This week we are going back to square one. We are looking at how it feels to be back at the start of a new creative venture – the courage that it takes to make that plunge and the fear that comes along with the ride. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom shares how Lisa inspired this episode.
[2:00] Lisa opens up about her new venture.
[3:00] Starting from scratch is scary!
[4:00] Lisa questions her abilities.
[5:20] Tom asks Lisa what it feels like to start at square one all over again.
[6:00] Lisa had to focus on her illustration career first before branching out.
[7:00] We all want to make it on our own.
[7:30] Lisa lays out her plan of attack for her new venture.
[8:20] Taking time for deeper more meditative thoughts.
[9:00] Auditing your thoughts is crucial.
[10:00] Sharing your fears on social media.
[11:00] Lisa panics over the idea of sharing her new venture on social media.
[12:00] Ian, Tom and Lisa clear their head with exercise to focus on new ideas.
[13:00] Ian runs because it’s quick but really loves cycling.
[14:25] Documenting Lisa’s early venture beginnings.
[15:30] Side hustles.
[16:00] Lisa remembers her early fearful days publishing her work for sale.
[17:00] You have to be your own cheerleader.
[18:00] The struggle of taking your own advice.
[19:00] How do you survive when success doesn’t come when you expect it?
[20:00] Understand completed work is never a waste.
[21:00] Tom asks Lisa how she will deal with rejection on her new creative venture.
[22:00] Tips to consider before starting your side hustle.
[23:00] Balancing your side hustle with your bread-winning work.
[24:00] Explore new avenues and exploiting the ideas that appear to work.
[25:00] Ian shares an analogy of trying many things to find what works.
[26:00] Seeing the good in failures.
[27:00] Lisa truly believes everything happens for a reason.
[28:00] Ian talks about timing and how illustration and lettering are now equal.
[29:00] When trends turn in your favor.
[30:00] Lisa shares one of her biggest fears with this new path she’s on.
[31:00] Dipping her toe into children’s book illustration opened her eyes.
[32:00] How studying to become an electrician shifted Ian’s life path.
[33:00] Doing the dirty work helped him realize this wasn’t for him.
[34:00] Ian knew he wanted to work with his hands.
[35:00] Going analog when everything was digital was a gamble.
[36:00] Marketing is the element that makes your hobby a business.
[37:20] The crew discusses Creative Marketing as an upcoming show.
[39:30] Tom understands Lisa due to his fresh start with Honest Entrepreneur.
[40:00] It’s humbling starting all over again.
[41:00] You have to be ok with a public failure.
[42:00] Why Tom loves the excitement of the early phase of a project.
[43:00] Enjoy being transparent and stop worrying about the numbers.
[44:00] Celebrating the little wins is so important. It keeps you motivated.
[45:00] Ian feels his personal engagement lacks due to speedy Instagram growth.
[46:00] Tom explains how Ian can easily filter out his most engaged community.
[47:20] Funneling all your previous knowledge into your new one.
[48:00] Past mistakes bring future clarity.
[49:00] Recognize your skills and use them for new ideas.
[50:00] Everyone’s journey is a collection of skills.
[51:00] Ian wishes he’d spent his early years just exploring different creative paths.
[52:00] Creative exploration helps you discover your niche.
[53:00] We are all unique creative cocktails of random experiences.
[55:00] The gang wishes Ian Happy Birthday!
[56:00] Ian explains why the more self-aware the happier he feels.
[57:00] Lisa believes being more physically fit makes her a better creative.
[58:00] Don’t let age stop you!
[59:00] That’s a wrap!

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