With so many Procreate painting brushes available on the market, it's becoming more difficult to find that perfect brush to complete your design.

This week we aim to help by looking at some of the most popular digital painting artists we know, and have created a list of the best Procreate brushes for all painting styles to help you finish your next digital masterpiece. Whether it is gouache, watercolor or oil painting, we hope you enjoy looking through these resources and adding your favourites to your toolbox.

1. The Ultimate Brush Toolbox

When you think of Procreate painting brushes, The Ultimate Brush Toolbox is the first name you will think of. Created using real world samples, this pack comes with a wide selection of brush styles including acrylic, charcoal, watercolor and oil brushes to name a few- you will be spoilt for choice.

These brushes will be an excellent tool in your Procreate painting brush toolbox!

2. Everything Watercolour for Procreate

These extremely versatile watercolour brushes are a perfect addition to your procreate painting brushes. Providing multiple brush styles including dry brushes, smudgers and wet brushes - you will be able to get a realistic paint on paper texture for any project!

Take these Procreate brushes for a spin and see how much you will enjoy using them.

3. Effortless Gouache Brushes for Procreate

The Effortless Gouache Brushes are a great addition to any Procreate painting brush toolbox. This professionally curated collection allows you to create realistic gouache designs without the mess of real paints.

On top of these amazing brushes and stamps, this pack also comes with a free Procreate document and video guide so you can use these procreate painting brushes to create a beautiful digital art prints.

4. AquaReal Watercolour Brushes for Procreate

These Procreate painting brushes offer authentic results with easy to use resources that designers of all levels will love working with.

On top of the high quality painting and blending brushes, this pack also comes with canvases to help you achieve that authentic texture with your final design, and a helpful step but step tutorial on creating a beautiful watercolour leaf.

5. Sargent's Oils – Procreate Brushes

The Sargent's Oils pack contains 12 Procreate paint brushes, offering realistic brush shapes. These brushes were made using real paints to capture the authentic canvas strokes.

These Procreate paint brushes were lovingly created using canvases similar to what Sargent used to take you back in time and feel like the master himself!

6. Ink & Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

The Watercolor Brushes for Procreate was created by a traditional oil painter to bring that authentic feel to digital paint brushes, so designers of all levels can appreciate it.

This pack is full to the brim with amazing resources, including a wide range of brushes such as painting and texture, as well as canvas textures and helpful tutorial videos to get you up and running with all of your new resources.

7. Living Watercolor – The Complete Watercolor Studio For Procreate

Want to bring the texture and translucent look of watercolour to your digital painting? Then these Procreate paint brushes are soon to be some of your favourites.

For beginners and advanced designers alike, this pack offers 40 watercolour brushes created using actual paints and textures, as well as a selection of colour palettes and sketches to help you achieve your final desired outcome.

8. Classic Paints – Procreate Brushes

The Classic Paints - Procreate brushes offers 25 meticulously created brushes based on the works of renowned painters like Renoir and Degas.

The designer has also provided short descriptions for each brush to help you choose the best brush for your design, as well as providing two seamless textures and a helpful short guide for free, so you can get the most out of your resources.

9. Oil on Canvas for Procreate

This brush pack is perfect for anyone who is looking to add that smudgy aesthetic of oil paints on canvas, without having to worry about the mess afterwards.

As well as the oil brush pack, the designer has created four more sets of these brushes optimised to work with the additional canvas textures provided. We hope you enjoy working with these amazing painting brushes!

10. Soft Watercolor Procreate Brushes

If you want to create the amazing look and texture of watercolor artwork without water, paper and other resources, then this digital paint brush pack is just what you are looking for.

The designer created an authentic Procreate paint brush collection, that honours the process of painting with watercolour- and with the inclusion of video tutorials, you will be designing watercolour masterpieces in no time!

11. 80 Realistic Watercolor Brushes for Procreate 5X

This collection offers a wide selection of brushes for all forms of watercolour effects, from dry strokes to watercolour blooms, to help you achieve a true reflection of real watercolour paint behaviour in a digital paint brush.

