This week, we’re joined by one of our favourite people in the whole world, mister Scotty Russell. Scotty is an incredible illustrator and hand letterer, and he runs Perspective Collective, which is an amazing creative community and podcast. Scotty is super passionate about the art of the creative side hustle and he’s going to be bringing some serious value about this for all of you lovely listeners today. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The gang welcomes Scotty to the show.
[2:30] Tom is excited about Scotty’s Side Hustle.
[3:00] Scotty talks about his full time job and side hustle.
[4:00] Side Hustling has helped Scotty connect with others and build confidence.
[5:00] Dustin shares how Scotty’s talk, We Can’t All Be Pizza, changed his life.
[6:40] Dustin asks Scotty to share some of his talk with listeners.
[7:00] Living as a chameleon and trying to please the masses.
[8:00] When you create for everyone it makes it hard to resonate with someone.
[9:00] Tom asks Scott how he handles people who aren’t a good fit.
[10:20] Dustin asks if being his true self has grown Scotty’s audience.
[11:00] Pizza, Cats, Space and Coffee.
[12:30] Scotty walks through a typical day of side hustling.
[13:20] The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.
[14:10] If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No!
[15:00] Ian talks kids and being a good father.
[16:00] Our kids grow so fast. Don’t blink. Daddy Dustin talks kids.
[17:00] Blinded by the grind. Your kids don’t care what your portfolio looks like.
[18:00] Include your family and celebrate wins together.
[19:30] Ian asks how Scotty deals with creative block and time constraints.
[20:00] Keeping a running list of ideas helps with creative block.
[21:00] Wunderlist organization tips
[22:20] Give yourself one task a day to move the needle forward.
[23:00] Organization and being intentional with your time are a must.
[24:00] Mornings are sacred time and the shift that pushed Scotty to the next level.
[25:00] The early bird really does get the worm.
[26:00] Every family is different. There is no one size fits all routine.
[27:00] Where do you focus your time? Proactive and Reactive workloads.
[28:00] 15 minutes a day to push your passion project forward.
[29:00] Do you want success? Or do you only kinda want it?
[30:00] The biggest questions followers ask Scotty for help with.
[31:00] Scotty talks Ian Barnard, Stefan Kunz, and James Lewis.
[32:00] Finding your passion project.
[33:00] Side hustle income.
[35:20] The road to success is a slow road.
[36:00] Tom recaps the business struggle.
[37:00] The struggle of banking on a future payout.
[38:00] Live with no regrets.
[39:00] Change your perspective.
[40:00] Growing into your confident self.
[41:00] Every stage of life has a growth phase.
[42:40] Finding time to focus on self-care.
[43:20] It’s hard to do good work when you don’t feel good.
[44:00] How exercise opens up your creativity.
[45:00] Ian talks about excessive screen time.
[46:30] Dustin’s Passive Income for Creatives is his side hustle.
[47:00] Does a side hustle have to make money?
[48:00] The culture of the hustle.
[49:00] The benefits of waking up early.
[50:00] Life/Work/Hustle.
[51:00] Dustin enjoys Scotty’s relaxed illustration style.
[52:00] Crushing fears of missing out to focus on real goals.
[53:00] Scotty shares what he doesn’t like to do.
[54:00] Saying yes to what moves the business forward.
[55:50] Rapid Fire Tips from Scotty.
[56:00] Look inward, ask the hard questions and find your target.
[57:00] Stop trying to climb Mount Everest every single day.
[58:00] Know what you’re saying yes to.
[59:30] Find Scotty on his website and Instagram.
[1:01:00] That’s a wrap!

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