This week, we’re joined by Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter. Becca teaches her highly engaged community the art of modern calligraphy and is one of our favourite examples in the world of someone who has turned their creative passions and talents into making a successful living. She also enjoys horrendously bad dad jokes, which is very near and dear to our hearts. So without further ado let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes Becca to the show.
[2:00] Becca opens up the show with her love of dad jokes.
[3:00] Tom invites Becca to share a summary of The Happy Ever Crafter.
[4:00] Launching from interior design to Happy Ever Crafter.
[5:30] Becca’s four-year fast track from first workshop to online courses.
[6:10] Fast track to impostor syndrome.
[7:05] Becca feels more impostor syndrome now than when she first started.
[8:00] Ian explains late blooming impostor syndrome.
[9:50] Stop holding back on sharing.
[10:30] Is it ever too late to jump into a new passion?
[11:20] Focus on the things that make you, you.
[12:00] Injecting your personality into your work.
[13:00] Pivoting when markets change.
[14:00] Becca shares how a health diagnosis of MS changed her work.
[15:00] Getting better sleep and reducing stress to heal.
[16:00] Lisa asks how Becca completes everything with reduced hours.
[17:00] Hiring an assistant and automation.
[18:20] Juggling a Facebook community.
[19:20] Becca’s Facebook groups are her favorite part of the business.
[20:00] Dustin chats with Becca about the never-ending job of responding.
[21:00] Becca breaks down her dual Facebook Group management process.
[22:00] Coming up with Facebook prompts for your group.
[23:30] Weekly Themes.
[24:00] Cultivating a peaceful Facebook Group.
[25:00] Having rules and sticking with them prevents a dumping ground.
[26:00] Three things Becca believes helped her successfully break out.
[27:00] Binge-worthy videos.
[28:00] Pay attention to what stops your scroll.
[29:00] Ian talks about the current Instagram trend.
[30:00] Showing how you make things wows viewers.
[31:00] Boosting engagement with random posts.
[32:00] Creating relatable content.
[33:00] Tom asks Becca how badly her work sucked when she first started.
[34:00] Tom invites Becca to be on Design Evolution.
[35:00] Lisa asks if Becca is interested in venturing outside of teaching.
[36:00] Teaching is 90% of Becca’s income.
[37:00] Becca loves her wedding client work.
[38:00] Lisa wonders if lettering client work is easier.
[39:00] Quoting a skill others don’t have.
[40:00] Lisa asks if celebrity brings more or less work.
[41:00] Ian gets less work with more followers.
[42:00] Curate the work you want.
[43:20] Becca explains why she believes her community is so committed to her.
[44:00] Bending over backwards and delivering.
[45:00] Work with and for your community.
[46:00] Be real and approachable.
[47:00] The small things make the biggest difference.
[48:00] Segmented email lists are key to Becca’s marketing.
[49:00] Removing what you don’t like from your own business.
[50:40] To start or not to start an email list.
[51:00] Using Instagram and freebies as bait.
[52:00] Becca shares some ideas for freebies to grow your newsletter list.
[53:20] Dealing with creative drought.
[55:00] Becca’s MS diagnosis was trying and affected her deeply.
[57:00] Balancing the mundane.
[58:00] Setting smart limits with your audience.
[1:01:00] Owning your mistakes wins points.
[1:02:00] Becca shares a clever email list hack.
[1:03:00] A little known fact about Becca.
[1:05:00] Tom opens a rapid-fire question session with Becca.
[1:06:00] Becca shares how she invites her competition to hang out.
[1:07:00] Lisa asks if Becca would ever teach email marketing.
[1:08:00] Becca shares her favorite pen with the group.
[1:09:00] Tom asks if Becca started over tomorrow what would she change?
[1:10:00] Work before work hustle.
[1:11:40] Where you can find Becca online.
[1:12:30] Becca closes out the episode with some witty dad bombs.
[1:13:10] The perfect joke for letterers.
[1:14:00] And that’s a wrap!

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