The Procreate App is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for digital lettering, and it’s no surprise – it’s easily accessible, runs exceptionally smoothly, and offers a very user-friendly interface. The demand from users has inevitably led to the creation of thousands of high-quality Procreate brushes, accounting for every style and stroke imaginable.

To lend you a hand, we’ve done the search for you and have brought you the best 21 procreate brushes for digital lettering! Give these a spin and see how they’ll help knock your designs out of the park.

1. Grid Builder – Layout Composer

Creating stunning lettering layouts has never been easier! Something that a lot of us struggle with is laying out a great composition within your lettering work.

That’s why we came up with Grid Builder. It includes a set of 35 individual grid shapes that you can place together to act as guides when creating your layouts. They can be resized, stretched and recolored so that every layout you compose will look completely different from the next.

2. The KickOff Lettering Toolbox

The KickOff Lettering Toolbox is finally here! If you are new to writing visual art and want to learn how to do calligraphy and lettering this is the thing for you! Or, if you’ve been doing letters for a while but you want to step up your game and learn some new styles, this Toolbox will totally help you out and will save you some time in between!

3. Procreate Lettering Toolkit

Presenting Procreate Lettering Toolkit – a collection of over 290 brushes for Procreate. They’re all created to emulate the tools that professional lettering artists keep handy. Open up your world to experimentation with a wide variety of brushes and tools!

4. Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Procreate

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust.

This pack has been made using actual chalk textures to give the most realistic looking set of brushes that you’ll find for Procreate. You also get a tips and tricks guide sheet to show you how to do things like shadows and shading and drawing elements like banners and floral elements.

5. Letter Builder

Presenting Letter Builder, an amazing tool allowing you to draw consistent letter-forms with more ease than ever!

With Letter Builder we focused on a common lettering problem, consistency in our letterforms. We designed a number of letter grids that give you the basic form of each letter of the uppercase alphabet so you can spend more time giving the letters their own unique finesse.

6. Calligraffiti Procreate Brushes

I’ve created my own extensive and all-encompassing brush set, which includes a total of 27 Procreate brushes as well as a guide template for creating calligrams.

7. The Brush Calligraphy Procreate Pack

Introducing 15 custom made textured calligraphy brushes for the Procreate app.

This brush pack features unique custom made textures that will allow you to create a wide variety of different calligraphy styles. The settings of each brush have been tweaked to ensure a smooth experience even for complete beginners just starting their iPad lettering journey.

8. Procreate Lettering Brush Pack

Whether you’re an expert, intermediate or even simply a beginner, this fine-tuned brush is going to serve you in the best possible ways! These brushes are not only capable of creating casual artworks, but also capable of creating stunning professional pieces.

9. Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

This pack contains everything you need to start lettering in Procreate! It’s packed with brushes, textures and images as well as a 10 part workbook for practicing and learning lettering!

10. Lettering Brushes for Procreate

This set is designed to create lettering and calligraphy in Procreate. It also includes grids and textures to better decorate your creations.

11. Colorado Procreate Lettering Brushes

Letter with perfection in Procreate using the Colorado Procreate brush set featuring 10 lettering brushes.

This beautiful set of lettering brushes was designed to give you all the tools you need for lettering in Procreate. From calligraphy to mono lettering you’ll find a variety of go-to brushes carefully created by a lettering artist with your projects in mind.

12. Brush DK For Procreate

Brush DK goes beyond just being a simple collection of Brushes. It describes the vision for the future of iPad Lettering. It’s where Procreate Brushes are supposed to be headed.

13. Blackletter Dry Brushes for Procreate

I’m excited to share my Blackletter Dry Brush Procreate brush set with you! These brushes were built in the highest resolution possible from real bristle brushes and paint, so I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with their realistic detail and behavior.

14. Procreate Markers Brushes

The brush market for Procreate is growing and it’s awesome! Inspired by this, I’ve created these exclusive Procreate markers with realistic textures.

They are 15 brushes markers with streamlines versions #SL inside the brush set. In total, 18 brushes and a bonus new spray brush.

15. Procreate Brushes & Worksheets

This kit includes a variety of brushes to get you started plus worksheets to practice basic brush script. Also included is a little bonus Procreate texture document, so you can impress your friends with gold writing or some fine gradient lettering.

16. Procreate Lettering Kit

The Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own lettering pieces and fonts without having issues with vectorizing your work.

Now I’m sharing with you a new brush pack that is designed to take your lettering compositions and alphabets straight to your desktop for vectorizing and font creation. You also get a tips and tricks guide sheet, inspirational alphabets, and color palettes to take your lettering to the next level!

17. Essential Calligraphy Brush Kit for Procreate

Create beautiful calligraphy and lettering on your iPad with this pack of essential brushes for Procreate!

This pack includes Procreate Brushes especially made to replicate traditional tools used in the most popular styles of calligraphy and lettering. From traditional elegant script to bouncy casual and modern. With prefect pressure sensitivity settings, it’ll feel like you just changed your Apple Pencil nib!

18. Professional Blackletter Procreate Brushes

This set includes a variety of 10 blackletter brushes (each in 3 angles — 35º, 40º, and 45º) as well as guide brush to help you create templates — a total of 31 brushes!

19. Procreate Calligraphy Queen Vol. 01

Welcome to this set of high-res Procreate brushes made for professional digital calligraphy.

The brush pack comes with 20 assorted brushes, including watercolor brush pens, paper textured brushes, acrylic pens and diluted calligraphy brushes for a realistic look.

20. 10 Procreate Brushes – The Essential Brush Pack

Lettering obsessed on your iPad Pro? You’ve found the right place! This fantastic pack of ten brushes is for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro and has been updated to reflect the newest Procreate App features.

21. DevBrush 4.0 for Procreate

This one is for lettering artists, calligraphers, sign painters and even type designers who are using the Procreate app! DevBrush still has everything you need to create breathtaking works!

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this collection of Procreate brushes! If you have any of you recommendations, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.