The designer has also created a helpful 58 page workbook, to help show you how each brush works and allow you a chance to try all painting brushes before choosing your favourites.

12. The Perfect Oils: 87 Oil Painting Brushes For Procreate

The set of Procreate paint brushes is designed for oil painting at all stages and a variety of manners, with an impasto effect and a lively feeling of oil paint both in the process and as a result. Excellent for plein-air and from-nature etudes, color sketches, and long-term serious artworks and illustrations.

Take these painting brushes for a spin and enjoy working with digital oil paint in Procreate!

13. Flooded Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

These watercolor brushes are perfect for recreating the look and feel of watercolour art in Procreate.

Designed to be easy to use, these dynamic brushes flood together on your screen the way the paint would on a canvas. The designer has provided different effects, from scattered sponge effects to pigment pooling - these are one of the most versatile Procreate paint brush sets around!

14. Gouache Set – Procreate Brushes

A high resolution watercolour paper has been used to create a texture and ensure these gouache Procreate paint brushes emulate the perfect brush strokes every time.

With a variety of brushes covering all stages of the Gouache style and a short description for each brush, you will easily find the perfect tool to complete your masterpiece!

15. Gouache Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate

These custom-made paint brushes have been created from high quality scans of hand painted gouache shapes, textures and brush strokes to offer an authentic feel.

On top of offering over 200 paint brushes for Procreate and Photoshop, the designer has included a mega sized video demo for you to follow along from initial sketch to final design- a must have for artists of all levels!

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16. Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil

The Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil pack are wonderful procreate paint brushes to use for any artist interested in traditional techniques.

With 20 brushes and 2 canvas textures included, the design possibilities are endless. Why don't you try using a brush as a mixing tool and check out the wonderful results!

17. Oh My Gouache – The Complete Gouache Studio

This pack is for the Gouache lovers of all levels, these brushes have been created with everything you need to bring the gouache texture and design into your Procreate paintings.

With 25 carefully curated brushes, 10 colour palettes, 2 incredible canvases, 5 practise sketches and a tutorial, you be creating your own masterpiece in no time!

18. Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set

With these Procreate paint brushes, made from authentic oil paint textures, creating you own oil masterpiece has never been easier.

The Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set offers 16 custom made brushes, 2 smudge brushes and 17 canvas textures to help make your digital painting as close to a physical oil painting as possible!

19. Procreate Watercolor Brushes + Paper Textures

These Procreate watercolour brushes have been created to offer a realistic style, and allow you to create a design that is as close to traditional watercolour designs as possible.

With 24 painting brushes and 26 stamps, you will have plenty of options to use with the 40 paper textures provided and a helpful time-lapse demo video - there is no limit to how many different and unique designs you will create!

20. Powerful Watercolor Kit

With a recent update, these Procreate paint brushes really pack a punch, and must be seen to be believed.

On top of the 35 watercolour brushes, offering everything from basic to pressure sensitive brushes and additional layers and textures, the designer has also created 3 tutorials to help get you up and running with these brushes even sooner!

21. Gouache Procreate 5 Brushes

With a recent update including 25 new brushes, now is the perfect time to pick up these wonderful Procreate paint brushes and start your gouache journey.

The brushes cover different styles, from Gouache to texture brushes - so all you need is included in this pack. Create stunning and realistic gouache paint art without the need to switch between brush sets!

22. Oil Painter Artist Set for Procreate

The Oil Painter Artist Set offers you the freedom to create wonderful digital oil designs without the mess or smell of physical oil painting.

This procreate paint brush pack was recently updated to offer even more resources including brushes, stamps, blenders and canvas textures. A real must have for anyone interested in bringing the feel and experience of physical media brushes into their digital designs!

23. Watercolor Brushes Kit: Procreate

This pack of 45 easy to use Procreate paint brushes is great for artists of all levels who want to create beautiful digital watercolour designs.

As well as the 45 brushes, covering all styles of watercolour you could need, the designer has provider colour palettes as well as high resolution watercolor paper files that will offer that realistic texture your watercolor paintings.

