As designers, we know that finding the right font for your projects can be difficult, but finding a good professional font that doesn’t break the bank is harder yet… Whether you’re working on business cards, a website, or a professional portfolio, the right font can go a long way in communicating your brand’s values. With millions of fonts to choose from and new ones being created daily, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of our 15 best professional fonts under $50!

1. Kiona Font Family

Kiona is simple but significant and defined by its crisp edges and modern touches. It is designed for optimal legibility. An all-caps sans-serif, Kiona makes a statement without making a scene.

2. Milano – Retro-Futuristic Sans

Milano Retro-Futuristic Sans is a retro/contemporary all caps typeface designed with sophistication and elegance. This font features a renovated construction based on the modernist geometric sans of the first half of the past century.

3. Bison Font Family

Bison is a strong font family and sophisticated sans serif. Inspired by the animal, its sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. A balance of hard lines and smooth curves. Each font in the family can stand on its own, dynamic and authoritative in their own right.

4. Buffalo

Buffalo packs all of the punches of Bison while maintaining its individuality. Its reduced height makes it perfect for all headline applications. Buffalo is the ultimate bold font—keeping all of Bison’s beautiful curves and shapes. Ellen Luff was inspired by bold, cinematic design; Buffalo is her interpretation on bold design that maintains beauty.

5. Pontiac Full Font Pack

Pontiac is a sans serif OpenType font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin. Somewhere between Akzidenz Grotesk and Neutra, Pontiac is a functional font with something more, something warm, geometric but human, something distinctive, finally… something French.

6. Zona Pro Typeface

Zona Pro is a geometric sans-serif type family of 9 styles plus matching italics. It draws inspiration from 1920’s geometric style faces, having clean and highly readable shapes, and mixes it up in the heavier weights with a slight variance in the stroke widths, lending it a grotesque-ish unique and distinctive look.

7. Neue Hans Kendrick Typeface

Neue Hans Kendrick is a simple, geometric and versatile typeface with inspirations from Futura and Avenir. This typeface family is a reworked and redrawn Hans Kendrick.

8. Aeon Hexa Typeface

Aeon Hexa has almost zero linear contrast which gives it the body and darkness fit for signages, body text and interface. The typefaces design was an amalgamation of Helvetica and Cerebri Sans’ features with the intention of creating a very versatile typeface for a wide range of subjects without having to change weights or style.

9. Marcher Sans

Marcher is a modern display typefamily in 10 weights plus matching true italics. Designed for an impactful and stylish visual impression especially on logos and posters.

10. Crossten Sans Serif

Crossten is a rounded sans serif type family based on geometric forms. It comes in 20 styles 10 uprights and matching italics.

11. HK Super Typeface

A raw and honest modern sans serif typeface, HK Super is a sans serif typeface inspired by the early Swiss types. It comes in 12 different styles.

12. Mental Typefamily

Mental is a condensed sans serif family that comes in six weights. It is a great option for headlines, posters, logos and many creative fields.

13. Naratif Condensed Typeface

Naratif is a condensed display font based on an early 1900 sans-serifs and gothic faces. Naratif Condensed Typeface has 7 weights including italic. This font is great for all of your display needs.

14. Neue Einstellung Typeface

Neue Einstellung is a simple and geometric typeface with versatility in mind. The name is from the mechanical state of thinking: Einstellung.

15. Modular Typeface

Modular is Uppercase typeface with strong character, unified, and articulate, smooth curves, all caps display with total 16 weights. Inspired by the precision of computer terminal, application, clean layout.

We hope you've found these amazing and budget-friendly fonts useful for your professional design projects! Should you have any recommendations of your own, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below.