Summer might be over for now (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) but we want to keep that carefree feeling going for as long as we can, and there is nothing like a stunning summer font to bring back those holiday vibes back.

We have included in our summer collection a variety of stunning summer fonts: varying from groovy vintage, quirky sans to elegant scripts, to suit any project you are working on and keep that summer feeling alive forever.

In this article you will find the best summer fonts:

1. Tropiline Font Family
2. The Beardy
3. Havana Sunset Font Duo
4. Sun Kissed Brush Font
5. Coral Blush Font Duo
6. Groovy – Retro Font
7. Romantically Font
8. Cool Britannia – Typeface
9. Sundays – Modern Serif Font
10. Hot Rush Font Duo

1. Tropiline Font Family

Tropiline Font Family evolved from the Old Style font, which is playful, bold, & elegant. The font was created by Cahya Sofyan and published by Studio Sun, originally created early 2016 and published in 2019.

The letterform of the Tropiline are inspired by eighteenth-century typeface, Caslon, Bookman, Grotesque, Kuenstler Script. with a more dynamic structure, a wide and square size of the lower case, a little contrast in width, and almost being a slab serif.

This vintage summer font is sure to bring back not only the summer holiday vibes, but the look and feel of those vintage designs that belong to a much beloved decade.

Tropiline Summer Font
Tropiline Summer Font

Tropiline Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Tropiline serif and italic (6 weights)
  • Tropiline sans and italic (6 weights and variable font)
  • Tropiline script (5 weights)

2. The Beardy

Introducing a new elegant retro serif display typeface called The Beardy. Inspired from serif didone combined with flourish typography and 60s-70s pop culture.

The Beardy typeface can be used for logo, headings, branding, magazine, cover album, book cover, movie, apparel design, quotes, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging etc.

This summer loving font will brighten all your designs, and bring back the sunshine on any grey day.

The Beardy Summer Font
The Beardy Summer Font

The Beardy

Included in this set:

  • 1 .OTF File (The Beardy Display Pro)
  • 1 .TTF File (The Beardy Display Pro)

3. Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG

Let your hair down and enjoy the ride with Havana Sunset – a retro summer font reminiscing of that Miami in the 80s look.

Analogue meets digital in this font duo, pairing a care-free & textured script font with a trendy all-caps sans-serif – creating the perfect typography contrast for fun, free & stylish design projects.

This font duo is packed full of extra features; the script font includes a full alternate set of characters, as well as an additional SVG version, containing extra high-resolution textures. The sans font includes both a filled and an outlined version, giving you a variety of layout options. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with!

Havana Sunset Summer Font
Havana Sunset Summer Font

Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG

Included in this set

  • Havana Sunset Script Font
  • Havana Sunset SVG Font
  • Havana Sunset Sans Filled Font
  • Havana Sunset Sans Outlined Font
  • Photoshop File
  • Havana Script Alternates
  • Swashes

4. Sun Kissed Brush Font (Plus Bonus Brushography Pack)

Sun Kissed has taken months of hard work to research, refine and test. We wanted to bring you a workhorse font, that gives you continuous value across countless projects. It has the artistic flair that our community love, as well as the pixel perfect precision that you’d expect from a world class font.

Sun Kissed is a fun summer font and it is perfect for branding work, social media imagery, postcards, logos, print design and more!

Sun Kissed Summer Font
Sun Kissed Summer Font

Sun Kissed Brush Font (Plus Bonus Brushography Pack)

Included in this set:

  • Sun Kissed Brush Font
  • Bonus Brushography Pack

5. Coral Blush Font Duo + Extras

Explore a stunning typography pairing with Coral Blush; a carefully crafted and perfectly balanced set of elegant serif and realistic script typefaces.

Also included are 9 subtle paper textures, allowing you to jump right in and create stunning summer inspired designs within minutes.

Coral brush summer font will look great on those photos you took scuba diving in the warm sea during the never ending summer days.

