We've collated the best of 60s and 70s film fonts for all the designers who are feeling a bit nostalgic of those groovy decades. The 60s and 70s had a huge impact on fashion, music, film and art, as well as typography. 60s and 70s fonts are easily recognisable with bulbous letter shapes, expressivism, flow and freeform, so there is no surprise many are still used to this day, and some are making a huge comeback. If like us you are reminiscent of those decades, and want to get inspired for your next project, then this list of retro fonts is for you.

Tropiline Font Family

The Beardy

The Bayland – Retro Font

The Aviator Font Collection

American Mortar – Vintage Font Family

Olive Village – Vintage Font

Laguna Vintage Collection

Losta Masta – Fun and Playful Retro Serif Family

1. Tropiline Font Family

Tropiline Font Family evolved from Old Style font, which are playful, bold, & elegant, created by Cahya Sofyan and published by Studio Sun, originally created early 2016 and published in 2019.

This 60s fon lend itself perfectly on the cover of a 60s style film as well as on all your tropical vintage inspired label designs.

2. The Beardy

Introducing a new elegant retro serif display typeface called The Beardy. Inspired from serif didone combined with flourish typography and 60s-70s pop culture.

Use this retro 70s font on any vintage blockbuster movie cover or on a retro style design logo, headings, branding, magazine, cover album, book cover, apparel design, quotes, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging and so much more.

3. The Bayland – Retro Font

Introducing, The Bayland – a retro bold script which will bring you back to 60s feel.

This 1960s font will fit perfectly on any vintage film title cover and can also be used on logos, and other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, novels, labels and more.

4. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection is a type collaboration of four different vintage fonts in 100% awesome vintage style!

With this retro style font you can create either an elegant and clean or a distressed letterpress look, but nonetheless a classic vintage style. Also include in the pack are 52 vintage illustrations that can be used to create badges, logos, as well as a movie font for a classic vintage film.

The Beardy

The Beardy

The Bayland – Retro Font

The Bayland – Retro Font

Olive Village – Vintage Font

Olive Village – Vintage Font

Laguna Vintage Collection

Laguna Vintage Collection

5. Ginchiest – The Retro and Groovy Font

Let’s get groovy with this 70s font! The Ginchiest is a strikingly bold and charming handwritten font. Get inspired by its retro feel, and turn any design project into an eye catcher!

The Ginchiest is a bold script font with retro vintage style. This font is perfect for you lettering lovers because we prepared lots of alternates and ligatures that are very eye-catching.

6. American Mortar – Vintage Font Family

Introducing American Mortar – Vintage Font Family! A masculine vintage display font with a modern flair.

This nostalgic 60s font is super fun to work with and is perfectly suited on a movie or book cover, magazine, packaging or any other project that needs to make a statement.

7. Olive Village – Vintage Font

Olive Village is a stylish vintage font inspired by 70’s groovy vibe with a touch of modernity, lending itself perfectly as a movie title font.

This 70s font is made mainly for headlines, titles, and other short texts and is well-suited for advertising, vintage mood boards, branding, logotypes, packaging, titles, editorial design and modern and vintage design.

8. Laguna Vintage Collection

Introducing Laguna Vintage Font Collection. Inspired from American motor inn signs and vintage restaurant signs in 50s-70s.

Laguna Font Collection is best uses for headings, movie titles, Logo type, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, printed quotes, cover album, and more

9. Losta Masta – Fun and Playful Retro Serif Family

Fun and playful, the Losta Masta Font Family is really unique and versatile with 7 different weights, more than 40 ligatures and over 100 alternates.

This is one of our top choices when it comes to 60s and 70s fonts for film covers, but can be used on a many other design forms such as: magazines, postcards, logos, invitation cards, quotes, and any other project that needs a vintage look design.

10. Midnight Tales – Vintage Font

Midnight Tales is vintage, elegant font with tons of alternate glyphs, ligatures and multilingual support. It’s a very versatile vintage style font that works great in large and small sizes.

