In today’s episode we talk about paying your dues and persevering through the early days when you’re seeing little to no results. Without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The gang tries to throw Tom off during his intro.
[2:30] A mystery package is delivered to Dustin from the UK.
[3:20] The reveal of the mystery package live.
[4:40] Dustin explains the contents of his happy mail.
[5:00] The contents are a throwback to an earlier show idea that the gang discussed.
[6:00] Mint Maker Studio to the rescue!
[7:40] Now on to the show…
[8:00] A recent conference conversation opens Tom up to a common problem.
[9:20] Stop feeling envious and fill yourself with positivity.
[10:00] Dustin remembers success feeling so far out of reach and living in debt.
[11:00] Dustin explains feeling not smart enough to make things work.
[12:30] The point where most people give up, Dustin kept pushing forward.
[13:00] Pushing past the point of giving up – Lisa explains how she perseveres.
[14:00] Mindset is everything and your success is entirely up to you.
[15:00] Why you need to stop doing the same thing over and over.
[16:20] Ian had resigned to the belief that life was always going to be a struggle.
[17:00] Early work was an outlet for Ian.
[18:00] Ian believed earning design awards was unattainable.
[19:00] Mundane design jobs were OK but Ian wanted more.
[20:10] The Tom Anders model.
[21:30] Watching your friends wear suits, make steady pay while you struggle.
[22:00] Tom questions his path as a young designer.
[23:30] A career outside of design puts Tom’s fear into hyper drive.
[24:00] Lisa completely understands how Tom felt in his early career.
[25:00] Pushing harder and ignoring the Give-Up mindset.
[26:00] Continue pushing while seeing no gains.
[27:00] Shining on a full playing field.
[28:00] Compound Interest is a lot like growing your design business.
[29:00] Trust and know that all design stars have been where you are now.
[30:00] Hindsight is 20/20.
[31:00] Ian realizes the value of getting to know other designers.
[32:00] Lifestyle played a huge role in Ian’s business plan.
[33:00] The decision to not work in London.
[34:20] Does Perseverance = Serendipity?
[35:00] Ian has been building his YouTube for 7 years.
[36:00] The long game is crucial to success.
[37:00] Everyone has an unimpressive start.
[38:00] Ian’s Design Evolution with Design Cuts.
[39:00] Tend to your garden of skills to insure growth.
[40:00] Never stop learning, trying and growing.
[41:00] Consistently being consistent.
[42:20] Learn like you will live forever.
[43:00] Control what you can and ignore what you cannot.
[44:00] Consume content that supports your goals.
[45:00] Every successful career is built from tiny improvements over time.
[46:30] Tom enjoys watching businesses grow from humble beginnings.
[47:00] Banking on a side hustle paying off.
[48:00] Tom projects his side hustle paying off in 10 year’s time.
[49:00] Ian shares his choice. Only Netflix or only Skillshare for life?
[50:00] Investing in your own learning will be fruitful in the long run.
[51:08] Is success hardwired in some peoples’ DNA?
[52:00] Battling boredom.
[53:00] Keeping your inquisitive childlike nature in an adult driven world.
[54:00] Is patience a form of delusion?
[55:40] Big breaks don’t just happen, they are planned and built.
[56:00] If you believe it, you will achieve it.
[57:00] Confidence, Beliefs, Perseverance, Inquisitiveness, and Faith all look similar.
[58:20] Closing thoughts.
[59:00] Complaining doesn’t deliver gains.
[1:00:00] The marshmallow test.
[1:01:00] And that’s a wrap! See you next week.

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