In today’s episode, we talk all about niching down. What are the pros and cons of committing to one style and what are the possible ways in which one can niche? Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes everyone back and shares some exciting personal news.
[3:20] Why niching down can be great for your brand.
[4:50] A niche is difficult but it’s so worth it.
[5:10] Clients like in depth knowledge and a strong track record.
[6:00] Finding your niche will make you a specialist.
[7:00] Ian shares an example of a specialist.
[8:00] Nike’s first niche was running shoes.
[9:00] Think of your niche as a way of getting clients in the door.
[10:00] T Model of business.
[11:00] The common business mistake many designers make.
[12:00] Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires this.
[13:00] Reining in the desire to dabble.
[14:00] Committing to one thing will cause another area to slip.
[15:15] How a simple niche change launched an editorial artists career.
[16:30] Ian talks niching down on your niche.
[17:00] Build your brand’s online presence to pull in the right clients.
[18:35] A few things that make the team niche and show variety.
[19:20] Lisa talks about her niche and the type of work she is known for.
[20:30] New avenues Lisa is exploring.
[21:30] Tom and Lisa discuss niche by color palette.
[22:00] Color can set you and your work apart.
[23:00] Ian shares how he has niched down.
[24:00] Experimenting has become Ian’s niche.
[25:40] Tom asks Lisa and Ian to imagine having no niche.
[26:10] Ian has learned that adapting and continuing to evolve is key.
[27:00] Stop trying to do the same thing over and over.
[28:10] Tom share’s a niche analogy.
[30:10] You don’t want to be this guy.
[31:00] Ian and Tom were both paycheck-to-paycheck order takers.
[32:00] The unspoken trust of an expert.
[33:00] Would you take your car to a window washer?
[34:00] VW vs General Garage
[35:30] Tom puts Lisa on the spot with rapid fire questions.
[36:25] Lisa, if one niches down will it limit the number of clients I get?
[38:30] How does one avoid boredom with a niche?
[39:00] Work at an agency to get your feet wet on various projects.
[40:00] Tom talks about his journey and his varied work over the years.
[41:00] Doing a lot helps find your niche.
[42:50] Ian touches on the fear of falling out of love with you niche.
[43:00] That’s a wrap.

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