We would like to make the file transfer process as smooth as possible, reducing the back and forth between us and you the designer, as well as giving customers the best experience possible. We would appreciate it if you could read the following 5 steps to make working with us a fast and fun process!


Our team always work hard to thoroughly check/organise all files provided by our designers. However, as we continue to scale, we have noticed an increase in issues with product files. These typically include corrupted files or files not working properly To minimise emails to you, the designer, as well as complaints from customers, we would appreciate your help in checking that your files are accurate and fully working.


We would also like to ask that you check that the files you have provided are in line with your product’s descriptions, as advertised on your online store.


Our designers often update their products with additional items/improvements. This is fantastic, however, when a product receives a large update right before a bundle launch, or during a bundle period, it can cause confusion with our customers, who wonder why the update isn’t included in their purchase. We would like to propose a cut-off point of 1 week before a bundle launch, to allow us to update any products. We prepare our bundles several weeks ahead of launch, to ensure ample time for testing and refining. Due to this reason, any updates sent closer than 1 week to bundle launch sadly won’t be able to be included in the bundle.


Please label your files specifically, as our community really appreciates this; it allows them to better navigate through your files after their purchase. For example, if within the bundle there are three separate flower packs, by different designers and with different styles but they are all named flower-1.jpg, flower-2.jpg etc, it makes it very difficult for our customers to find the exact flower they want to use quickly and easily.

Therefore, please follow these simple steps when labeling your files:

• Please remove your store name
• Try to avoid generic file names
• Use more specific wording for the particular item/object where possible.



Please send us all your files rather than a text document with links to the downloads, as this can cause files to corrupt or go missing. Please also upload to our DropBox link (found in the Bundle Guide PDF) in 1GB parts (if your product is large) so it uploads quickly and minimizes file corruption.