In today’s episode we play a little game called ‘Spark Creativity: 50 Ways to Ignite Bright Ideas’ and we’re going to explain the rules in just a second. This is a bit of a different episode and we hope you enjoy it! Without further ado, let’s get into the show.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom opens up the show.
[3:00] Dustin explains the game Spark Your Creativity.
[4:20] The guys chat about the game rules.
[5:50] Prompt 1 – What would you make if you knew you couldn’t fail?
[6:40] Questions arise after the topic is revealed.
[7:20] Tom explains what he would do if he knew he couldn’t fail.
[8:50] Tom poses the same question to Dustin and Ian.
[9:40] Ian is constantly trying so he doesn’t feel worried about failing.
[10:10] Dustin would make the marketplace he wishes existed.
[11:10] Prompt 2 – Explain a problem solved by viewing it from a different angle.
[12:00] Tom uses Ian as an example of how trying new things makes Ian work.
[13:00] Designers version of Car Karaoke called iPad Karaoke.
[14:00] Ian explains how his products grow from different angles.
[15:00] Dustin and Ian analyze Ian’s products and why they are so popular.
[16:20] Prompt 3 – Do one thing with your hands you usually use a machine for.
[17:50] Ian says he would do a flipbook illustration rather than iPad time lapse.
[18:20] Dustin would paint over a photograph, fold and share the relief.
[19:40] Tom shares one more handcrafted idea.
[21:00] Dustin shares a bit about Tom’s British Hamper gift.
[22:50] Prompt 4 – Take a walk and tune in carefully to everything you smell.
[23:40] Associating a letter or color with a smell.
[24:10] Triggering memories with smells can be nostalgic and spark creativity.
[25:00] Ian shares a Scratch and Sniff idea with Dustin for Retro Supply.
[26:00] Prompt 5 – Hone your powers of observation.
[27:00] Tom believes observation and the power of empathy are intertwined.
[28:10] Dustin shares an inspiring story of how Richard Branson used observation.
[29:00] Paying attention gained Branson a business advantage.
[30:00] The story behind the birth of Virgin Airlines.
[31:20] Prompt 6 – Turn off your inner critic.
[32:05] Tom explains how he deals with his inner critic.
[33:00] Tight outward focus rather than inward focus helps keep Tom grounded.
[34:00] Tom shares a technique that helped his recent speaking engagement.
[35:00] Reaching out to others helps quiet your inner critic.
[36:00] Leap before your brain can go into critic mode.
[37:00] Ian shares his thoughts on workshops.
[38:00] Dustin talks about what he’s noticed about his inner critic.
[39:00] Prompt 7 – Ask people in other industries how they stay inspired.
[40:00] Tom likes to take ideas from movie campaigns and the music industry.
[41:00] Dustin looks to copywriters for marketing and advertising ideas.
[42:00] Ian on how Taylor Swift created a social media storm.
[43:00] Taylor Swift puts in the work and so should you.
[44:00] Tom puts a challenge out to his tribe.
[45:00] Examples of how you can better cater to your community.
[46:00] Dustin asks how Retro Supply can get more personal.
[47:00] Tom elaborates on some ideas for Dustin.
[49:40] Prompt 8 – Learn something outside of your expertise.
[50:00] Ian really wants to learn this skill.
[51:15] Dustin would love to learn coding so he can build his ideas.
[53:00] Tom asks the guys if they’ve heard of If This, Then That
[54:00] Thanks for joining us for Spark Your Creativity!
[55:00] That’s a wrap!

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