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“Appreciate the genuine, real conversation – seriously chocked full of value. Looking forward to the next episode!”

Episode 82: Sharing Your Creative Work

This week we discuss sharing your creative work. The inherent fears of putting your work out there, tips to overcome this and the massive benefits that can come from sharing your creativity with the world. Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Today we are talking about sharing your work and design techniques
[2:00] The fear of judgement and being ripped off associated with sharing your work
[3:00] Tom remembers how fear has controlled his ability to share his work in the past.
[4:00] The outside world really doesn’t care about internal battles we hold about our work.
[5:00] Ian talks about how not caring about the silly things is freeing and takes the pressure off.
[6:00] Stop pouring so much energy into what others are going to think about your work.
[7:00] When outside stressors mount and build insecurities.
[8:00] The key in life is to have no filter or agenda and freely share.
[9:00] The good news is, the more you share the easier it gets.
[10:00] When you hold back out of fear of rejection or criticism you limit your creativity.
[11:00] Lisa talks about the role anxiety plays and how it can cripple you to the point of doing nothing.
[12:00] Pushing past the uncomfortable moments builds your confidence.
[14:30] When you conform you disappear and never grow or evolve.
[15:30] Ian talks about how even the greats like PewDiePie struggle with putting an audience before themselves.
[16:00] The consequences of doing work you hate vs. work you love.
[17:30] When lack of creative freedom chokes your creativity lean on your passion projects.
[18:30] The small steps you can take if you are terrified of making the leap and sharing your work.
[19:30] Lisa remembers how petrified she was early in her career of sharing her work.
[20:30] Tom talks about how scary it was for him to post an early portrait on a creative forum
[22:30] Self-doubt could be holding you back from discovering your best work.
[23:30] Ian talks about how success can come from posts that garner low or next to no engagement.
[24:00] Don’t let the worry of likes and interaction stops you from posting.
[24:30] Get over the fact that people are not going to like everything you do.
[25:00] You will loose or gaing followers doing the things that set you on afire
[26:00] You are your worst critic and that can sometime get in your own way.
[26:30] Accepting that everyone is different and you will never please everyone will free your creativity.
[27:00] Measure yourself by the enjoyment you get in creating and sharing your work.
[28:00] Hesitation comes when you are trying to fit into a mould.
[28:20] It’s okay if some people don’t get your work, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.
[29:00] No matter what you do, realize there is always an audience.
[29:30] Ian explains it takes time and patience for your posts to filter through and find your audience.
[30:30] Pop culture posts deliver short-lived interaction with your audience.
[31:30] No matter how big you get you will only impact a small portion of your audience with your posts.
[32:00] When you build your audience on a niche your posts will resonate with your full audience.
[32:30] Tom uses Ian’s Instagram following an example of niche perfection.
[34:00] People respond to consistency
[35:00] Trying new things move you in new directions and sharing is part of that journey.
[35:30] Tom shares a true story of a friend who is afraid to share his talents.
[36:40] Lisa explains why sharing is so important and how everyone grows from it.
[37:00] Sharing your creativity is an obligation, not only to yourself, but to others as well.
[37:40] As you share your gift you’ll help others along the way.
[38:30] If you feel you have nothing to share try learning something new and share your journey.
[39:00] Share what you know because something you view as simple is a hurdle for someone else.
[40:20] Ask yourself if what you are sharing brings value to others.
[41:00] You can never inspire others if you don’t share.
[41:30] Even if you are on day one of learning a new skill you are still ahead of another.
[42:00] When you are just starting out you have so much to teach because you are relatable to newcomers.
[43:00] Teach what you know no matter where you are in the process.
[43:30] Shortcuts and quick tips are simple but can save someone loads of time.
[44:00] We all have something to share and it doesn’t have to always be AMAZING.
[44:00] Even when you share something that embarrasses you it’s ok. Keep sharing.
[45:00] It’s important to leave your earlier work posts. It shows you are human and everyone starts somewhere.
[46:00] The team wraps up and share one line advice you should walk away from this episode with.
[47:30] It’s a wrap!
[48:00] Find us on iTunes and Spotify by searching for The Honest Designers Show, or on Instagram over @honestdesigners

“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD