Podcasts are a great way for graphic designers to get inspired and learn something new every day. With so many graphic design podcasts out there, we wanted to save you the time of previewing them all and compiled a list of the 10 best graphic design podcasts to listen to in 2019. These podcasts are entertaining and insightful, and will help spark your creativity while keeping you up to date with the latest graphic design trends.

1. Adventures in Design

Launched in 2013 and with over 300 guests on the show, the podcast hosted by Mark Brickey is a daily talk show for creative people, exploring how designers can make their lives more productive and meaningful. The podcast recently reached its 900th episode and is a perfect mix of entertaining and informative design chats.

2. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

One of the very first design podcasts and running for almost 13 years, Design Matters features interviews with graphic designers, writers, artists and musicians. Amongst the guests on the show have been industry leading names such as Dani Shapiro, Christoph Niemann, Albert Watson, Christina Tosi, and more.

3. Design Recharge

Launched in 2014 and hosted by the lovely Diane Gibbs, the Design Recharge show is a weekly design show dedicated to recharging your creative batteries through interviews with industry leaders, emerging designers, illustrators, typographers, and other creatives.

It is a community where designers interact weekly about topics relevant to design and design business, without them ever having to leave their offices or take hours out of their work day.

4. The Honest Designers Show

Started as a chat between friends, The Honest Designers Show is a transparent look into the life of the modern designer. Design Cuts CEO Tom Ross and experienced designers Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz, and Dustin Lee give you an honest, under the hood look at what it takes to make it as a successful designer.

The Honest Designers show covers a wide range of subjects from developing your style and dealing with burnout to branding your business, networking, and using social media to increase your following. With more than 100 episodes, the show has answered many listeners’ questions and featured a variety of guests, of which are industry leading names such as Aaron Draplin, Lauren Hom, Aaron Blaise, and Blair Enns.

5. He Shoots, He Draws

Hosted by Dave Clayton and Glyn Dewis, He Shoots, He Draws, is a podcast about creativity, photography, graphic design, business, and life.

After almost 8 years of friendship, working on projects, and teaching together, Glyn and Dave decided to combine their knowledge and experience to create this podcast in 2018.

6. The Reflex Blue Show

The podcast with Donovan Beery, and hosted on 36Point.com, is one that combines graphic design and the host’s love of pop culture. The Reflex Blue Show gives you a look into the topics of graphic design from two people working in the industry.

Now on its 11th season and with more than 100 episodes, the show has featured a huge selection of guests over the years including Val Head, Jessica Hische and Stefan Sagmeister.

7. The Deep End Design

Aimed at both freelancers and in-house designers alike, the show hosted by Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison and Nick Longo covers practical advice you can use in your work.

Each episode of The Deep End Design show tackles a different topic, from finding better clients and designer fails, to advertising your work. The hosts offer tips and tricks in their “Do Yourself a Favour” segments, and answer listeners’ questions.

8. 99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, the 99% Invisible podcast is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about, like the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

With more than 300 episodes, the show has featured topics such as flag design, branding, inflatable men in parking lots, and more.

9. The Design of Business, the Business of Design

The show hosted by Design Observer’s Jessica Helfand and Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, is an insight into the complex topic of design in a corporate environment. Guests include clients from many industries and designers in a range of fields, who talk about how design works within complex organisations to shape decisions, ideas, products, and more.

10. North V South

In England there is an everlasting North vs. South battle, though where exactly you draw the line is up for debate. The two regions come together in this podcast, as two English graphic designers – one from the North and one from the South – join forces to talk about design, illustration, technology, books, and pies.

11. Design Domination

Design Domination is a graphic design business podcast that helps freelance graphic designers adjust their mindset, become more business savvy and sharpen their creative skills, so they get more respect and command higher rates. If you’re a logo designer, print designer or web designer looking to make a successful living freelancing, you will benefit from Colleen’s real-world expertise in branding, publication design and layout, website design and design business!

12. Biz Buds

Biz Buds is value-packed weekly discussion from successful creative entrepreneurs Mike Janda and Tom Ross. They share their journeys from struggling freelancers to both running multi 7-figure businesses, and the lessons picked up along the way.

We hope you’ve found this information useful and that you’ll enjoy listening to these podcasts. If you have a favorite graphic design podcast that wasn’t included in this list, please let us know in the comments below.