Coral Blush Summer Font
Coral Blush Summer Font

Coral Blush Font Duo + Extras

Included in this set:

  • Coral Blush Serif
  • Coral Blush Script
  • Coral Blush Script Alt
  • 9 Paper Textures
  • 88 Script Ligatures

6. Groovy – Retro Font

Give your typography design with a touch of retro style with Groovy – a font that was inspired from the famous retro typography designs in late 60’s until 70’s.

It comes with an extra Extruded Font version, so you won’t need extra effort for create an extrude effect for this font, saving you time so you can work on your projects.

Groovy is a vintage and fun summer font that is sure to get you in a good mood.

Groovy Summer Font
Groovy Summer Font

Groovy – Retro Font

Included in this set:

  • Groovy Script in .OTF/.TTF/.WOFF Format
  • Groovy Script Extrude in .OTF/.TTF/.WOFF Format

7. Romantically Font

Presenting Romantically Font, a classy and naturally beautiful typeface! Romantically is perfect for branding, photography, invitations, quotes, watermarks, advertisements, product designs, labels, and much more!

Summers are all about living carefree and falling in love, and with this beautiful summer font you are sure to bring that romantic mood back every time you use it in your designs.

Romantically Summer Font
Romantically Summer Font

Romantically Font

Included in this set:

  • Romantically
  • Romantically Italic

8. Cool Britannia – Typeface

Produced to give that hand-made look, which adds more personality to your work. In the download you get 2 fonts. A solid script face and a sans which look great in either all caps or lowercase. Combining all these styles can generate many different typographic layouts for packing, book covers or just quotes to post to your social media.

This quirky nautical and summer font will brighten any design you are working on.

Cool Britannia Summer Font
Cool Britannia Summer Font

Cool Britannia – Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Cool Britannia Sans Serif
  • Cool Britannia Script

9. Sundays – Modern Serif Font

Sundays is a modern serif font that mixes the modern and classic. Inspired by fonts like Baskerville, I have thinned out the classic serif font adding subtle curves and minimal serifs. Great for mastheads, magazines, logos and headers.

Sundays and summer – these are two words that are sure to put you in a good, and this is why we wanted to combine them and make Sundays the summer font of choice for all our summer memorabilia.

Sundays Summer Font
Sundays Summer Font

Sundays – Modern Serif Font

Included in this set:

  • Sundays Modern Serif Font

10. Hot Rush Font Duo

Prepare yourself for a wild retro ride with Hot Rush – 80s nostalgia is about hit you harder than a DeLorean at 88 miles per hour.

This Sans & Script font duo were simply meant to be together; the unmistakable clean & condensed sans is complimented perfectly by the long, fast, textured strokes of the script. It’s the ideal font pairing for retro-inspired high impact display text, merchandise design, logos, packaging & more.

Hot Rush is an endless summer font that is sure to transport you to a tropical island of choice in seconds.

Hot Rush Summer Font

Hot Rush Summer Font

Hot Rush Font Duo

Included in this set:

  • Hot Rush Script
  • Hot Rush Sans
  • Hot Rush Sans Striped
  • Italic Versions
  • End Forms
  • 4 Swashes

11. Silver South Font Duo

Introducing the Silver South Font Duo, a classy, contemporary pair of script and serif fonts.

With a stylish Didot-style serif font and a free-flowing, expressive script companion, Silver South offers beautiful typographic harmony for a diversity of design projects, including logos & branding, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements & product designs.

Young, fresh, carefree – are words to describe this beautiful summer font and all the vibes it brings.

Silver South Summer Font
Silver South Summer Font

Silver South Font Duo

  • Included in this set:
  • Silver South Script
  • Silver South Script Alt
  • Silver South Serif
  • Silver South Ligatures
  • Silver South Script also contains 2 swashes assigned to the { and } keys.

12. Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Bright is a stylish summer font  that has both a modern and retro look – clear, modern and fun. Helps to create layout design in 60s or 70s design projects.

This font have more than 50 unique alternate and ligature that to give your logo, business card and another project to a unique vintage look. It has Italic version too so what a perfect vintage font!

Bright Summer Font
Bright Summer Font

Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Included in this set:

  • Bright TTF, OTF, SVG and WOFF
  • Bright Italic TTF, OTF, SVG and WOFF
  • Unique letterforms
  • Works on PC & Mac
  • Simple Installations
  • Accessible in the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word
  • PUA Encoded Characters
  • Fully accessible without additional design software.

13. Summer Of 76 – Multi-Line Font

Introducing Summer of ’76, a sophisticated multi-line font inspired by the nostalgic 70’s aesthetic. Perfect for big headers, it also can be used for medium and small text blocks. This font could be the perfect solution if you want to give a lovely retro touch to your designs. This font goes in two font styles, multiline and solid, and contains numbers and glyphs.

Summer Of 76 Summer Font
Summer Of 76 Summer Font

Summer Of 76 – Multi-Line Font

Included in this set:

  • Summer of ’76 font

14. Aloha From Deer – Summer Font Family

Let say “aloha” to the upcoming summer… It’s a friendly and welcoming typeface arriving in three different weights. Created to be positive and easy going.

This adobe summer font has been sketched by hand and post processed in Adobe Illustrator. So, there are no rough lines or edges. Simply size this font as you want – it will stay smooth and precise as you see now.

Aloha From Deer Summer Font
Aloha From Deer Summer Font

Aloha From Deer – Summer Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Aloha Regular
  • Aloha Bold
  • Aloha Shadow

15. Tropical Summer Fonts

Tropical Summer is the perfect combination of five fonts for all your design project needs. Get inspired by its classy appearance! Use it to turn any design project into a true standout!

Tropical Summer Font

Tropical Summer Fonts

Included in this set:

  • Tropical Summer Brush
  • Tropical Summer Script
  • Tropical Summer Script Italic
  • Tropical Summer Sans Serif Regular
  • Tropical Summer Sans Serif Bold

16. Palm Beach Font Duo

Presenting Palm Beach Font Duo, a fantastic sans-serif and script font duo perfect for a wide range of design applications including vintage posters, t-shirts and magazines!

There is nothing like this fun summer font to remind you of those carefree days spent soaking up the sun and feeling the warm breeze on your face.

Palm Beach Summer Font
Palm Beach Summer Font

Palm Beach Font Duo

Included in this set:

  • Palm Beach sans-serif (clean and rough)
  • Palm Beach script (clean and rough)

17. Bayside Font

This condensed sans-serif font made by Indieground Team inspired by the summer retro atmospheres of the 80s and 90s. It can be used in elegant contexts reminiscent of Miami Deco Art of the 80s but, at the same time, it looks amazing with the neon color gradients of the 90s. You can also use it for your modern artworks to optimize space and is perfect for your heavy titles. It highlights at best and gives boldness to the typography of your artworks . This regular commercial version includes the 3 different condensed font-weights with their full characters set shown in the preview.

Summer Font
Summer Font

Bayside Font

Included in this set:

  • BaysideRegular.otf
  • BaysideRegular.ttf
  • BaysideCondensed.otf
  • BaysideCondensed.ttf
  • BaysideUltraCondensed.otf
  • BaysideUltraCondensed.ttf

18. Last Paradise

Last Paradise comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals and supports international languages. Also try the characters { } [ ] for some bonus swashes to make your text stand out!

Last Paradise is perfect for attention-grabbing header texts, logos, clothing designs, or anything which needs a bold & loud text with a personal touch. It also works great as fun summer font to overlay to your holiday Instagram photos.

Last Paradise Summer Font
Last Paradise Summer Font

Last Paradise

Included in this set:

  • Last Paradise Script

19. Halau Serif Font Family

Introducing a wonderful mid-century modern font family with five widths – Halau Serif.

