The Procreate App is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for digital lettering, and it's no surprise - it's easily accessible, runs exceptionally smoothly, and offers a very user-friendly interface. The demand from users has inevitably led to the creation of thousands of high-quality Procreate brushes, accounting for every style and stroke imaginable.

To lend you a hand, we've done the search for you and have brought you the best 21 procreate brushes for digital lettering! Give these a spin and see how they'll help knock your designs out of the park.

1. The Ultimate Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Kit

Introducing the complete mixed media lettering toolkit with 150+ pens, brushes, textures, practice sheets, guides, and more, by calligrapher and lettering artist Molly Suber Thorpe.

In this set you will find over 200 brushes for all your Procreate lettering needs: Pointed Calligraphy Pens, Lettering Markers, Letter Inkers and so much more.

2. Grid Builder – Layout Composer

Creating stunning lettering layouts has never been easier with the very popular Grid Builder.

A set of 35 individual grid shapes that you can place together to act as guides when creating your layouts. They can be resized, stretched and recolored so that every layout you compose will look completely different from the next. A must have for any lettering artist.

3. Outline Pack – for Procreate & Affinity Designer

Discover Outline Pack - a set of over 100 outline brushes for Procreate and Affinity, plus 6 extra brushes and bonus 42 worksheets to practice the whole alphabet in 6 different styles.

Check out the 70 Procreate Lettering Brushes included, and discover your new favourite outline lettering style.

4. Procreate Lettering Composition Design Kit

Introducing The Lettering Composition Design Kit for Procreate. More than 450 Hand Crafted Brush Stamps Plus Bonus Texture, Pattern and Lettering Brushes and a bunch more extras!

This pack has everything you need to add that extra punch to your lettering and design pieces. From layout to final details and everything in between.

5. Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Procreate

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust.

This pack has been made using actual chalk textures to give the most realistic looking set of brushes that you’ll find for Procreate.

6. CalligraFUN Brushes For Procreate

Created for both beginners and more experienced lettering artists, the CalligraFUN delivers a wide variety of custom-made Procreate lettering brushes.

You’ll find more than 30 brushes for calligraphy across 4 different categories: real brushes, nice & smooth, rough & dry and extras. The CalligraFUN brush pack is here to help you create a whole bunch of styles and techniques.

7. Letter Builder

Presenting Letter Builder, an amazing tool allowing you to draw consistent letter-forms with more ease than ever!

As lettering artists we want to maintain size, width, thickness and style throughout a word. So we designed a number of letter grids that give you the basic form of each letter of the uppercase alphabet so you can spend more time giving the letters your own unique finesse.

8. Procreate Lettering Toolkit

Presenting Procreate Lettering Toolkit – a collection of over 290 brushes for Procreate. They’re all created to emulate the tools that professional lettering artists keep handy. Open up your world to experimentation with a wide variety of brushes and tools.

Lettering Toolkit can fit a diverse breadth of lettering and illustration jobs, which makes it perfect for any artist out there.

9. The KickOff Lettering Toolbox

After months of carefully crafting, the KickOff Lettering Toolbox si here to bring you an easy experience of learning how to design letters.

In this toolbox you will find everything you need to start practising lettering! From brushes to textures to practice sheets, fun exercises, ornaments, basic letter theory and much more!

10. Calligraffiti Procreate Brushes

Introducing Calligraffiti Procreate Brush Set - the highest quality brush sets available for artists interested in blackletter calligraphy and other styles of flat-pen calligraphy.

This set includes a total of 27 Procreate brushes as well as a guide template for creating calligrams, so you can try out plenty blackletter calligraphy styles.

11. The Slayout Lettering Masterclass

Learn the art of composition for your lettering pieces with this highly comprehensive Lettering Masterclass for Procreate!

This pack contains a Procreate Course including: Lettering Basics, Composition Theory & Grids, Design & Gestalt Principles, Composition Practice through Words and Quotes, Covering Spaces, Media Composition and Extra Fun Exercises!

12. Shoutbam Lettering Brush Collection

Introducing the best selection of Lettering and Calligraphy brushes for any Lettering enthusiast! Aficionado or Professional, this set will rock your socks off!

These 48 brushes are a part of our two best-selling products “The KickOff Lettering Toolbox” & “The Slayout Lettering Masterclass”, which took over a year to complete. From pencils to inkers and brush pens, pastels and textures, this set contains a perfect mix for your Procreate lettering and calligraphy endeavours.

13. The Comic Lettering Masterclass For Procreate

If you ever wanted to learn how to letter comics, create bombastic sound effects, layout dynamic logos, signage or bring to life creative projects with a unique comic book style, The Comic Lettering Masterclass is the only tool you’ll need!

Perfect for beginners or for those wanting to level up their comic lettering skills, this pack is part how-to-book, part toolbox and part training exercise program rolled into one awesome package!

14. The Brush Calligraphy Procreate Pack

Introducing 15 custom made textured calligraphy brushes for the Procreate app. Create unique calligraphy with style!

This brush pack features unique custom made textures that will allow you to create a wide variety of different calligraphy styles. Also if you are intrigued by creating calligraphy artwork that includes multiple words such as – quotes, lyrics etc. you can use 2 or more brushes to create stunning expressive calligraphy work.

15. Lettering Brushes for Procreate

Introducing Lettering Brushes for Procreate - a set of 28 lettering brushes for Procreate.

This set is designed to create lettering and calligraphy in Procreate, and also includes grids and textures to better decorate your creations.

16. Victorian Lettering Creator Kit

Victorian Lettering Creator kit uncovers the Victorian era for you: bulky neoclassical, the decor of which was distinguished by the whimsical and ornate patterns, ornaments and motifs used.

This creator kit contains 3 amazing brush sets to help you create beautiful Victorian lettering composition in a few minutes.

17. Blackletter Dry Brushes for Procreate

We're excited to introduce you to Blackletter Dry Brushes for Procreate - a set of 20 gothic-style brush Procreate brushes.

These brushes were built in the highest resolution possible, to bring artists interested in calligraphy and other styles of flat-pen calligraphy, the highest quality brush sets available.

18. Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

This pack contains everything you need to start lettering in Procreate! It’s packed with brushes, textures and images as well as a 10 part workbook for practicing and learning lettering!

On top of the 25 Procreate lettering brushes included, you will also discover a 10 part workbook created specifically for lettering on iPad. These will cover everything from the anatomy of the letters, all the way to adding the finishing touches with to embellishments.

19. Textile Lettering Toolkit for Procreate

Have you been looking for inspiration for your new lettering project? With the Textile Lettering Toolkit for Procreate, you’ll be able to play around with so many different textures: leather, velvet, faux fur, denim, linen, and more!

Have you been looking for inspiration for your new lettering project? With the Textile Lettering Toolkit for Procreate, you’ll be able to play around with so many different textures: leather, velvet, faux fur, denim, linen, and more!

20. Gold and Glitter Lettering Brushes for Procreate

These brushes are must-have if you want to create lettering pieces that are bright and shiny. Brush set includes lettering brushes, flare stamps and color palette!

Create glitter, metallic, sparkly and foil effect with a simple brush stroke. You can use white, black or any other background color without losing any glittery effect!

21. 10 Procreate Brushes – The Essential Brush Pack

We’re excited to bring you a pack of 10 essential brushes for iPad lettering!

This fantastic pack of ten brushes are for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro and have been updated to reflect the newest Procreate App features.

We hope you've enjoyed this article and discovered some Procreate lettering and calligraphy brushes you'd like to try right away.

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