In today’s episode, we talk about one of the best ways to increase your earnings by an order of magnitude. How can you go from being perceived as a disposable junior designer to someone who can command serious value within their industry? Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Dustin tries to throw Tom during his intro.
[2:00] Most designers start out like this.
[3:00] Avoid becoming a pixel pusher.
[4:00] You work hard to get clients in the door. Work just as hard to keep them.
[5:00] The Dos and Don’ts of offering tiered packages.
[6:00] The difference between logo design and branding services.
[7:10] Lisa shares how she turned down the $50 job to get the bigger jobs.
[8:00] Dustin shares a great example of tiered pricing that’s budget friendly for all.
[9:00] Up Sell – Cross Sell – Return Customers and Subscriptions.
[10:20] How do newbies push past taking every job and move toward the up sell?
[11:25] Dustin compares selling your work to playing the guitar.
[12:00] Understanding how key components work is the secret to making money.
[13:00] Lisa talks about her early freelance days.
[14:10] Looking back Tom believes his early self could have charged 5x more.
[15:30] Hindsight is 20/20.
[16:00] Can you skip “Paying Their Dues”?
[17:50] Imagine never having to pay your dues.
[18:00] Failure and embarrassment leads to success.
[19:00] There are no shortcuts in life.
[20:00] Are you leaving money on the table?
[21:35] Each artist’s process is different. Charge for your process.
[22:00] Additional fees are like insurance for life’s “What ifs”.
[23:00] Do you get offended when Lay’s Potato Chips offer a BOGO?
[24:00] Ian admits pricing has always been hard for him.
[25:00] Additional fees help cover some client oversteps of the original brief.
[26:00] Find out what your client wants and do competitor research.
[27:10] How to handle a client adding services to your price.
[28:00] You have to charge for all of your services. PERIOD!
[29:00] Clients want to see what they are paying for.
[31:50] Tom asks for final tips on pushing values up.
[32:10] Tie your cost to a service. Like in math class, show your work.
[33:00] Have a plan, visualize where you want to be and work backwards.
[34:20] And that’s a wrap! See you next week.

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