24. Procreate Watercolor Botanical Kit

This Procreate watercolour paint brush pack is filled with amazing botanical resources for designers to sink their teeth in to.

As well as offering 36 unique brushes, covering everything from pencil to ink and special effect brushes, this is one of the few Procreate brush packs on the market to come with its own photo reference library to help inspire you with your next masterpiece. A rare find and one that you will quickly add to your favorites list!

25. Master Aquarellist Procreate Watercolor Brushes

The Master Aquarellist Procreate Watercolor Brushes offers some of the best Procreate paint brushes on the market, as well as a collection of shapes and textures to create a realistic watercolor design!

Each brush was made with real watercolor shapes and textures to achieve a natural and authentic watercolor look and with a very recent update, now is the perfect time to try these paint brushes out for yourself.

26. Procreate Watercolor Brushes

The Artistic Watercolor brush pack will give a realistic watercolor effect to any of your digital paintings.

This Procreate paint brush set is made to mimic the uniqueness of watercolor. The strokes and textures are digitally crafted with perfection from the real medium, to give that unique result each time you use it.

27. Gouache Brushes For Procreate

An essential toolkit of Procreate paint brushes to cover all your gouache needs.

The designer has provided a brush for every step of your gouache journey, from sketch pencil right through to a dry gouache brush, offering a versatile collection each with their own texture to help make your designs pop!

28. Procreate Digital Gouache Brushes

Welcome to Gouache Boutique, a collection of 20 hand-crafted Procreate paint brushes designed to give your work the look of real gouache paint!

Featuring brushes like “Creamy Smudge”, “The Impressionist”, “Gritty”, and “Color Puller”, the pack boasts 20 digital brushes as well as a specifically designed canvas, and a free color palette - so you will have all the tools you need to create fantastic gouache designs!

29. Procreate Classic Oil Brush Set + Texture

Create richly colored and textured digital oil like paintings using these Procreate paint brushes!

This pack was lovingly designed to offer the amazing colours and textures that come with working on a real canvas, but with the versatility to work remotely that Procreate offers. You will not want to miss out on these Procreate paint brushes and the helpful free texture to elevate any design!

30. Procreate Gouache Brush Set

This pack of Procreate paint brushes include 9 high-resolution brushes, created from natural gouache strokes and textures to offer a true digital brush.

For an even better effect, the set includes a group of layers with a paper texture effect that will make your illustrations even more realistic!

31. Procreate Essential Painting Box

These Procreate paint brushes offer a wide range of brushes for most design styles.

The 10 incredible brushes in this pack provide extra volume and texture to your digital designs to truly make them stand out - you will not want to miss out on picking these up!

32. Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate

This set of 16 Procreate paint brushes will remind you of what it was like to work with oil pastels!

Each brush offers a unique texture and feel to offer you a wide selection of options for your sketches and illustrations. A must have for any Procreate lover's design toolbox!

33. Finger Painting Procreate Brushes

These Procreate paint brushes have been designed specifically for smaller screens where your fingertips are your best tool.

Each brush and swash provided, offer unique textures perfect for any design style - a must have for the designer on the go.

34. Procreate Oil Brushes

The Procreate Oil Brushes should be a part of any digital painter's toolbox. They are both versatile and easy to use allowing you to seamlessly switch brushes to get the desired effect without having to worry about any clean up.

These 10 painting brushes offer a wide range of textures and styles, so that you'll be inspired to use them on every project you work on in the future!

We hope you've enjoyed this article and you've found some great Procreate painting brushes and you're ready to start painting your next masterpiece, but if you'd still like to browse more, we have a few more articles on Procreate brushes you might like.

35. Oil Painting Brush Set

These Procreate Paint Brushes were lovingly created by a traditional oil painter who wanted to improve the brushes on offer for digital design.

As well as offering a range of oil brush styles including wet look and blender brushes, the designer has also included 3 helpful video tutorials to get you up and running with these awesome brushes sooner.

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