Are you in search of the best fonts to give your designs that nostalgic, vintage feel? Retro fonts are the perfect tool to make your work look timeless and add the desired texture and age. To save you time sorting through the countless retro fonts in the creative space, we've collected our favourites to help transport your designs to another era.

1. Wicked Hearts Retro Serif

Wicked Hearts is a chunky serif with an edge – it’s a cool modern take on a retro font classic. Wicked Hearts is packed with plenty of alternates and ligatures to really bring it to life, and give you a wide range of customisation options.

2. Highbinder Display Font

Highbinder Display Font is the newest font from Vintage Type Co. and was inspired by prohibitionist era typography. The font comes in a clean and rough style and is perfect for retro logos, posters, mock-Ups, and much more!

3. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

In this collection, you will get 3 retro font variations: serif, script, and dingbat. The 3 font combinations encompass the Victorian classic design concept. This font gives you luxury, elegance, and style all in one!

This font is very easy to use, with or without design software.

4. Halau Serif Font Family

Introducing a wonderful mid-century modern font family with five widths – Halau Serif. Classic mid-century serif with a characteristic cartoon look. Perfect for your summer projects, play with it and get a really cool retro-lettering style.

5. Valent – Font and Logo Templates

Valent is a bold font for bold statements! With its thick body and charming serifs, Valent is perfect for vintage inspired retro logotypes and designs, as well as for branding projects, packaging and big magazine headlines.

6. Pacifica

Pacifica is a hand-lettered elegant bold script for decorative typography, inspired by retro American branding typography. The font comes with different variates – filled, highlighted or pressed. Perfect for retro headers, signs, logos, prints, etc.

7. Java Heritages + Extras

Java Heritages Typeface is a multi-layered type family with opentype features, inspired by retro signage that has unique decorative shapes.

8. Charcuterie

Charcuterie is a family of ten distinct yet related retro fonts, many of which have their own font families, and three decorative/ornamental typefaces. This ambitious, yet accessible set offers a virtually endless series of combinations, allowing you to form a tasty platter of ingredients, for each project.

9. Saveur Sans

Saveur Sans is inspired by art deco and French cafes. This display family has clean, simple letterforms that feel modern but at the same time have a retro, art-deco styling. This family can add a sophistication to any layout whether it be print or online.

10. Antone Family

Introducing, Antone, a retro font family which has 7 font versions. The character of the clean version of this font is bold, strong, yet elegant, while the rough and block version is suitable for a vintage & retro feel.

11. Beauford Font

Introducing a new retro display typeface, it’s called “Beauford”. You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logos, headings, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc.

12. The Whiskey Font Collection

The Whiskey Font Collection is a type pairing of “Wheat” & “Barley”. They work together to give you that perfect retro label you’ve been designing.

13. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection is a type collaboration of four different retro fonts in 100% awesome retro style! And that’s not all – 52 vintage illustrations for logo creation and awesome tools – a Vintage Badge Creator!

14. Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font

Welcome to a highly detailed textured retro typeface.

15. Nebula Font

A modern yet retro font that uses simple, stylized, round-ended lines, which appear to be dripping. It’s most commonly used to create eye-catchingly clean illustrations and icons. It’s also known as ‘fast style’ because it gives the illusion that the image is in motion!

16. Hotel Royal Vintage Font

Hotel Royal is a retro font inspired by the fonts used for vintage hotel labels from the first half of the 20th century.

17. Paneuropa Retro

Paneuropa Retro is a geometric, clean and versatile reto font family. Paneuropa was a reinterpretation of Paul Renner’s famous Futura – it was a bit narrower, with different proportions and letter endings.

18. Merchant – Vintage Dry Brush Font

A bit retro and a bit tough, this font has just the right amount of texture with a subtle dry brush edge.

19. Nordin Vintage Font Family

Nordin Vintage Font Family includes 4 retro style fonts. Just use your imagination and some graphic design extras and your project will become more alive and look better than ever with the Nordin Font Family.

20. Rustic Jack – A Vintage Font Duo

The font has a bit of a rough & retro vibe , which makes it perfect for all kinds of vintage logo & branding projects.

21. Old Brighton Typewriter – Font

“Old Brighton Typewriter” is a simple retro font that was generated out of typed letters with an old and dusty typewriter. You all know this vintage typewriters and their typical “tack” “tack” “tack”. This font will give you this feeling back to your computer even without the “tack” sound.

We hope that these retro fonts will help you with all of your design needs! Should you have any favourites of your own, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below.