Each design project requires a specific fonts, so to save you time on your next magazine cover or standout headline, we have selected 25 of the very best magazine fonts from our marketplace.

We have added a variety of versatile font families including: elegant serifs, classic sans, and confident serifs – varying from thin to black to cover you for a multitude projects from fashion and beauty magazines, to tech and automobiles.

1. Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Font Family

Meet Beautiful Minds, an exclusive new font family from My Creative Land and Design Cuts. Beautiful Minds is a child of Elegance and Casualty, Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture.

Elegant serif and casual brush script complement each other in the best possible way; they go hand in hand to add an unforgettable style to your designs.

This versatile font family will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, wedding boutiques, as a magazine font and as well as for any business that wants to achieve an elegant, chic look.

To look as realistic as possible, Beautiful Minds Script has lots of stylistic and contextual alternates as well as initial and end letters and swashes included.

Beautiful Minds Magazine FontMagazine Font
Beautiful Minds Magazine Font

Beautiful Minds – A Versatile Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Serif Font: Available in regular, bold and italic versions
  • Pen Script Font: Available in upright and slant versions
  • Brush Script Font: Available in upright and slant versions
  • Stencil Font
  • Extras: You also receive over 50 extras including flowers, presents, coffee beans, arrows and much more!

2. Buffalo

Buffalo, was created to extend the font family from Ellen Luff—which includes the incredibly successful Bison. Buffalo’s design adds even more versatility with a similar impactful style.

Buffalo packs all of the punches of Bison while maintaining its individuality. Its reduced height makes it perfect for all headline applications. Buffalo is the ultimate bold font—keeping all of Bison’s beautiful curves and shapes. Ellen Luff was inspired by bold, cinematic design; Buffalo is her interpretation on bold design that maintains beauty.

To further increase its versatility, Buffalo comes in a variety of styles including soft, outline, inline and shadow. This variety makes Buffalo a strong headline and magazine font – perfect for punchy branding, powerful headlines, dramatic titles, or any bold statement.

Buffalo Magazine Font
Buffalo Magazine Font


Included in this set:

  • 28 .TTF files

3. Montreux Sans Pro

Montreux Sans Pro™ is an ultra-versatile modern grotesk superfamily of 132 fonts. It takes its inspiration from Swiss design but stands apart as beautifully distinct. Its unique personality is shown in the small contemporary details, modern and dynamic letterforms and more geometric approach to overall proportions.

Montreux family was designed for all contemporary branding needs.  The whole family consist of 3 main subfamilies:

Grotesk – dynamic style created for modern branding purposes, for industries rooted in technology, new media, architecture, magazine publishing & fashion.

Classic – more neutral, paying homage to the famous and beloved Swiss design typefaces, such as Haas Grotesk or Helvetica; Montreux Classic is successful in most commercial areas such as finance, banking, health, IT or legal environments.

Jazz – the most playful and rounded style, shines when used in lifestyle design – such as food/drink, cosmetics, tourism, and fashion; Given its friendly nature, it can also be used for advertising products for the youth.

All these 3 subfamilies have their soft versions with rounded corners, giving the fonts more gentle and organic feel. Montreux contains also the Outline fonts of each style, giving a total of 12 Outline styles (6 upright and 6 italic).

Montreux Sans Pro Magazine Font
Montreux Sans Pro Magazine Font

Montreux Sans Pro

Included in this set:

  • 132 styles
  • 11 weights (from Hairline to Black, including Outline) with corresponding oblique styles
  • Web fonts

4. Classico – Modern Serif Font

A stylish font that is both classic and minimal.

Classico is a unique mix between a serif and sans serif. A light, high contrast font that is perfect for feminine logo marks, fashion mastheads & editorial design making it a perfect magazine font.

Classico has a regular and bold version plus multilingual support.

Classico Magazine Font
Classico Magazine Font

Classico – Modern Serif Font

Included in this set:

  • Letters, numbers, punctuation.
  • Bold and regular versions

5. Larken – A Beautiful And Confident Serif

Larken is a confident serif. Designed to reflect nature, it creates a sense of natural softness and expressiveness. We pushed the concept into a usability focused direction, to work as a bold tool and beautiful communicator.

True italics advance the aesthetics, bringing energy and making it suitable for modern design.  At large point sizes you can appreciate the letter shapes, whilst the same restraint and focus creates an even texture for small point sizes and long reading. The font broadens its use by supplying weights all the way from thin to black. The natural curves, swells and sloping trunks, grow in character as the font gains weight. Whilst the thinner weights have lowered contrast and optical corrections to create a warm and gentle appearance.

The Larken character set incorporates additional symbols, stylistic alternates, unique ligatures and case sensitive punctuation – producing a stable workhorse family ready to tackle projects of any size.

