Whether you are creating an amazing event poster or the next great comic book - it all starts from a sketch, and with the multitude of Procreate brushes available, it's never been quicker to go from sketch to finished design.

To save you time on your next project, we have put together a list of some of the best Procreate sketching brushes you can find in our Marketplace, that will instantly bring out the best results for all of your future sketches!

1. The Ultimate Brush Toolbox

In this pack you’ll find a wide selection of Procreate sketching brushes: acrylic, charcoal, crayon, pencil and so much more to help you with all your design projects.

There is no longer a need to waste time searching for the perfect brush. The brushes found within this set will give you the confidence you need as an artist. Knowing that your brushes are finely crafted and road test by professionals makes all the difference!

2. The Nitty Gritty Brushbox For Procreate

This Procreate brush pack offers everything from sketching brushes, fillers, texturisers, stamps and everything in between, you’ll be producing lavish texture-rich work in a jiffy with the The Nitty Gritty Brushbox!

The brushbox is designed specifically for creating adorable whimsical artwork, perfect for character design, children’s book illustrations and gorgeous surface design works of art.

3. The Instant Artist Procreate Brushes and Stamps

Introducing a set of 46 brushes designed to help you achieve an authentic artistic look even if you are a beginner!

The collection offers a variety of brushes to assist each stage of your creation – Procreate sketching brushes for planning and line work, inky and painterly brushes for adding colour, texture and build-up brushes for adding hand crafted texture, pattern brushes for quirky and time-saving details, stamps and build-up spray brushes for final touches.

4. Digital Ink Brush Set for Procreate

Achieve a hand-drawn effect in a fraction of the time with these custom-pro Procreate sketching brushes. They’ve been meticulously crafted to handle outlines, linework, shading,sketching and more!

Whether you like your strokes rough, organic, or crispy clean, this wide range of brushes has you covered.

5. Procreate Ink Brushes

Here is a set of 36 handmade ink brushes for Procreate! The set is divided into 3 different categories including sketching brushes for Procreate, ink washes and ink stains stamps.

All these brushes were created from real china ink samples, that have been scanned and transformed into brushes, for a more realistic result. The set also includes 5 bonus paper textures that you can add as background for your artworks!

6. Urban Sketching – Procreate Brushes

These sketching brushes for Procreate were specially handcrafted for artists who participate in urban sketching — the act of observational drawing and documenting your day-to-day life.

No matter your preferred subject or location, whether that be the city or the zoo or your living room, urban sketching is something everyone can do.

7. Tattoo Art Procreate Brush Kit

Introducing the Tattoo Art Procreate Brush Kit - a collection of 32 sketching brushes inspired by traditional tattoo art.

This set includes inkers for line work, shading and stipple brushes to fill in your sketches, and 2 bonus vintage papers for free to add further details to your sketches.

8. Feels like Pencil for Procreate

These 23 sketching brushes for Procreate were designed to feel so much like a real pencil that you’ll think you’re drawing on a piece of paper, without all the mess! They’re perfect for gesture drawing, quick sketching, drawing, and even coloring.

Carefully created from real-life scans, this set of 23 pencil brushes is as close as the real thing you’ll ever get. Happy sketching!

9. Gouache Procreate 5 Brushes

Texture rich and realistic gouache brushes for Procreate! This pack contains 40 brushes, including different texture brushes, sketching brushes for details and line work.

All you need in one pack to create stunning and realistic gouache paint art without the need to switch between brush sets!

10. Ultimate Pencil Brushes For Procreate

Create digital art that looks just like real pencils with the Ultimate Pencil Brushes for Procreate - perfect for sketching!

These high-quality pencil brushes were created using scans of real pencil strokes and textures. Taking advantage of the most advanced Procreate 5x & Apple Pen features, the brushes behave like traditional coloring & graphite pencils.

11. Pencil Box for Procreate

The best way to create natural-looking pencil drawings, sketches, and unique illustrations is with these Procreate sketching brushes. Enjoy the look and feel of real pencil on paper without all those messy pencil shavings.

This set includes 21 brushes to handle all of your pencil needs. This set has it all: the best-ever Procreate sketching pencil, brushes for detail, a variety of textures and pencil weights, shaders, multi-functional eraser tools, and more.