Midnight Tales is perfect for branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Malibu Fancy Modern Vintage Font

Masterday – Vintage Retro Font

Vintage Round


Kandani – Retro Bold Script

Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Funkydori 70s Typeface Family

Stay Retro – Script Font

11. Malibu Fancy Modern Vintage Font

We’re excited to introduce an fancy, retro and vintage font for your design needs.

This groovy 70s font will work perfectly on any retro film cover as well as on any other design projects such as posters, banners, product packaging, headlines and more

12. Halau Serif Font Family

Introducing a wonderful mid-century modern font family with five widths – Halau Serif.

Classic retro serif with a characteristic cartoon look. We can imagine this 60s font on fun summer designs, dinner signs and menus, and why not as a retro style film font. This fun font was made for playing and with it you'll be guaranteed to get really cool retro-lettering style.

13. Masterday – Vintage Retro Font

Masterday Font is an vintage retro font created with logotype lettering in mind. This 60s style retro font is perfectly suited for designing logotype or lettering style for your brand or your clients.

Out top choice for this 60s font is on the cover of retro style film.

14. Vintage Round

Want to transport your audience to a world of gorgeous, versatile, but still have the retro touch? Looking for a font that makes your projects spark happiness? Then, use Vintage Round retro film font.

With its strong outlines and fat strokes, this is the 70s font you need when you want to create that classic vintage bubble font look.

15. Lovadelic

Introducing a new retro script called Lovadelic Inspired from 70’s script lettering combine with psychedelic balloon typography.

Packed with with plenty of stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, contextual alternates and ligatures, Lovadelic is our groovy choice when it comes to 70s fonts.

Masterday – Vintage Retro Font

Masterday – Vintage Retro Font

Vintage Round

Vintage Round

Funkydori 70s Typeface Family

Funkydori 70s Typeface Family

Stay Retro – Script Font

Stay Retro – Script Font

16. Kandani – Retro Bold Script

Introducing Kandani - a retro bold script which will bring you back to 60s feel.

Use the extrude version of this font to create that classic retro effect with ease. This 60s style font can be perfectly applied to a variety of projects including: logo, magazines, books, invites, fashion, packaging, but our favourite use is as a 60s font on film covers.

17. Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Bright is a stylish font with both a modern and retro look. This 60s and 70s font is clear, modern and fun which makes it perfectly suited for a variety of designs.

Use the 50 unique alternates to give this font the desired look and use it on logos, magazines, stationery or any other project which requires a unique vintage look. We think it would be perfect on the cover of a 60s movie cover.

18. Funkydori 70s Typeface Family

Funkydori is a typographic homage to the 70s groovy decade, updated for 21st century designs.

Funkydori’s bodacious letterforms can be further enhanced with extravagant swash capitals, alternates, and endings. Ornaments and tile-able patterns are also included. We can already imagine this as 70s film font on the cover of a popular movie.

19. Nighty – Vintage Serif Typeface

Nighty is a display typeface that brings back the 70s vibes with a groovy, retro and unique look.

This font fits perfectly into those nostalgic moodboards and vintage logos. It come with 95 unique alternate and ligature to give any project a unique vintage look.

20. Stay Retro – Script Font

Have you been looking for a script font with a touch of retro style? Do you dream of creating headings that stand out and inspire creativity, imagination, and endless fun? Then we’ve got just the font for you!

Stay retro is a groovy 70s font sure to add the right amount of street vibe and playfulness to any design project.

21. Halau – A Fancy Font Family

Introducing Halau - A fancy font family, perfect for spring and summer designes.

If you love the retro, cartoon style of the 60s and 70s advertising and tropical posters, than this is the font for you.

We already envision this as our next film font for the cover of a ret

22. Saturday Night Font Family

Introducing a new retro font family called Saturday Night embracing the 70 and 80s disco music.