Larken Magazine Font
Larken Magazine Font

Larken – A Beautiful And Confident Serif

Included in this set:

  • Larken Thin
  • Larken Thin Italic
  • Larken Light
  • Larken Light Italic
  • Larken Regular
  • Larken Italic
  • Larken Medium
  • Larken Medium Italic
  • Larken Bold
  • Larken Bold Italic
  • Larken Extra Bold
  • Larken Extra Bold Italic
  • Larken Black
  • Larken Black Italic
  • Larken Variable Italic
  • Larken Variable Roman

6. Sage – Serif Typeface

Sage is a modern serif typeface with lots of style.

A high contrast version of a famous Didot look that has been synonymous with fashion for decades. This font has over 100 glyphs with multilingual letters included. This font is both modern and nostalgic and works great for logos, mastheads and pull quotes. It pairs beautifully with a minimal sans serif or light script font.

Sage magazine font will look amazing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine covers.

Larken Magazine Font
Larken Magazine Font

Sage – Serif Typeface

Included in this set:

  • .OTF and web font versions
  • Full upper and lower case
  • Numbers, punctuation, multilingual accents

7. Tommy

Tommy is a new classic casual sans serif font family. The Tommy font family includes: 7 normal and 7 outline style.

Tommy will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, postcard, book, websites, etc.

Tommy Magazine Font
Tommy Magazine Font


Included in this set:

  • Made Tommy .OTF, in 14 different styles.
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation.

8. Texta Font Family

Texta is a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful sans font, that was developed with the humanists’ models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger and Gothic Alphabet signage mind.

We incorporated an Alt version that replaces lower cases like a-g-y with geometric constructions to get more versatility in neutral compositions.

Texta Font Family Magazine Font
Texta Font Family Magazine Font

Texta Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Texta Font Family

9. Canvas

Canvas is a family of high-contrast serif fonts. Canvas is a modern style “Didoni”. The typefamily includes 3 weights – light, regular and black. The hairlines in all of the fonts are very thin.

Canvas will perfect for many projects: fashion, magazines, logos, branding, photography, wedding invitations, quotes, blog headers, posters, advertisements, etc.

Canvas Magazine Font
Canvas Magazine Font


Included in this set:

  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation

10. Lütschine Font Mega Family

Lütschine™ is an ultra-versatile, highly customisable sans serif family for headlines, branding and logo design. It consists of 126 carefully drawn and spaced styles as well as 2 variable fonts.

The family contains a lowercase alphabet that hugely broadens its versatility. Thanks to the lowercases and multiple widths it can be used not only as a powerful headline font, but it works very well in paragraph text, especially where space saving is needed.  These feature s make Lütschine the magazine font of choice for any designer that needs to make a magazine cover or a headline stand out.

Lütschine Magazine Font
Lütschine Magazine Font

Lütschine Font Mega Family

Included in this set:

  • 126 OpenType fonts (.OTF, .WOFF, .WOFF2 files) + 2 variable fonts (.TTF files)
  • Uppercase & lowercase characters
  • Beautiful & balanced, modern letter forms
  • Careful, precise spacing & kerning
  • 126 styles (63 upright & 63 italics)
  • 2 variable fonts (3 axes: weight, width, x-height) – infinite scaling
  • 3 widths (narrow, condensed, normal)
  • 3 x-height variants
  • 7 weights + corresponding italics
  • Hand drawn and adjusted italics for beautiful lines
  • Uppercase ligatures for logo design
  • Glyph count per font: 799
  • OpenType features: stylistic alternates, ligatures, case sensitive forms, titling forms, fractions, superscript, subscript, contextual alternates, ordinals, currencies and symbols

11. Sundays – Modern Serif Font

Sundays is a modern serif font that mixes the modern and classic. Inspired by fonts like Baskerville, I have thinned out the classic serif font adding subtle curves and minimal serifs. Great for mastheads, magazine covers, logos and headers.

Sundays Magazine Font
Sundays Magazine Font

Sundays – Modern Serif Font

Included in this set:

  • Sundays Modern Serif Font

12. Aventa Geometric Variable Typeface

Aventa is an exciting geometric typeface with contemporary touches. It’s born from strong elementary shapes, with clean circles interwoven with modern cuts and sharp edges.

It has distinctive voice, retaining the simplicity and elegance of classic geometric typefaces with a fresh, stylish rework.

Its bold in personality and fills the space without shouting, appearing refined and confident.

It has been designed as a variable font to give lots of options and access to unique type looks; however it also includes nine weights to give just as much access to creativity to those without access to variable supporting software.

Aventa Geometric Magazine Font
Aventa Geometric Magazine Font

Aventa Geometric Variable Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Each font contains just under 400 glyphs with full Western, Central and Eastern European language support.
  • 20 Fonts – including 2 Variable fonts to allow increased flexibility while designing.