This classic mid-century serif with a fun cartoon look will make a great summer font for all your summer projects. More fun, more sun, and more retro-modern! Play with it and get a really cool retro-lettering style.

Halau Summer Font
Halau Summer Font

Halau Serif Font Family

Included in this set:

  • Halau Serif – five widths: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium and Bold

20. Portabella Font Collection

Say hello to The Portabella Collection! This elegant font duo boats a hand-painted script, delicately-drawn serif, and a bonus SVG style.

Elegance, love and summer all meet in Portabella making this the summer love font of choice for all our designs.

Portabella Summer Font
Portabella Summer Font

Portabella Font Collection

Included in this set:

  • Portabella Solid
  • Portabella Serif
  • Portabella SVG
  • A Layered .PSD containing all the transparent letters!
  • Portabella Floral Elements – 28 hand drawn floral elements (.AI & .EPS)
  • Portabella Watercolor Backgrounds – 6 hand painted watercolor backgrounds (.JPG)
  • Portabella Transparent .PNG Textures – 9 hand painted, transparent textures
  • A Handy SVG Start Guide

21. Summer Mood – Handwritten Font

Summer Mood – perfect for stellar quotes, handwritten notes, sweet greeting cards, and of course stand-out branding.

Summer Mood Summer Font
Summer Mood Summer Font

Summer Mood – Handwritten Font

Included in this set:

  • Summer Mood .OTF
  • Summer Mood .WOFF

22. Salty Soul Handwritten Font Sea Ocean Summer Illustrations

Salty Soul is a handwritten summer font made with a brush. The font is suitable for a variety of designs including logo design, packaging, social media and more.

Salty Soul includes stylistic alternates and ligatures and more than 45 illustrations to help you with branding and creating your summer projects.

Salty Soul Summer Font
Salty Soul Summer Font

Salty Soul Handwritten Font Sea Ocean Summer Illustrations

Included in this set:

  • SaltySoul.otf
  • SaltySoul.ttf
  • SaltySoul.woff
  • 45 summer and sea illustrations in eps10 and png with transparent backgrounds

23. San De More – Stylish Classy Serif Family

San de More is a variable family Serif font with a summer inspired theme. You can use this endless summer font on a variety of projects: inspiring quotes, social media posts,  product packaging, magazines and much more.

San de More includes 5 weights and loads of ligatures and alternates so it suits any project you might be working on. Feel free to mix and match the fonts and create your own perfect style for all your summer inspired projects.

San De More Summer Font
San De More Summer Font

San De More – Stylish Classy Serif Family

Included in this set:

  • San de More from (Regular-Extra Bold).otf
  • San de More from (Regular-Extra Bold).ttf
  • San de More from (Regular-Extra Bold).woff
  • Instructions

24. Tropical Times

Introducing Tropical Times – a handwritten tropical vibes font Tropical Times is a bold handwritten typeface with tropical and summer vibes. You can use this fun summer font for any purpose, especially for quotes, branding, book cover, or even merchandise. With stylish ligatures that will make your project more natural and handmade.This font also support multilingual.

Tropical Times Summer Font
Tropical Times Summer Font

Tropical Times

Included in this set:

  • OTF
  • TTF

25. The Archies – Summer Type

A summer mood typeface that has a vintage style & holiday vibes. This typeface is perfect for a holiday greeting, summer camp poster, vacation title, beach & tropical design, and so much more.

The Archies Summer Font
The Archies Summer Font

The Archies – Summer Type

Included in this set:

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Number & Punctuation – Ligature
  • Multilingual Support

Stunning Summer Fonts To Add a Holiday Vibe

We hope you have enjoyed our stunning selection of summer fonts and you’ve added a few to your list of favourites that you can’t wait to use immediately. If you’d like to browse more wonderful selections of fonts, please check our more related articles below.

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