12. Expedition Sketchbook Pencils for Procreate

At some point, your journey of learning to draw has likely involved using a good old fashioned pencil. But now, with these Procreate sketching brushes, you can once again enjoy the experience of drawing with graphite without needing to pack all your sketching supplies. They feel so much like using real pencils you may accidentally pack a sharpener.

13. Procreate VIP Brushes

This set of 24 Procreate brushes is fantastic for skipping the pain of searching for new brushes, so you can get straight into working on your art!

Take the 12 Procreate sketching brushes for a spin, and start sketching your next masterpiece with ease and less mess.

14. Sketching Procreate Brushes

Introducing a set of 16 handmade sketching brushes for Procreate.

There are two categories of brushes in this set: 8 ink pen brushes and 8 marker brushes. The ink pen brushes can be used for sketching, creating the outlines of your drawings and the marker brushes for shading your work. This set works great for quick sketches, concept art and you can also use the brushes for lettering.

15. Sketchers Procreate Brush Set

A set of 8 sketching brushes for Procreate to use in your day to day illustration and lettering work.

This set was developed for the range of applications you could want from a sketching brush from initial lining and quick mark making, to quick fillers or more texture brushes to add depth.

16. Inking – Stippling – Texture Bundle For Procreate

Meet your new go-to brushes. This pack of Procreate sketching brushes covers every single step of the creative process with the Ultra Smooth Tracing brush, markers, bleeding ink brushes and hatching brushes.

Take them for a spin and see the amazing results!

17. Charcoal Sketch Set For Procreate

Presenting Charcoal Sketch Set For Procreate – everything you need to convert your iPad into a sketchpad!

This pack of 5 sketching brushes for Procreate offers a charcoal finish that really must be seen to be believed. These sketch brushes are great for all elements of design, from the initial outline through to the finishing details.

18. Painterly Brushes for Procreate

With these Procreate sketching brushes, you can create a realistic painterly effect with ease. These 20 brushes have a wonderful canvas texture, making your paintings look like they were painted on real canvas.

This painterly brush pack for Procreate contains brushes for sketching, blocking in, painting details, smudging and dry mixing. Making it the perfect pack to create a realistic painterly effect in Procreate!

19. Sketch Brushes For Procreate

Introducing Sketch Brushes For Procreate! This pack of three Procreate sketching brushes covers aspects from the starting sketch through to the final shadowy touches.

Take this pack for a spin and watch the amazing designs you create with these wonderful resources!

20. Sketch Markers for Procreate

Introducing Sketch Markers for Procreate! This set includes 20 markers as well as 5 color charts and 4 textured papers. All are customizable and work perfect for mixing, filling and detailing all your sketches.

Take them for a spin and enjoy the results of your new designs using your new Procreate sketching brushes!

21. Ergojosh Sketching Brushes

A collection of seven of the best sketching brushes, in a digital or traditional style!

These Procreate sketching brushes were created to offer a realistic feel to brush strokes. When you press down, the stroke should get darker, and a little bigger, not act like a paintbrush and suddenly become gigantic! That’s how the first brush, the pencil eraser brush was born. With these resources you will be able to draw and erase and create natural looking sketches.

22. Sketch Box For Procreate

Looking for the perfect sketching brushes for Procreate? Sketch Box for Procreate was created to help you make perfect illustrations quick and easy.

Sketch Box includes 12 different purposes brushes ranging from rough sketch pencils to a smooth inky sketcher, from soft blender to grainy texturizer. It also contains brushes for shading, highlighting, and creating perfect fill.

23. Waxy Crayons Procreate Brushes & Color Palette Kit

Introducing The Waxy Crayons Procreate Brushes - the perfect collection of sketching, painting, writing, adding realistic texture, for creating realistic wax crayon effects in Procreate.

All brushes and texture effects are perfect for cute and naive art style drawings. And they’re versatile enough to develop finer art pieces, interesting floral motifs, detailed illustrations and more.

24. Realistic Markers for Procreate

Now you can enjoy drawing with realistic markers on your iPad with these Procreate sketch brushes! Realistic Markers for Procreate is a complete set for illustrators designed to imitate the real thing.

This set includes basic sketching and drawing tools like pencil and liner, alcohol markers, watercolor markers, artistic markers, and soft textured markers.

25. Sketcher Brushes Sample Pack Procreate

Introducing the Sketcher Brushes Sample Pack for Procreate! This is a collection that will soon become your go-to brushes.

With 7 brushes and the designers personal Sketching swatches, your design possibilities are endless!

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