This week, we’re talking all about how to go the extra mile. Whether it’s merchandise or clients, going the extra mile is the whole game when it comes to standing out in your creative industry. So without further ado, let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes everyone back and they talk about Creative South 2019.
[2:00] Tom and Dustin will be promoting Honest Designers at Creative South 2019!
[3:30] What does going the extra mile really mean?
[4:00] The extra mile isn’t what everyone else is doing.
[5:00] The Golden Ticket.
[6:00] Design Cuts goes the extra mile to WOW conference attendees.
[7:00] Business cards get tossed so think outside the box.
[8:00] Dustin shares how Retro Supply is creating a memorable take-away.
[9:00] Lazy promos can backfire on your brand.
[10:00] To go the extra mile you have to get personal.
[11:00] The Design Cuts Team went the Extra Mile for Dustin’s birthday last year.
[12:30] Wowing your client base.
[13:30] Dustin just moved to a new email client so he can better help customers.
[15:00] Going the extra mile is creativity at its finest. Get personal!
[16:20] Should you send personal follow-ups to one-time clients?
[17:00] Planting seeds of goodness and allowing the relationship to grow.
[18:00] Keep reminding your clients how awesome you are.
[19:20] Dustin shares how Retro Supply continues to win over their customers.
[20:00] Sharing an extra goodie after the sale really wins over customers.
[21:00] But wait, there’s more! AKA Surprise Marketing.
[22:40] Ian struggles with buying gifts for family, friends and even clients.
[23:40] Make client surprises fun.
[24:00] Hiring a CDO, Chief Delightment Officer.
[25:30] Tom shares how he recently went the extra mile.
[26:40] Lisa struggles with gift giving so she uses a theme.
[27:00] Themes make client gift giving personal and easy.
[28:00] Gifts are a great way to brand, show your humor and creativity.
[29:30] Have fun with your gifts.
[30:00] Games, pancakes and mullet wigs.
[31:10] Tom shares a funny tongue and cheek client gift.
[32:20] Be authentic and inject your personality into your gifts.
[33:00] Tom helps Ian get out of his head when it comes to gifting.
[34:40] Dustin shares a lettering gift idea Ian could create.
[35:40] Lisa asks Ian about his regular client base.
[36:15] Introversion makes getting personal information on clients hard for Ian.
[37:00] Find something you love and want to share and gift it.
[38:00] A bottle of gin and a book.
[39:05] Persuasion Bureau has mastered the art of gifting.
[40:00] Tom shares how Design Cuts was recently wowed by another brand.
[41:00] Cupcakes are always a win.
[43:00] Branded food gifts.
[44:00] Use QR codes to direct people to your gifts.
[45:00] The group brainstorm on Creative South gift ideas.
[46:00] Tom is excited to implement Ian’s idea for Honest Designers.
[47:00] There’s nothing better than blowing your clients’ minds.

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