13. Muse – Chic Display Serif

Muse – a chic & elegant display modern serif with beautiful contrast.

Specially designed for fashion-themed projects, perfectly suitable for creating elegant, chic, lifestyle design such as logos, title, and magazine, and more. The font features standard ligatures.

Muse Magazine Font
Muse Magazine Font

Muse – Chic Display Serif

Included in this set:

  • HV Muse Font
  • 6 free logo templates (.JPG, .AI)
  • Ligatures
  • All Europeans languages

14. Colgent – Elegant Serif Typeface

Colgent is a modern serif font with a unique style, a light and high contrast font perfect for feminine logo signs, fashion heads & editorial designs as a magazine cover font.

Colgent is perfect for branding projects, Logo design, Clothing Branding, packaging, magazine headings, advertising, T-shirts, postcards and much more.

Colgent Magazine Font
Colgent Magazine Font

Colgent – Elegant Serif Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Colgent Regular .OTF, .TTF, .WOFF
  • Colgent Italic .OTF, .TTF, .WOFF

15. Marigold

Introducing Marigold, the versatile font duo blending serif & sans serif.

Marigold is a unique font mixing classic serif and minimal sans serif for that perfect mix. It is paired with Marigold Sans, a minimal tagline and body copy font. I have added 6 bonus editable logos created around this font duo.

While it has many applications, we think Marigold takes a place of pride on headlines and magazine covers as a light but strong magazine letter font.

Marigold Magazine Font
Marigold Magazine Font


Included in this set:

  • Two .OTF fonts with numbers and punctuation
  • 6 bonus logos in EPS and AI format

16. Leyton Typeface

The Leyton typeface is a unique twist on tradition, a modern serif font with an elegant charm.

As a modern take on a serif typeface, it creates a striking but subtle, highly unique look. It’s a beautiful typeface that’s perfect for sleek and elegant titles, headlines and even custom logotype designs. Leyton typeface was also designed to be used in branding, editorial or packaging, giving a classy touch. As well as being a stylish text overlay onto any image, or a beautiful addition to a wedding invitation!

Leyton Magazine Font
Leyton Magazine Font

Leyton Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Leyton – A serif font containing upper and lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation.
  • Leyton Bold – This is a second version of Leyton, with a completely new set of both upper and lowercase letters. This bold version gives more impact, and helps it stand out on busier backgrounds and designs requiring a stronger text presence.

17. Trend Font Family

Trend is a font made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab font. We’ve included all weights and variations, giving you the complete font family.

It is the result of observation, research and study of the latest global trends. Trend tries to capture the aesthetics of fashion or even fashion itself, integrating elements of a very popular and current trend.

It is a typeface designed to be used without the need to add anything external to it, because it has all components required.

Trend Magazine Font
Trend Magazine Font

Trend Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Trend Font Family

18. Aestetico: A Modern Take On A Classic Sans Serif

This beautiful font explores 3 very individual styles of one typeface. Each style pays homage to classic sans serif typefaces whilst adding contemporary flair to its characteristics. With both formal and informal styles, Aestetico explores how the shapes and curves of letters changes their perception and focus. The informal letters, are rounder and more quirky whilst the formal style utilises more traditional sans serif letterforms. The whole set (54 styles) consists of 3 sister families. Each in 9 weights with matching italics.

The 3 variants ensure every design project is covered by Aestetico; its versatile nature is perfect for a huge variety of applications from editorial design to branding, advertising, publications and digital.

Aestetico Magazine Font
Aestetico Magazine Font

Aestetico: A Modern Take On A Classic Sans Serif

Included in this set:

  • 54 styles consisting of 3 sister families
  • Each family is in 9 weights with matching italics
  • Character set with 395 glyphs

19. Point Panther

Point Panther is a headline font with super bold style that contains up to 6 alternates each character!

You can make a unique branding with this font. This powerful bold font also includes oblique and outline style and suitable to use for posters, branding, merchandise, magazine covers and any street art style!

Point Panther Magazine Font
Point Panther Magazine Font

Point Panther

Included in this set:

  • Point Panther Regular (Regular, Oblique)
  • Point Panther Bold (Bold, Bold Oblique)
  • Point Panther Outline Regular (Regular, Oblique)
  • Point Panther Outline Bold (Bold, Bold Oblique)

20. The New Elegance Family – Serif And Sans

The New Elegance is a new editorial serif with all clean and soft lines, tight curves, and a trendy elegant look!

The New Elegance has two versions of the font, namely Serif & Sans Serif which are equipped with an italic version style, very suitable for your design needs such as very suitable for creating nostalgic designs but still clean and elegant such as headlines, magazines, logos, packaging, editorial, and so on. much more.

