This week, we’re joined by Dina Rodriguez from Letter Shoppe. Tom is especially excited to have her on the show as she is somewhat of a hero of his when it comes to creativity and social media. Today we’re going to be chatting with her about authenticity, confidence, and being yourself as a designer. So without further ado, let’s jump in the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] Dina introduces herself to everyone.
[2:20] Tom asks Dina what sex positive means.
[3:20] Dina’s This Is Me approach to sharing content.
[4:00] People can tell when you are not doing you.
[5:00] Push outside of the echo chamber of creativity to find yourself.
[6:00] Stop waiting for someone else to create what you want.
[7:25] Dina discovers a secret desire in her audience.
[8:00] Dustin asks Dina if she amplifies her persona?
[9:40] Dina explains why she curses.
[10:00] Advertising is everywhere and the competition is massive. Stand out!
[11:20] Living with no filter.
[12:00] Dina shares what is important to her and what she understands.
[13:00] Listen to your audience, be FEARLESS and have a strategy.
[14:30] Dina’s first cannabis post cost her 200 followers that day.
[15:30] was hacked and vulgarly attacked?! What? Dina explains.
[16:00] Trolls try to SWAT Dina during her live Twitch stream.
[17:10] With popularity comes fame, glory, money and the trolls.
[18:00] Dina’s motherly energy explained by Lisa.
[19:10] Dina isn’t just climbing the ladder, she’s building it.
[20:10] Tom digs for more pointers.
[21:00] If it scares you or it’s hard it’s probably worth doing.
[22:00] Dina advises to forget trying to be overly perfect.
[23:00] Dustin asks how you get people excited about less taboo subjects like philosophy.
[24:05] Dina explains how she would approach less taboo topics.
[25:30] The group discusses Dustin’s drawing challenge.
[26:25] Tom asks Dina about her coaching calls.
[27:00] Dina shares her coaching call format.
[28:00] Niching down strategies.
[29:00] Dina is hired because she attracts a client’s customers.
[30:10] Use Instagram as a driver to your site.
[31:00] Your website is where you can be you. Make sure it’s spectacular.
[33:10] Creating a series is powerful.
[34:30] Be realistic and create a series that works best for you.
[35:30] Dina is not a 30 days of type person and that’s ok.
[36:05] 50 prompts to draw for people who don’t know what to draw.
[37:10] It’s more about the meaning behind the work and not how long it takes.
[38:30] Feeling creative freedom.
[39:00] Forget the highlight reel.
[40:00] Share your truth and screw perfection.
[41:00] Dina on Lauren Hom.
[42:40] Dear artist posts.
[43:20] Stop comparing yourself to others.
[44:20] It’s OK to unfollow people.
[45:50] Dina is on the move again. Look out Michigan!
[46:00] Small town vibes coming soon.
[47:10] Tom invites Dina to join in on Design Evolution.
[48:20] Dina shares her Design Evolution in a minute.
[49:00] Learning Lettering and Lost Book Royalties.
[50:30] Dina’s 5 years from start to now.
[51:30] From baby steps to full amp.
[52:00] Empathy and vulnerability is an artist’s strongest tool. Use them!
[54:30] Tom asks Dina how do you make money from this?
[55:00] Products make good money but don’t use these store fonts.
[56:00] Package and sell on your own site.
[57:30] Dustin ask Dina about Patreon.
[58:00] Dina shares the ins-and-outs of Patreon.
[1:00:00] What to do when a product is doing well.
[1:01:00] Repurposing your content.
[1:02:00] Repurposing passive income.
[1:03:00] Revisiting what you’ve already created and make it even better.
[1:04:00] The 80/20, Free-Paid, Split to Content.
[1:05:00] Free samples sell.
[1:06:45] Lisa asks Dina how to be patient with oneself.
[1:07:30] Dina shares her art and marketing schedule.
[1:08:00] Marketing is the moneymaker but so is art so balance is key.
[1:09:00] Still falling for the shiny objects.
[1:10:00] Dina keeps clients to one per month to free up time.
[1:12:00] Advice for young females.
[1:13:00] Women make up 60% of the artist community, but only 10% are showcased.
[1:16:20] Dina and the gang sign-off with a song.

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