We've asked our community which are their favourite fonts to use in their work, and as always they did not disappoint. Here are 25 best script, serif and sans serif fonts as voted by our community. These are some of our most popular fonts, and with so much variety included in this selection, you are sure to find the best font for any design project.

Check out our community's go-to fonts below:

"Marygold Font Duo is my go-to font! I can't tell you how much I use it. I love the handwritten aspect, but all so the serif design. I love to use it in freebies I send out to my email list."

Katie Simmons, Designer and Artist

Marygold Font Duo Collection

Introducing the Marygold Font Duo Collection- a unique blend that brings together a handwritten signature script, elegant serif, design elements, and paper textures.

Both script and serif fonts benefit from OpenType ligatures and alternates and can be successfully used in any design project: logotypes, branding, headlines, invitations, greeting cards, t-shirt design, magazines, quotes, packaging and more.

My go to fonts are from The Type Designer’s Luxury Font Library that I bought some time back from DC. From that bundle, Bosca Font and Noctis fonts are my favourites… even Eastman font is good 😊. Besides luxury fonts, I like Open Sans font and Breakout script font. Though I use Gothic, Futura, Roboto etc … depending on the project I am working on and what looks good to my eyes… I have plans to invest in ROHH’s fonts in future as I love his font style. And would definitely love to try Beautiful Minds serif and script combo font. 

Neeta Budhraja, Graphic Designer and Calligraphy Artist


Bosca is an elegant serif font family including 4 weights, making it a multi-purpose font.

It can look either conservative and restrained,yet modern and elegant thanks to ligatures and alternative substitutes. These will add variety to any project and make it more attractive at the same time.

"Here are some of my faves and most widely used ones."

Tom Ross, Design Cuts CEO


Avallon is my handpainted brush font, and my first which makes use of this new .SVG technology, by using high resolution brush stroke images with incredible definition, instead of the traditional vector format. With this font you get an amazing paintbrush effect built in as a transparent texture, with no extra work required!

Lütschine Font Mega Family

Lütschine™ is an ultra-versatile, highly customisable sans serif family for headlines, branding and logo design. It consists of 126 carefully drawn and spaced styles as well as 2 variable fonts.

The family has extended language support as well as alternative stylistic sets, ligatures, titling alternates, contextual alternates, slashed zero, fractions, superscript, and subscript, ordinals, currencies, and symbols.

Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Font Family

Meet Beautiful Minds, an exclusive new font family from My Creative Land and Design Cuts. Beautiful Minds is a child of Elegance and Casualty, Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture.

Elegant serif and casual brush script complement each other in the best possible way; they go hand in hand to add an unforgettable style to your designs.


Taberna is a type system that provides a wide range of choices for any design project. The typeface comes in Sans and Serif layered versions plus a monolinear Script font.

The Script version matches perfectly with the heavy Caps of the typeface. Taberna is a very versatile font well-suited for headlines, posters, logotypes, etc.

"I love Cool Britannia from Ian Barnard. It’s lively and fun, which works great on my greetings cards."

Kat Lynas, Illustrator and DC Community Manager

Cool Britannia – Typeface

This font was created to give that hand-made look, and add more personality to your work. Included in this family are 2 fonts: a solid script face and a sans which look great in either all caps or lowercase. Combining all these styles can generate many different typographic layouts for packing, book covers or just quotes to post to your social media.

" I have big collection of fonts and just adore Wonder Bay - a very elegant script font, and Palomino - an awesome font with interesting details. Also I love all fonts from Sarid Ezra  - very modern and stylish collection, awesome suitable for any projects."

Maria Letta, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Wonder Bay

Introducing Wonder Bay - a script font that is perfect for branding projects, clothing design, homeware designs, product packaging and more!

Palomino Font Family

Please welcome Palomino font, a new modern calligraphy family created using the amazing Blackwing 602 pencil.

The script and sans serif fonts work perfectly well together, allowing you to create stylish elegant designs with a handwritten look. This versatile font family will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, wedding boutiques, photography, quotes design, and a lot more.

"My go-to fonts are different depending on client projects but give me a good solid sans serif and I'm on board for just about anything.

I also love a easy-to-read versatile typeface. Montserrat is my current quick go-to but I don't always end up there. Poppins is a Monsterrat alternate for the regular and thin but I love me some Mont Bold for short-text bold needs.

Artegra is one of my favs, very drool-worthy typefaces that I love on the Design Cuts site and it has buddies (soft and slab). All gorgeous and fabulous for base fonts."

Carrie Reagh, Designer and YouTube Thumbnail Creator

Artegra Sans

Artegra Sans is one of the most comprehensive font families in the type world, maintaining high aesthetic quality throughout 3 widths, 9 weights, 162 fonts and more than 1600 glyphs per font.

This sans serif font is a perfect choice for branding, magazines, posters, advertising, web and mobile application design, packaging design and more.

"As a graphic designer I use a variety of fonts in my work and it's been difficult to select just a few, but here are some of my favourites that I use a lot. Cherston is a personal favourite that I've used across many competition graphics, and I also love Hey Bombshell, Liquid Gold, Gardena Holmes and MS Claudy as well."

Adriann, Graphic Designer and Artist


Cherston is a beautiful font family that includes 10 styles: display sans with sharp corners, rounded and rough style, made in three weights, light, regular and bold.

The display sans and serif included in this family work perfectly together, so you can use them to create unique designs for any project.

