Known across the board as one of our most beloved designers, Lisa Glanz joined us to chat about character drawing in Procreate, with her own magical twist. Lisa has made a name for herself both through her top-notch design packs and her uncanny ability to bring to life the most whimsical characters. You're in for a treat, so make sure you come and absorb all her character drawing wisdom!

You can follow along with these worksheets.

Draw Expressions

To draw the character, download a couple of free worksheets and import them into Procreate. Add a canvas from the gouache pack. If you are not an iPad user, simply use a pencil and paper. On the sheet, generate nine different expressions with eyebrows going across and the mouths going down.

Use the Soft Pencil to create simple features like eyebrows. Draw the eyes with two dots. Make the eyebrows pointing outwards to create an angry expression.

Draw straight lines as eyebrows to give a neutral expression.

Create eyebrows inward to give a sad expression.

Pro tip: Small changes in the eyebrows will change the expression of your character.

Draw the mouth for each face. A happy mouth on every face will show a different expression. The angry eyebrows with the happy mouth will create an evil look.

Draw a straight-line mouth and observe how the expression changes.

Pro tip: If you change the mouth stroke with a sad expression, you will see a massive difference in every face.

Add Expressions to a Bear

Draw the head of a bear. Take a screenshot of the expressions to add a reference layer and keep it turned off. Use a soft pencil to create a shape like a hump followed by a triangle.

Create dropped-down ears for the bear. Add fur with pencil strokes and highlight its big fat nose.

Pro tip: Emphasize every feature as much as you can to convey the expression when you are drawing a character.

To give the character a final look, draw simple shapes. Add some blush on the cheeks. This completes the first look of the bear.

To make a sad face bear, repeat the first three steps of drawing the bear. Create the ears downwards and add a small, sad mouth to it. Add a tear to enhance the emotion.

Pro tip: When drawing a character, give it a three-quarter view to make it look interesting.

To give the bear character a naughty grin, keep the ears upward. Ensure you zoom in to the expression you want to create and redraw the same features on the character.

Draw an Open Eye Character 

For creating different expressions, use the same template with open eyes and an open mouth.

Add the same expressions for the first row but make sure to draw open eyes.

To draw lazy eyes, form a circle for the eye and cut it into half. Add a small dot underneath to give it an expression.

Pro tip: Make sure to elaborate eyes as they are an essential element for expressing emotion. Add pupils in different positions as though the character is looking sideways or upwards. 

To draw mouths for open eye faces, follow the same technique by going downwards in a column. Make a happy face and an open mouth with tongue and teeth.

Play with interesting shapes for the mouth to add various expressions to your characters, such as a worried expression. Similarly, add different expressions to the face sheet by drawing mysterious mouth shapes.

Make a bear hump, nose, and happy wide open mouth.

Apply the happy face features to the bear. Add open eyes and make the bear look upward.

Character Drawings with Geometric Shapes

Choose a shape for your character. Create two triangles and rectangles to draw dogs. Add two rectangles that overlap each other.

Pro tip: While drawing the shapes, you will get an idea of the character outline it will create.

Highlight its features like the mouth, ears, and tail to get a clear understanding of the character. Add soft pencil strokes to it and the dog is ready!

Pro tip: Avoid sticking to one shape.

To create another dog, make two triangles and place them as you want. You can use a combination of shapes and draw different characters by changing their placements. To make a hound dog, add three triangles - one as the body, another for the face, and the third for the ears.

Chop the end of the triangle to draw its nose and add some shading to that part. Add other features like the eyes, legs, and tail to it. You can add and shade some patches on its body. The second shape character, chubby hound, is complete.

Draw a sleek triangle shape for the body and combine it with a rectangular face. Draw longer legs for this character and accentuate the features that you want. For this dog character, draw the nose and add it over the rectangle. Also, draw its tongue beyond the rectangle.

To draw a Dachshund or sausage dog, draw a long rectangle with less width. For its face, create a rectangle that can be elongated. Use Dual Shade brushes for shading. Draw a long tail pointing upward and tiny legs. Finally, add some spots on its body.

Tip: Do not hesitate to experiment with shapes to add some unique ideas to your character drawing.

Draw a diagonal triangle and add all the features of the dog.

Add a trapezium to create a dog. Draw open eyes, delineate its legs and other parts of the body. Add some colors to it and the character is ready!

Vegetable Shapes to Draw Heads

Create amazing characters by using vegetable shapes. Choose a shape for your character’s head and draw facial features like eyes, nose, and mouth.

By changing the placement of the bands, create different expressions for your character.

Pro tip: Bands help to tackle facial features.

Use a turnip shape for the head and make a girl’s face.

Add the bands before drawing the features. Remove the band layer once the illustration is complete.

Add a cute mouth, little ear, and some rabbit teeth. Form her hair and some cheek spots to make her look adorable. Make sure to use the bands to double-check the perspective.

Add glasses to the face illustration to add personality.

The cute girl's face is now ready!

Draw Mr. Carrot Man by adding the bands and making sure his features are aligned.

Use dots for the eyes and a big rounded nose. To give him a gentleman look, add some hair.

Use a Texture Brush for the beard and then shade it. Mr. Carrot Man is ready!

Create a funny potato head with a textured hair effect. Create eyes, nose, and a mouth for your character.

Make a pear-shaped character on Procreate.

Pro tip: Avoid applying much pressure to your brushes when creating funny and cute illustrations.

Draw bands and the features on the pear shape. Next, create facial features like eyes looking sideways, steep arched shaped eyebrows, and then add weird glasses.

Form a tiny nose, a small mouth and short curly hair to the woman. Finish the look with accessories. Finally, the woman is completed! She looks odd but interesting.

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to draw interesting characters using various geometric and vegetable shapes.