The New Elegance Magazine Font
The New Elegance Magazine Font

The New Elegance Family – Serif And Sans

Included in this set:

  • The New Elegance Regular
  • The New Elegance Italic
  • The New Elegance Condensed
  • The New Elegance Condensed Italic
  • The New Elegance Sans Serif Regular
  • The New Elegance Sans Serif Italic
  • The New Elegance Sans Serif Light
  • The New Elegance Sans Serif Light Italic

21. Paneuropa 1931 – Original Pack

Paneuropa 1931™ is a faithful recreation of XX-century Polish classic, made by Idzikowski foundry in Warsaw, 1931.

Original Paneuropa was a renowned and highly popular typeface in XX-century Poland, and was widely used in all kinds of design, editorial use and printed materials for decades.

Paneuropa is a geometric, clean and versatile font family inspired by Paul Renner’s famous Futura – it is a bit narrower, with different proportions and details in drawing, completely different figures and punctuation shapes than Futura. It is an interesting and refreshing alternative to Futura with its own distinct personality and a subtle authentic vintage flavour.

Paneuropa 1931 contains separate styles for display and large sizes as well as styles for small text sizes – differing in spacing and the softness of letterforms. The family features an original Paneuropa Double font – a beautiful inline style for headlines, as a magazine font and for display use.

Paneuropa 1931 Magazine Font
Paneuropa 1931 Magazine Font

Paneuropa 1931 – Original Pack

Included in this set:

  • Classic typeface recreated most truly to its original
  • 6 styles (6 .otf fonts)
  • Versatile set – 3 display, 1 inline + 2 text fonts
  • Pure retro-modernist vibe

22. Chopard Font Family

Chopard is an elegant and modern sans-serif font family. It includes upright and Italic style, each of them has six weights from light to bold. This is a multi-purpose font that is perfect for any project, it is contrasted, modern and easy to read. With it, you can create logos, use in advertising, packaging, book covers and magazines, headings, descriptions and much more.

It also includes stylistic alternates for uppercase and lowercase, which  you can use to add dynamics to the font and make your project more individual and stylized.

Chopard Magazine Font
Chopard Magazine Font

Chopard Font Family

Included in this set:

  • 12 fonts
  • Full alphabet with Uppercase and Lowercase A-z
  • Numbers, fractions
  • Punctuation and symbols
  • Alternates for uppercase
  • Alternates for lowercase also ampersand
  • Multilingual support

23. Noyh Typeface

Noyh is a modern geometric font family that is based on research of similar typefaces from the 1990s and 2000s. This font’s main purpose is to perform equally well in as many projects as possible. It offers a geometric structure with smooth corners that is quite pleasing to the eye and has high contrast and great legibility which make it quite clean and friendly. As a result, Noyh works excellently both in print and on a screen, so it could be used freely for e-books and is perfect for headlines, banners, posters, websites, magazines, etc.

The greatest advantage the typeface has is the stunning number of fonts it includes. There are roughly 72 fonts each containing over 350 glyphs. The family has 4 formats – Normal, Rounded, Slim and Slim Rounded. Each format is supplied in 9 weights – from Hairline to Black with their respective Italics. The individual fonts work very harmoniously with each other which gives the user a hugevariety of options.

Noyh Magazine Font
Noyh Magazine Font

Noyh Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Noyh Typeface

24. Headlines – Core Edition

Headlines font family was designed for optimized headline settings making it perfect as a magazine font for a variety of projects.

The condensed letters are designed for clear and straight headlines and also allow longer words and headlines to find the space they need for a well-composed headline.

Headlines Magazine Font
Headlines Magazine Font

Headlines – Core Edition

Included in this set:

  • 265 Characters
  • 8 Styles, including Italics
  • Western European Language Support
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Punctuation

25. Laro Font Family

Laro is a modern sans-serif font that includes nine weights from thin to black and nine weights in Italic style. This multi-purpose font captures a huge range for the design and creation of your project. Laro will perfectly work on a variety of tasks and it will always look stylish and modern.

You can use it to create logos, labels, use in advertising, packaging, branding, book covers and magazines, cosmetics, banners, posters, headings, descriptions and much more. This font is easy to use has OpenType features.

Magazine Font
Magazine Font

Laro Font Family

Included in this set:

  • 18 fonts
  • Full alphabet with Uppercase and Lowercase A-z
  • Numbers, fractions
  • Punctuation and symbols
  • Alternates for Uppercase “C, M, N, U”
  • Alternates for Lowercase “a, f, g, y”
  • Multilingual support

Best Magazine Fonts For Standout Titles

We hope you’ve enjoyed this articled and you’ve discovered a new magazine font you are going to use on your next magazine cover design. If you are looking for more fonts selection for a variety of design project, please check our more related articles section below.

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