The Procreate App for iPad Pro is fast becoming one of the most popular go-to apps for professionals and hobbyist designers alike. The app is a game changer for artists as it transforms the iPad into a drawing table and allows artists to achieve the same outcome that was only possible on a desktop or other expensive tablets dedicated to digital design. We have curated a list of top 30 best Procreate brushes to help you handpick the ones you’d like to try.

1. Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

Introducing the most realistic and natural watercolor brush set available for the iPad and Procreate. This Master Watercolor Set is for the watercolor artist who wants to experience the same fun and feel of real watercolor on paper.

2. Everything Watercolour for Procreate

This Watercolour Pack is the most comprehensive Procreate watercolour brush bundle you’ll ever buy. No matter what your painting style you’ll be able to effortlessly recreate the look and feel of real paint on paper, all on you iPad.

3. Drawing Box – Procreate Brushes

The Drawing Box features 29 custom brushes in a variety of (mostly) Dry Media styles from charcoals, to colored pencils, to crayons, to markers. Many brushes use the Apple Pencil’s tilt capability for realistic side shading. Every texture used is seamless to ensure perfect brush strokes every time.

4. Dry Texture Brushes for Procreate

This set of 30 brushes includes everything you need to pencil, ink and shade with dry rough textures. This collection of brushes is easy and fun to use, and allows you to render illustrations in a unique style.

5. Sargent’s Oils – Procreate Brushes

John Singer Sargent is a master Realist painter from the era of Impressionism and his work has always been an inspiration to me. I hand-crafted brushes for Procreate that help achieve the same look.

6. Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Procreate

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust.

7. Procreate Texture Brushes Box

Texture brushes to fill your artwork with grain. Make your illustrations come to life by adding the texture of these incredible brushes.

8. Lights Brushes

Whether you want to draw neon signs, create glowing lettering, or add special effects such as flames or bloom to your illustrations, this set includes a nice variety, with a total of 27 brushes to choose from.

9. Procreate Lettering Toolkit

Presenting Procreate Lettering Toolkit – a collection of over 210 brushes for Procreate. They’re all created to emulate the tools that professional lettering artists keep handy. Each brush offers a unique approach that makes this holistic set vastly different on the market.

10. Memento Shader Brushes For Procreate

Keeping up with Procreate conquering the graphic design world, our team couldn’t afford to stay out of it. It’s all because of infinite ease the iPad Procreate provides you with: it’s a smooth workflow you can’t stop engaging yourself in.

11. Procreate Pattern Brushes

This Procreate set includes a collection of 28 seamless pattern brushes, to create varied textures or to add shading to your illustrations!

These brushes are great for adding a retro or comic book touch to your artworks – some of them can be layered for texture variations.

12. Procreate Ink Brushes

Here’s a set of 36 handmade ink brushes for the iPad app Procreate! All these brushes were created from real China ink samples, that have been scanned and transformed into brushes, for a more realistic result.

13. Procreate Stipple Brush Set

If you’ve ever shaded an illustration by creating tiny dots with a pen you know what a daunting task it can be, how long it can take and how tired your wrist can become. Not anymore… This brush set in combination with an iPad Pro and Procreate makes stipple shading fast, easy and fun.

14. Pencils and Paint Texture Kit For Procreate

This kit contains over 100 vibrant textures to bring color and energy to your designs. Authentically sourced from real art materials these textures will save you hours of changing colors for each stroke or searching for that perfect brush to achieve a realistic result.

15. Elegant Kit For Procreate

This kit includes every metallic and glitter texture you could need! You’ll find classic gold, copper, neutral, white gold, peach, blush, rose gold, bronze and many more!

16. Calligraffiti Brushes

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust.

17. Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

This pack contains everything you need to start lettering in Procreate! It’s packed with brushes, textures and images as well as a 10 part workbook for practicing and learning lettering!

18. Procreate Paint Brushes

Create digital paintings with this set of brushes! Here’s a set of 24 paint brushes for Procreate, inspired by common painting methods and mediums, such as oil paint, acrylic paint, and gouache.

19. Vintage Comic Brushes

Meet the second part of our comics-inspired halftone brushes perfectly tooled for Procreate. This time we’ve worked on creating the same tool for your vintage compositions, but for Procreate. 51 brushes, embracing the spirit of retro graphic novels.

20. Galaxy Brushes for Procreate

Welcome to a set of 36 brushes for painting magical Galaxies in no time. With these brushes you’re going to draw wonderful galaxy paintings with ease and in no time.

21. Procreate Brushes & Worksheets

This kit includes a variety of brushes to get you started plus worksheets to practice basic brush script.

22. 50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes

Presenting 50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes, a beautiful collection for your illustrative needs – made from real watercolour textures!

23. Essential Calligraphy Brush Kit for Procreate

Create beautiful calligraphy and lettering on your iPad with this pack of essential brushes for Procreate! This pack includes brushes especially made to replicate traditional tools used in the most popular styles of calligraphy and lettering.

24. Rough & Raw – Procreate Brush Set

We are thrilled to introduce a Procreate Brush Set that will give your artwork the perfect texture!

25. Procreate Brushes Watercolor Kit

This set includes an awesome 60 handmade watercolour background stamps for Procreate.

26. Procreate Lettering Kit

We’re excited to introduce to you our Procreate Lettering Kit! The Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own lettering pieces and fonts without having issues with vectorizing your work.

27. Procreate Lettering Brush Pack 3.0

With the newest Brush Pack 3.0 you get the same feeling & shapes you know and recognize from a real brush pen but also some new incredible features you would never expect from a real one.

28. Procreate Grunge Texture Brushes

This set of 20 grunge brushes for Procreate are a nice way to quickly add a Grunge Texture to your illustrations!

Choose between varied grunge textures, from dust & scratches, spray paint, paint strokes, etc. All these brushes were created using real tools and grunge samples.

29. Glitter and Foil Kit for Procreate

Perfect for iPad Lettering artists, this kit is packed to the brim with versatile resources to make your designs shimmer & shine (without covering the floor with tiny specks of glitter you’re still finding 2 years later)!

30. Rolled Ink Brushes

These inks have been hand rolled on real paper, scanned and turned into creative brushes and stamps for you to reproduce the rolled ink feel and look.