Saturday Night comes with 7 fonts with special features such as stylistic alternates, swashes, and ligatures. We'd love to see this used a retro film font on the cover of a good comedy series.

23. Belyard Layered Script Font

Introducing a new layered bold script font called Belyard - inspired by bold script logotype and retro font.

Belyard comes with open type features and multilingual accent making it a perfect choice for any retro design project: logotype, poster, badge, book cover, t-shirt design, packaging and any more.

24. Ranch Vintage Font and Illustrations

Presenting a vintage typeface named “Ranch” with layered textured effect.

Including four font variations easy to recolor and combine, makes the Ranch a truly versatile retro font for any vintage style design project. Our first choice is a as 70s style film font for a western movie cover.

25. Alota – Retro Font

Say hi to “Alota” retro typeface. Inspired by 70’s design styles, a good decade where we saw many calm colors with groovy, bold, 3D and round shape.

This font is very easy to use with hundreds of stylistic alternate & powered with opentype feature, making it a top choice as a 70s font on the cover of a movie.

26. The Bratsy Script

The Bratsy Script is a layered bold script with the outline and extrude, inspired by a Retro aesthetic of the 70s era.

Made in combination with hand lettering, it comes with dramatic movement and it’s great for any next creative project that needs a retro vibe or modern touch. It's a top choice for film covers, retro car ads, diner menus and more.

27. The Sign Paintoh – Bold Script

The Sign Paintoh is a retro bold script which will bring you back to 60s feel. The swashes makes this font perfect for any retro lettering project.

This 60s font would look great applied especially on a movie covers as well as logo, a variety of formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books and more.

28. Mortina Font Duo – Display Typeface

Introducing, Mortina – a vintage sans serif font duo. Inspired by 50s 60s signages, this font was made to bring back the good ol’ days.

When we think of Mortina we imagine it on a variety of 50s and 60s old dinner menus, almanachs, magazines and more, but it will also look great as a 60s movie font.

29. Ramdone – Retro Script

Bringing back those 60s feel with no other than Ramdone - a retro bold script. Just as his fellow companions, Ramdone has an extrude version, helping you create a retro effect in seconds.

We imagine Ramdone on the cover of magazines, dinner menus, summer fairs, car races and anything else that needs a classic vintage look. This 60s style font will be on our top choices for a binge worthy 60s comedy series.

30. Hulberk – Nostalgic Slab Serif

Introducing Hulberk, a slab serif typeface with nostalgic look and feel.

Inspired from 60s and 70s signages, labels, and ads this retro font works great on a variety of projects: logos, headlines, signages, labels, magazines and more.

31. Sunshine Bridge Font Duo

Introducing Sunshine Bridge – a retro modern font duo featuring a retro brush script with an artistic modern bold sans serif.

This duo will give your designs a modern and vintage mood. Use them separate or combined on a variety of design projects: drinks logos, modern magazines, headlines and more.

32. Billanta – Vintage Bold Script

Billanta is a retro bold script which will bring you back to 60s feel.

This 60s style font will lend itself perfectly on any retro design project: invitations, magazines, packaging, fashions, stationery and more.

33. The Cardila – Retro Script

It wouldn't be a 60s and 70s style film fonts article without Cardilla - a retro bold 60s style font.

When we look at Cardila we immediately reminisce of 60s dinners, fun fairs, magazines, as well as TV shows and 60s films.

34. Eligated – Serif Display Font

Inspired by the 60s and 70s signages and ads, Eligated is a vintage display typeface that is sure to bring all your design projects a nostalgic look and feel.

Use it across a variety of projects including: invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting/wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels and more.

35. Hollywood Vintage Font

You can't think of vintage film fonts and not think of Hollywood Vintage Font.

While this font will be perfectly suited as a film font on any vintage movie cover, you can use it on a multitude of other design projects such as: posters, logos, product packaging, magazines and more.

The font is packed with glyphs, alternates and ligatures so you can add a unique feel to any lettering project.

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