’ll paint a sea turtle together from planning the initial concept all the way to final stages and finishing touches.

14Let’s Paint Together! Part 2

We complete our step-by-step project, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle any watercolor painting.

What Could You Create?

Whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been painting for years, this course will give you newfound knowledge and confidence needed to tackle any watercolor painting. Take a look at the incredible results three artists of different experience levels were able to achieve with the skills they learned from The Procreate Watercolour Masterclass!

Paul Hallam


“By the end of the course I felt comfortable and excited to create my own watercolor art on my iPad – Nathan didn’t just teach how to use brushes, but taught a holistic mindset and approach to art!”

Adriann Mai


“I’ve learnt countless new skills and I’ve noticed a clear development in my artwork – I would recommend this course to anyone who loves watercolor or just wants to develop their drawing skills.”

Elena Statham


“It’s been such an honour to attend Nathan’s watercolour course. Whether you are an experienced artist who wants to refresh your knowledge, or a beginner starting to explore digital watercolour media, this course is definitely for you, and a great place to start.”

Your Expert Instructor

Nathan Brown


Nathan is a professional artist and teacher with over 20 years’ experience in both fine art techniques and mixed media. His distinctive style delivers the same level of craftsmanship and quality that you find in a fine antique, but with the flair of a modern creative. Through the years, working for a host of wide ranging clients, his art has graced the covers of books, magazines, albums and more.

In more recent years Nathan has turned his skills to developing unrivalled digital painting products, selling to thousands of artists, including the best-selling Ultimate Brush Toolbox, Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes and The Ultimate Canvas Creator.

With a real love for helping others develop, Nathan has continually delivered incredible teaching content in the form of live tutorials and has become one of the most popular teachers in the Design Cuts Community. And finally, after 6 months of dedicated work, Nathan has created his first online course, packed full of value; providing students with everything they need to succeed in watercolor painting.

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