Guys, it’s a bit of a different intro this week; Tom and Ian are staying together in this weird looking hotel room while hosting a workshop at the Birmingham Design Festival. This will be a new recording experience, and who knows what havoc it’s going to wreak. Today, we are talking about stepping outside of your comfort zone, so without further ado, let’s jump into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:20] Tom and Ian are together for this episode.
[2:50] Tom talks about his biggest fear.
[3:00] Public speaking is Tom’s biggest fear and is deciding to confront it.
[4:00] Tom shares how early days performing in a band was almost crippling.
[5:20] Dustin relates to Tom’s fear of public speaking.
[6:10] Attacking fear is a process.
[7:00] Tom’s first trial by fire workshop sells out at 125 attendees.
[8:00] Tom and Ian get honest about their speaking engagement.
[9:00] Lisa talks about taking the first step towards fear.
[10:00] Ian explains how repetition helps you learn your own story even better.
[11:00] Confidence grows as you improve.
[12:00] Newness always seems scary.
[13:00] Lisa asks the guys for examples where they have pushed through fear.
[14:00] Dustin’s pain of not pushing forward was more painful than the fear.
[15:40] Lisa doesn’t want to feel like this looking back at her life at 80 years of age.
[16:00] Strive to explore new things always.
[17:00] Ian shares his secret to overcoming his introversion.
[18:00] Building a social audience helps with conversation.
[19:00] Over time Ian has grown to be ok with his own voice.
[20:00] The gang talks about learning to like yourself on camera.
[21:20] Liking your own voice is a lot like learning to like coffee.
[22:00] Tea or Coffee?
[23:25] Everyone agrees you’ve got to grab life by the horns.
[24:20] Train to take the leap.
[25:00] Teaching your brain that doing scary things can be good.
[26:00] Dustin flips the perspective.
[27:00] The real truth is we care very little about others’ failures.
[28:00] School vs. The Adult World.
[29:00] Ian has an analogy for pushing past fear.
[30:00] Life is like sky diving.
[31:00] If it doesn’t give you a rush is it really worth it?
[32:00] Tom intentionally looks for things that scare him the most.
[33:00] Tom just wants people to lean into what they really want to do.
[34:40] Dustin thinks about barriers to entry when he feels fear.
[35:00] Keep adding your wins up.
[36:00] Leveling up your skills.
[37:30] You have to have the courage to put yourself out there.
[38:00] The power of habits.
[39:00] There is no one step Zero to Hero approach.
[40:00] Tom sets his dream free into the universe.
[42:00] Sharing your embarrassments.
[43:40] Public Speaking fear? Start with Instagram stories.
[45:10] Growing from humble beginnings into something amazing.
[46:00] Baby stepping into something amazing.
[47:00] From organizing meet-ups to speaking at Apple.
[49:40] Dustin explains how he grew into Webinars.
[50:00] What you think isn’t your thing just might be your thing!
[51:00] Lisa talks about sharing her art for the first time.
[52:30] Thinking about fear is worse than overcoming that fear.
[53:00] The moment fear fades and elation grows.
[54:00] Dustin’s big life-changing fear.
[55:00] The need for speed.
[56:00] Take the first step and don’t worry about perfection.
[57:00] If you don’t take a step forward, you actually take a step backwards.
[58:00] Stop procrastinating with yourself.
[1:00:00] The gang gets giddy over Ian and Tom’s accommodations.
[1:01:00] A room with a view.
[1:02:00] The Honest Entrepreneur Show’s daily commitment.
[1:03:40] Share where you listen to Honest Designers.
[1:04:00] Encouraging others to listen.
[1:05:00] That’s a wrap!

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