This week, we’re talking about how to get outside of your comfort zone. It can be all too tempting to stay in our creative safe place, but often pushing our own creative boundaries can help keep our work fresh and relevant. Plus, it can challenge our skills and make us better, more well-rounded designers. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Let’s get into the show!
[2:10] Tom has a tendency to want to stay in his creative comfort zone.
[3:00] Ian likes challenging the norm to push outside his comfort zone.
[4:00] Let go of the fear of being judged and try new things.
[5:00] Dustin talks about one of Ian’s experimental Instagram posts.
[6:00] Dustin asks Ian how he can have better experimental outcomes.
[7:00] Ian talks about his blue foil balloons lettering and how he accomplished it.
[8:00] Finding inspiration in the world around you.
[9:00] Tom shares how he has found inspiration.
[10:00] Dustin asks Tom and Ian about sharing raw, unfinished works of art.
[11:00] Ian believes what you share hinges on why you are posting.
[12:00] Tom thinks sharing unfinished work is great.
[13:00] Having consistency while trying new styles.
[14:10] Ian’s skateboard was mistaken for James Lewis’ work.
[15:00] Stepping outside your lane encourages play.
[16:00] Pinpointing why you share your work.
[17:00] If you don’t try you don’t innovate.
[18:50] Dustin offers insight on learning new skills.
[19:00] Pulling from the book Feck Perfuction by James Victore.
[20:00] Working in the business of ideas and not skills.
[21:00] The group shares prompts to help you push yourself.
[22:00] Be true to yourself and have the courage to say it.
[23:30] Pulling emotional responses from your audience.
[24:50] Combine two random mediums.
[25:00] iPad Lettering while riding on the back of a motor bike.
[26:00] Tom and Dustin talk about Lauren Hom’s #flourcrowns project.
[27:40] Tom shares an unexpected, delightful moment with Jo Fallon.
[28:00] Ian talks about doing the scary things.
[29:00] Learning is intensified when there is the possibility of failure.
[30:00] A good perspective on failure will move you to try new things.
[31:00] The group share things they want to do outside of their comfort zone.
[32:00] True creative expression doesn’t require staying in your lane.
[33:00] Ian shares his ‘exit the comfort zone’ project.
[34:00] Ben Johnson’s work has inspired Ian’s mural work.
[35:00] Ian knows failing is a possibility and there’s a learning curve.
[36:00] You only get better when you try.
[37:00] Cringe work will happen. Press on.
[38:00] Dustin shares a touching Jim Carrey story.
[39:00] Jim Carrey’s dad was funny but he chose the safe route in life.
[40:00] It’s better to fail at something you love doing.
[41:30] Today’s world is filled with so much opportunity.
[42:00] Technology allows us to be more creative and work on our hobbies.
[43:00] Today there is no barrier to entry.
[44:40] Ian enjoys pushing himself and inspiring others to try as well.
[45:30] Experimentation draws attention.
[46:00] Random work excites Ian and his audience.
[47:00] Find out why you share.
[48:20] Tom shares how cover art for the podcast has become real products.
[49:30] Ian talks about how he dipped his toes into type design.
[50:00] Every time Ian creates a typeface he learns something.
[51:00] Exploring random work can open up revenue for you.
[52:00] Workshops leave Ian feeling like he is out of his comfort zone.
[53:00] Public speaking scares Tom.
[54:20] Final thoughts on getting out of your comfort zone.
[55:50] Starting is sometimes the hardest part. Start in stages.
[57:30] Dustin and Tom will attend Creative South.
[59:30] Tom invites listeners to come hang out at Creative South.
[1:00:30] The guys dream about an Honest Designers Bus Tour!
[1:01:00] That’s a wrap!

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