Vintage fonts have the ability to transport your work and give it that nostalgic and timeless feel that no other style can really emulate. In this article, we’ve featured 13 of our best vintage fonts which have been moulded from the Art Deco movement, the Prohibitionist era, 60/70s pop culture, and more!

1. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection is a type collaboration of four different vintage fonts in 100% awesome vintage style!

Create your own vintage style – Elegant Clean or Distressed Letterpress. And that’s not all – 52 vintage illustrations for logo creation and awesome tools – a Vintage Badge Creator! Just install all these font files and create your own stuff. These are perfect for Logos, Advertising, Apparel Design, Labels, Posters, Package Design, Signage, Etc.

2. Les Paul Font Family

Les Paul Font is inspired by post cards and advertising from the 50’s and early 60’s, Les Paul will be a cool item in your collection. “Les Paul” has 7 styles and you can combine them to get a great outcome of your projects. Use Lined Style for shadow or use it on the front – either is great. Or even choose inline style which has four different styles, and add an outline as decor to your type graphic. 

3. Bayshore

Bayshore is a totally tubular mono-line script font straight out of the 80s. This hand-drawn font is perfect for creating slick & stylish lettering. Whether it’s for logos, product packaging or merchandise, Bayshore is guaranteed to give your text an unmistakeable retro quality.

4. Trend Rough Font Family

Trend Rough is a font made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab font. It is the result of observation, research and study of the latest global trends. Trend tries to capture the aesthetics of fashion or even fashion itself, integrating elements of a very popular and current trend.

5. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

The Amazing Rumble Brave Vintage font collection is here! This font gives you luxury, elegance, and style all in one.

6. Serendior

Inspired by Art Deco movement and its decorative arts that originated in the 1920s, Serendior is formed of Constructivism and Futurism, and the unifying style of Art Deco, crafted with care with a bunch of special character sets that wrapped in unique discretionary ligatures and stylistic sets. Serendior consists of two styles, Block and Stroke. Contain more than 400+ glyphs with multi-language support.

7. Smoking Western Font

Introducing a smoking vintage western font.

8. Caston Typeface

Caston is a revival typeface based on Morris Fuller Benton’s modified litho – initially designed and issued by Inland Type Foundry back in 1907, later modified and issued by American Type Founders in 1917 after the merge. Not only is the typeface now in the hands of public domain due to the defunct ATF a decade ago & it lacking any active descendants – no known digital font was found on the web, until now.

9. Burford Rustic Pro Font Family

Burford Rustic is the weathered and textured alternative to the Burford Pro Family. It works the same way as Burford as a layer-based font family, but with some style variations and new layering options. It includes 20 font files, starting with four texture variations from Black, Bold, Light to Ultralight. It also includes an Outline and two Inline Weights. Additionally, it offers three weights for Burford Rustic Line (Light, Medium and Bold) for top layering options. There are two extruded fonts and two drop shadow fonts, all either in a solo version or set with Burford Rustic Black.

10. Highbinder Display Font

Highbinder Display Font is the newest font from Vintage Type Co. and was inspired by prohibitionist era typography. The font comes in a clean and rough style (the rough font file is quite large so give it a second to install), supports latin languages, and is perfect for Logos, Posters, Mock-Ups, and much more!

11. PressBox Letterpress Font Combo

PressBox Combo Font is an Americana, metal-type inspired font family consisting of 2 main fonts and a bonus ornamental font, each of which comes with an alternative, inked style.

12. Microbrew Complete Family

Microbrew is a versatile retro display family with 14 individual styles, plus retro banners, ornaments, and symbols. The more detailed styles work well at large sizes, and the cleaner styles add legibility at smaller sizes.

Designed to give a vintage feel, the ornaments and symbols compliment Microbrew nicely to round off the family. The ornaments also include catchwords, old style numbers, and lots of retro symbols.

13. The Beardy

Introducing a new elegant retro serif display typeface called The Beardy. Inspired from serif didone combined with flourish typography and 60s-70s pop culture.

We hope these fonts help transport your work to another era! If you enjoyed this article and have other suggestions to add to our collection, please let us know in the comments below.