Hey Bombshell Font Family

Created with stationery in mind, Hey Bombshell is a sweet yet sassy font family to make your work stand out!

Included in this family are a fun and bouncy script font, an all-caps sans serif font and our favourite part, a set of 90 dingbats, including catchwords, hearts, salutations and more.

Liquid Gold SVG Font + Actions

Inject some strikingly realistic Liquid Gold into your designs with this .SVG font & letter set!

This product contains real gold lettering, hand-painted with metallic paint and it's guaranteed to add dazzling display text to posters, packaging, book covers, social media posts & more.

Gardena Holmes – Font Duo

Introducing Gardena Holmes – a font duo including a serif & script font with bonus editable logo.

Gardena Holmes is perfect combination between classic serif with signature script. Contain two fonts, the delicate modern serif and a free hand writing script.

Ms Claudy – Wedding Calligraphy Font

Meet the new modern calligraphy font – Ms. Claudy. This beautiful script is for those who are needing of elegance and stylish for their designs and particularly well suited for wedding invitations, save the date cards and feminine branding.

This beautiful scrips also contains ligatures and a lot of stylistic alternates to perfectly re-create natural calligraphy

"I like many different fonts but if I had to chose some of my favourites, these would be it:  Kinkfolk is very elegant and versatile, works great for logo, Hackeny is a true favourite, it's fun and super adaptable, The Beardy is my go-to retro font, Olive Village is great for headlines, and last but not least Populaire Typewriter Font & Extras, feels like it’s fallen straight out of an Agatha Christie novel, and the ‘dirty’ version is one of my favourite typewriter fonts of all time."

Jemma, Marketing Manager

Kinfolk – Modern Serif Font

Create modern, gorgeous headlines and elegant designs with this unique and modern serif font.

Kinfolk is a classic style serif typeface that has been modernised with its unique curves and cut-ins making it one of the most memorable caps fonts on the market. This versatile font can be used for word-mark logos, mastheads, pull quotes & monograms showing both feminine and masculine qualities.


Hackney is entirely hand-painted sans serif. A raw, bold, condensed font, with brushy imperfections and an earthy realism.

Hackney .SVG keeps all the incredible definition of the real painted strokes as a transparent texture, so it gives you a proper hand-painted effect, without the mess.

The Beardy

Introducing a new elegant retro serif display typeface called The Beardy. Inspired from serif didone combined with flourish typography and 60s-70s pop culture.

The Beardy typeface can be used for logo, headings, branding, magazine, cover album, book cover, movie, apparel design, quotes, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging etc.

Olive Village – Vintage Font

Olive Village is a stylish vintage font inspired by 70’s groovy vibe with a touch of modernity.

Olive Village is a display font made mainly for headlines, titles, and other short texts and is well-suited for advertising, vintage mood boards, branding, logotypes, packaging, titles, editorial design and modern and vintage design.

Populaire Typewriter Font & Extras

Populaire Typewriter font and extras is a retro design pack with typewriter fonts, paper textures and Photoshop stamp brushes, all sourced from real vintage materials.

Use this set in any designs that needs a vintage touch. Use it in long or short texts, in digital collages, branding and packaging, social media posts, logotypes, and more.

"There are so many fonts I absolutely love and I've included in many of my articles. If I had to choose just a few, these will always make the cut: La Luxes Font Duo  an elegant and super versatile font duo, Budge which is the most fun retro font,  Montreux Branding works great for any logo, Garino is a hidden jem and can be used on a variety of projects, and my ultimate favourite vintage font, Rumble Brave. "

Raly, Content Creator 

La Luxes Font Duo + Logos

Indulge yourself in a luxurious typography pairing with La Luxes - a classic font duo consisting of an elegant script & ligature-rich serif.

Also included in this product are 10 bonus logo templates, allowing you to easily edit the designs you see in the images above and create stunning logos in minutes.


Introducing Budge, a new carefully crafted triple layered bold Italic Typeface. We’ve used a wide range of reference for this font, but our main inspiration came from desserts and beverage packaging.

We hope you like this versatile, fun and cute font and you’ll use it across similar food inspired designs.

Montreux Branding - Logo Creator Typeface

Montreux Branding is a modern logotype creation tool. It is an uppercase family of 4 fonts packed with features like stylistic alternates and tons of discretionary ligatures (over 270 in total).

Sharp, modern and precise lines of Montreux Branding will give your designs a unique character with a lot of personalities, making them stand out of the crowd.

Garino Font Family

Garino is a modern sans-serif typeface. It gains its expressive character from a dynamic sweep in the curves and high-contrast transitions. The thinner and thicker weights are particularly suitable for strong headlines, while the middle weights can be used for typographic challenges and body text.

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

The Amazing Rumble Brave Vintage font collection is here!

In this collection, you will get 3 font variations: serif, script, and dingbat. The 3 font combinations I have created encompass the Victorian classic design concept.

I don’t have a “go-to” font set, but my all time favorite font is Gill Sans and I am always looking for an excuse to include it in any project that involves type design

DMB Art and Design

"I've got a couple of fonts I use over and over, my branding fonts are Antic and Niconne (both Google web fonts so they were already built into my website), but for design projects I often use Bhatoshine and Bebas Neue. I either use them on their own, or use them as a base and then build onto them with illustration, etc. I also like Montserrat for marketing graphics and such, it's very similar to Antic but a little wider so it fills space nicely."

Dana Batho, Surface Pattern & Cross Stitch Design

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