In this article we have compiled some of the best stippling, hatching, etching and shading brushes for Procreate from our marketplace that we know will offer designers of all backgrounds and levels the best tools to get the results. Whether you are looking to put the finishing touch to line work, add depth with the shadows in your design or creating that inky vibe - we have something for everyone!

Procreate Stipple Brush Set

Tattoo Art Procreate Brush Kit

Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns - Procreate

Ultimate Ink for Procreate

Gouache Shader Brushes For Procreate

Hand Stippling for Procreate

Tattoo Art Brushes - Procreate

Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set

Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Procreate

1. Procreate Stipple Brush Set

These easy and fun Brushes are a great intro on how to shade on Procreate.

The 15 Brushes offer so many Stipple options you will be inspired for many future designs to come whilst saving you the time that analogue stippling can take!

2. Tattoo Art Procreate Brush Kit

This collection of 32 Procreate brushes, inspired by traditional tattoo art, are a great addition to your shading brush arsenal.

Whether you are working on a vintage art design or an outstanding tattoo, you will love using these brushes for line work, shading and stippling!

3. Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns - Procreate

These Procreate Fineliner brushes offer the authentic feel and versatile approach of fine liner pens - you will feel like you are shading projects in an art class in no time!

Created using a wide range of different real pen marks including straight and undulating outlines, dots and dashes and stippling brushes - this truly is one of the best Shading Brush packs for Procreate around.

4. Ultimate Ink for Procreate

The Ultimate Ink for Procreate will really help you nail that finished, professional look for all your designs. The pack includes a variety of brushes, sorted in four main categories: Inkers, Shaders, Strokes and Fills.

The 22 Procreate shading brushes: including blockers, markers, cel shaders, texture brushes, watercolour-style washes, and noise are great for all your coloring and shading needs.

5. Gouache Shader Brushes For Procreate

These easy and fun gouache brushes are a great intro on how to shade on Procreate.

These brushes offer a range of opacity and shape to offer the best range of shadowing and stippling brushes around. You will find yourself using these all the time to put the finishing touches to your designs!

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6. Hand Stippling for Procreate

This pack includes a wide variety of Procreate stipple brushes such as: cool stipple, swarm stipple, mass stipple and so much more, ensuring you are covered for all your easy stippling art projects.

Whether it is the finishing touch to your old school drawings or the sketching of the next great design, These Stippling brushes are a must for any shadowing enthusiast!

7. Tattoo Art Brushes - Procreate

This pack of Tattoo Style Procreate brushes have been created using hand-drawn materials to offer an authentic Stippling Brush to create the best real ink outlines.

These Stippling brushes offer the highest quality and functionality whilst saving you time and without any artistic compromise.

8. Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set

Introducing the Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set - a pack made from real ink textures, offering an organic look for all your design projects.

The variety and the quality of the stipple brushes included, make this our go to pack for all our Procreate stippling and shading needs.

9. Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Procreate

The Eclectica Stipple brushes offer 27 procreate brushes across 3 styles: stipple brushes, stroke brushes and shader brushes to bring that wonderful retro vibe to your projects.

Whether you are working on posters, logos or other illustrations, these brushes will allow you to easily add texture and volume through Stipple shading.

10. Inking - Stippling - Texture Bundle For Procreate

Discover the best Procreate stippling brushes to support your design process from initial sketching right through to the final touches.

As well as offering dedicated brushes to different levels of intensity, there is a very helpful tutorial that will ensure that you use these stippling Brushes in all of your future Procreate designs!

11. Charcoal Shaders – Procreate Brushes

These Charcoal Shaders are great for smooth blending and stippling to offer that authentic texture.

Using the Apple Pencil tilt capability will allow you to get a more realistic side shading - making these stippling brushes a must have!

12. Shady Character Procreate Brush Set

This pack of stippling brushes was designed with the key purpose of saving you hours of time drawing every dot and to enjoy shading in your Procreate Projects.

These Stipple Brushes were created using classic shading techniques like cross hatching and halftones to make sure you have a shading option for every design!

13. Procreate Texture Toolkit

The Procreate Texture Toolkit is made of 44 hand-made brushes using real life pens, paints and markers to help you create easy stippling art.

This collection of stipple, splatter, hatch and scribble brushes is a must have for all of your shading needs and will make your designs truly stand out.

14. Grain & Shading Procreate Kit

Calling all illustrators and graphic designers - this Grain and Shading Procreate Kit has been designed specifically for you.

These unique Procreate brushes can be used for shading, highlighting and blending your designs to add grainy drop shadows and gritty accents. You will have plenty of fun ways to use these brushes.

15. Procreate Stippling Brushes Kit

This set of 15 original stippling brushes bring professional shading and retro design to your Procreate designs.

Whether you are working on tattoo art, or art or typography this collection of professional shading brushes, halftone effect brushes and much is not to be missed.

16. Da Vinci Pencil Procreate Brushes

These 50 Procreate pencils have been created using the Renaissance master's sketches and notebooks to offer a unique and wonderful Stippling style that will take you back in time!

These brushes cover all aspects of design from simple strokes through to hatching and stippling styles.

17. Grain Volume I Procreate Brushes

Looking to create a grainy texture or add that grunge look to your project, these 12 grainy Procreate brushes might be just what you are looking for.

These handmade brushes, created from authentic ink pens, offer a range of uses from line touch ups to stippling and shadow detail- your design will pop after using these brushes.

18. Liner Procreate Brush Set

The Liner Brush set includes two different stippling brushes, Stipple and Stipplier, to offer more freedom and options to create the perfect stipple effect in Procreate.

Whilst this pack was created for use in lettering, the results across other Procreate designs have made them a fan favourite in the community.

19. Stipple Brush Brushpack

The Stipple Brush Brushpack is great for achieving your desired stipple texture effect without the strain of doing it by hand.

With 8 unique stipple brushes, you can create some nice lettering shadow effects or add some nice depth to your illustrations with the click of a button. You will not want to miss out on adding these stippling Procreate brushes to your design toolkit.

20. Hatch & Stipple Procreate Brushes

The 36 Procreate brushes provide some of the most realistic stipple and hatch shading effects around.

Each brush has a different look which allows you to create as many wonderfully vintage designs you can think of.

20 Best Stipple and Shading Brushes for Procreate

We hope you've enjoyed this article and you've found some great Procreate stipple and shading brushes for all your designs, but if you'd still like to browse for inspiration, we have a few more articles on Procreate brushes you might like.

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