If you are intrigued by all things nature and florals but can't figure out how to capture them in your illustrations, look no further! In this session, Kris Lauren from Pretty Little Lines walked us through a beginner lesson on how to draw flowers in Procreate using her brand-new botanical pack.

Kris is as artsy as they come - she's always had a passion for fine art, animation, web design, and, more recently, product creation. With her extensive background in the illustration world, we couldn't have asked for a better designer to teach us about something many of us can struggle with - drawing flowers.

Session Resources

Check out the awesome resources used in this session!

To help you follow along, you can use the written tutorial below.

Set the Canvas

Set the canvas at 4000 by 4000 pixels, at 300 DPI. Grab a reference photo to start. There are two ways to bring up reference photos. Click on the wrench and go to canvas, spin, and finally turn on the reference image. Click on images and go into the images folder. Alternatively, you can also slide slowly up from the bottom of the canvas for a tab. Bring up the photos and add the photo next to the canvas. Resize it as needed.

Pro tip: Pick a flower with fewer petals, if you’re trying this for the first time. Preferably a wildflower, as shown in the image below.

Sketch the Flower

Choose the 6B pencil at 100% opacity. Size it at 20% and define the basic shape of the flower. With a free hand, draw circles and ovals with the pencil. Draw a wheel and add lines.

To draw petals, break the sections down and define the triangles. Try and draw similar shapes petal by petal. Make observations and draw angles of the lines while looking at the reference picture.

Define the lines by putting a little pressure. Darken the outlines of the flower to define the shape as shown in the image below to get the basic representation of the flower. Avoid worrying about drawing a replica of the photo and getting into details.

Adjust the setting of the rough sketch by clicking on the layers. Reduce the opacity to 8%. Add another layer on the top and use the 6B pencil. Zoom into the flower on the canvas to draw the center of the flower. Draw tiny details of the center adding tiny elements. Play with the pressure of the pen and give the flower some personality by adding details.

Draw finer details just as the reference image to reciprocate a similar structure of the flower. Notice the little folds and lines and draw the petals. Reciprocate similar gaps as shown in the reference image. Outline, the flower.

With light pressure, draw fine lines to add details to the petals. Add darker lines towards the bottom to enhancefocus to the center. To make the veins, draw dotted lines on the petals.

This will finish the basic sketch of the flower. See the image below for reference.

Sketch a Rose Flower

Pick a reference image of a rose flower. Create a big circle and draw the petals around it. Make sure to find a center point to form the petals on the inside of the circle.

Pro tip: Pay attention to the tiny details of the flower. Keep the perspective in mind and draw simple shapes. Make it as messy as you can and avoid worrying about making perfect shapes.

Define the lines by putting a little pressure. Darken the outlines of the rose flower to define the shape as shown in the image below to get the basic representation of the flower. Avoid worrying about drawing a replica of the photo and getting into details.

Create finer details by replicating the lines on the flower. Notice the cup at the center of the flower and reciprocate a similar center on the rose. Form petals circle by circle by letting them overlap one another. Darken the strokes to define the details.

Pro tip: You can draw either way, by going from outside to the inner circle of the rose or vice-versa.

Lower the opacity and add a new layer. Add details on the new layer by zooming in the reference image as well as the canvas. Draw fine details with the pencil and use pressure to add depth to those details.

Make tiny detailed lines at the edges of the petals of the flower to look realistic. Drag the pen along harder and softer as you draw the details for an organic texture.

Pro tip: Draw a rough sketch and then insert another layer to go over the sketch again to finalize the drawing by adding details and depth.

This would help finish another flower sketch in Procreate!

Use Flower Brushes

Use the Botanical Brush Pack to choose a flower brush. Pick the number 1 brush from the collection and add it to a plain canvas.

Choose buds from the Botanical Brush Pack and add a new layer. Place the buds on a new layer on the stem. Insert a new layer again and pick another bud. Create a new layer and add some leaves by choosing from the brush pack. Make sure to merge all the layers together.

Bring down the opacity and add a new layer. Trace over the flowers by picking a 6B pencil. Trace the flower and insert line work. Create details with a free hand and make it a unique flower. Add fine details and texture to the flower, giving it a wild flower-type look.

Similarly, finish the entire look by adding details that you like! Congratulations, you’re now a pro at drawing flowers in Procreate.