In today’s episode we talk about labels in our industry. What’s your label? What impact does your label have upon your work and your mindset? And what are labels guys? What am I talking about? What do I mean by this? Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:40] Lisa opens up about the negative connotations tied to some creative labels.
[2:00] The desperate feeling associated with the word freelance.
[3:00] Entrepreneur doesn’t mean homeless.
[4:00] Dustin shares why he likes to call himself an “Owner” rather than CEO.
[5:00] Lisa struggled for years to feel comfortable sharing what her job is.
[6:10] Ian shares the label he uses to describe what he does.
[7:10] Talk of a mysterious package that was sent to Dustin from the UK.
[9:20] Tom recaps everyone’s job titles at Design Cuts
[10:00] How do we educate the world on the legitimacy of creative work?
[11:00] Using a humble brag or elevator pitch to be more clear and sell what you do.
[12:20] Use the same online strategy in real life. Be clear about what you do.
[13:00] Why do we hold back on being clear in real life situations?
[14:00] Busy doesn’t mean successful.
[15:00] Make pre-canned answers to real life FAQ’s.
[17:00] Allowing others to speak for you and build your credibility.
[18:20] Lisa asks the gang how do we help others who want to pursue a creative career.
[19:10] Sadly, even our parents will guide us away from a creative path.
[20:00] Looking put together can still fall flat and not sell success. Lisa elaborates.
[21:00] Lisa shares an example of how she is judged negatively by her job.
[22:00] People automatically assume Lisa is being supported by her husband.
[23:00] Realizing you don’t need to prove yourself to everyone.
[24:30] Lisa feels gender plays a huge role in her being career being judged.
[25:00] Even Lisa’s Dad doesn’t believe she can sustain herself financially.
[26:00] Tom admits he judges the label freelancer.
[27:00] The downfall of having an over the top P.T. Barnum title.
[28:00] Lisa asks Dustin who he would hire, a freelancer or a graphic designer?
[29:10] Pro and Con perceptions of the term freelancer.
[30:00] What careers use the label freelancer?
[31:20] The nasty four letter word “FREE” in freelancer.
[33:00] Dustin talks about narrowing down your label.
[34:00] Niching down on your title can help you stand out.
[35:00] Banks judge you on self-employment and so do people.
[37:00] Tom shares a funny job title story.
[38:00] Completed it!
[39:10] Tom summons closing thoughts on job titles.
[40:20] Considering the goal of your job title is crucial.
[41:30] Dustin offers one last tid-bit on being judged.

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