In this article, we are sharing some of the best Procreate botanical brushes and stamp packs you can find in our marketplace, so you can add a floral touch to your designs.

Floral imagery is one of the major design trends of 2022, so now is the best time to dive through our selection and find some wonderful new botanical resources to add to your design toolbox!

1. The Botanical Brush Box

This collection of procreate botanical brushes allows you to easily create beautiful flower creations. In this pack you will find 78 brushes, as 54 flower and 24 leaf varieties to choose from giving you such a huge head start on your drawing.

With these brushes you’ll improve your drawing skills, create sketches and finished pieces way quicker and have an absolute blast doing it!

2. Procreate Watercolor Botanical Kit

Introducing The Procreate Watercolor Botanical Kit. This toolkit has 36 brushes, 8 textures, templates, guides and even its own photo reference library to help inspire your wonderful creations.

Inside is all you need to draw and paint gorgeous florals! Suitable for beginner and experienced artists alike, this toolkit will save you tons of time and the technique guide (and video) will show you exactly how to make the most of it.

3. Procreate Botanical Stamp Pack

A collection of beautiful procreate botanical stamps to make designing easy and fun while saving you tons of time!

With over 140 elements you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. This pack also includes 10 colour palettes and 14 cute creatures for free - There is so much for you to choose from for your next amazing design!

4. Botanical Brush Bundle for Procreate

The perfect set of procreate botanical brushes to create your own botanical themed designs or patterns. Most of these brushes have transparent backgrounds that will allow you to add your own colors, textures and patterns!

With nearly 300 botanical brushes including flower, leaf and tropical stamps, you will have unlimited design ideas in no time!

5. 100 + Botanical Procreate Brush Stamps

Create floral and botanical motifs with ease using this procreate botanical stamps set that contains over 100 hand painted brush stamps.

Mix and overlay to create endless patterns and designs. Each brush is hand painted using watercolor for a unique painterly feel which helps you bridge the gap between digital and analog design. The designer has also included an easy to follow tutorial to get you started creating a simple floral wreath!

6. Flower Tools Brush Box

This pack of procreate botanical brushes was created to offer an easy and accessible way to create amazing botanical designs.

This pack is a fantastic curated collection of sketch, ink and watercolour brushes and a special canvas that will even further transform your digital painting into a more real watercolour look. As well as a step-by-step video tutorial and layered tutorials that will help guide you through the process and hopefully inspire you with some new ideas.

7. Minimal Botanical Brush Set

A beautiful set of minimal botanical flowers & plants, with a unique and delicate look. This set can be used to create artwork of your own choice or used for tattooing.

This procreate botanical stamp set of 40 high quality minimal botanical brushes is intended for all artists working within the Procreate app, especially for people with an interest for botanical designs or someone who wants to create artwork in digital form.

8. Botanical Builder Brushset for Procreate

These procreate botanical brushes allow you to quickly and easily build floral arrangements and surrounding illustrations in Procreate – a must-have for any botanical-loving hand letterer or illustrator!

Say goodbye to the hours spent drawing and RE-drawing floral illustration to surround and complement your lettering perfectly. These stamp brushes cut down your illustration time by helping you plot out your illustration layout on your canvas in Procreate!

9. Flowers & Fruits – Procreate Brushes

In this pack you will find 97 procreate botanical stamps for vegetable, fruit, floral, and citrus themed art. These stamps are the perfect help for your digital art! Use them as stencils/templates, to speed up your work!

10. 40 Procreate Botanical Stamps

Discover 40 detailed Procreate botanical stamps for decorations and illustrations! Use them on a variety of projects, such as for decorating your wedding, birthday and other cards.

These easy to use one-click stamp brushes make it easy to add beautiful flowery details to your artwork, so you can have fun just colouring the flowers.

11. Botanica Shadow Overlay Stamps for Procreate

Botanica Shadow Overlay Stamps for Procreate empowers you to present your designs with photo realistic shadow overlays in a professional way.

This pack features a collection of 35 floral shadow Procreate stamp brushes. They are perfect for giving your mockups a more realistic look and giving your photos a little more style. These realistic botanical stamps help you to easily create amazing looking mockup scenes directly inside Procreate.

12. Mushroom Stamp Brushes for Procreate

Included in this set are 18 high resolution mushroom brushes for all your botanical inspired designs.

These brushes have transparent backgrounds that will allow you to add your own colors, textures and patterns!

13. Botanica Watercolour Stamp Brushes

Introducing Botanica – a set of 77 nature inspired Procreate botanical brush stamps set that allows you to have fun with florals and add an artistic flair to all your projects!

This brush stamp pack includes brush strokes, textured brushes, wreaths, patterns, hearts and lots of floral elements to brighten up your digital scrapbooking designs. Add as stroke of colour or botanical elements for additional flair to your photos, logos and designs.

14. Autumn Procreate Stamp Brushes

These Procreate stamp brushes reflect the iconic seasonal changes the Fall has to offer — mushrooms popping up everywhere, harvest time has arrived in the garden with pumpkins and apples, and wilderness offers many berries and seeds along with vivid falling leaves!

Decorate postcards and birthday cards or illustrate your artwork and, why not, just have fun coloring the leaves and radiant wild mushrooms!

15. Greenery Procreate Stamps

This collection of procreate botanical stamps covers a wonderful range of stamps, including greenery stamps, floral brushes, greenery brushes, botanical stamps, tattoo custom stamps, floral brushes for procreate!

Take these brushes for a spin and see what wonderful creative designs you make using them!

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