Hey guys, we hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this conversation last week. This week, we’re jumping straight back into that same conversation, talking about how no one in this crazy, creative industry of ours knows what they’re doing.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Dustin feels pressure and anxiety from those who are always nailing it.
[2:00] Feeling like you need to always be Faster, Stronger, Harder, Quicker, Better.
[3:00] The rabbit hole of comparison leads to madness.
[4:10] Science has proven that through social media humans are less happy.
[5:00] Real life connections build happiness.
[6:00] Fear is bred from the unknown and making assumptions.
[7:00] Dustin shares how he demonized Ian early in both of their careers.
[8:00] Once Dustin got to know Ian he realized what a gem of a person he is.
[9:30] Dustin being real makes him more approachable.
[10:20] We should all share more of our vulnerabilities and imperfections.
[11:00] Collaborations get you out of your bubble.
[12:30] Lisa talks about her joyless briar patch of comparison.
[13:10] Bad weeks happen.
[14:00] Feeling overworked and unhappy by comparison.
[15:00] Being cheerful in the face of challenges.
[16:30] Comparison steals not only joy but also steals time from what you love.
[17:15] Daddy Dustin is saddened by his 3 year old trashing her art.
[18:20] Walk away when you feel stressed to gain a new perspective.
[19:10] Give yourself a break and a hug and stop comparing.
[20:00] Talk it out with a friend or get help with your feelings.
[21:20] Getting out and getting to know people better quells comparison.
[22:15] Shout out to @tifferdu for the iTunes review!
[23:30] Special Thanks to all our listeners. We love you all!
[24:00] That’s a wrap!

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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD