Today, we are talking to our younger selves and giving those lovable little scamps some life advice. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom opens the show with giggles from Lisa.
[2:30] The gang hops into the hot tub time machine!
[3:00] Ian wouldn’t have told his younger self to focus on calligraphy.
[4:30] Know the difference between true fear and just being afraid to try something new.
[5:00] Lottery, Stocks and loads of money? What about passion?
[6:00] You need to have a passion. Ian talks about steering his younger self.
[7:20] Ian shares what he would tell his 16 year-old self.
[8:00] This one area felt like more of waste of time for Ian.
[9:00] Stop hanging on and leave things that aren’t working.
[10:10] Know it’s okay to change your mind.
[11:00] Tom would encourage his younger self to know his value.
[12:00] A pivot early could have catapulted Tom’s career much sooner.
[13:40] Little experience requires harder work.
[14:00] Every new venture requires you to learn and grow.
[15:00] The gang runs through a quick summary of points discussed so far.
[17:00] Putting in the work does pay off.
[18:30] Tom meets his 8-year-old self.
[19:30] Tom drops knowledge bombs on a young entrepreneur wannabe.
[21:20] Stop ignoring your gut!
[22:30] The Matthew McConaughey formula.
[23:30] Why the same ingredients don’t always yield the same recipe.
[24:30] Dustin uses having kids as an analogy for taking advice.
[25:00] Golden advice shines brighter after you’ve experienced the dig.
[26:15] For Ian, success has been hidden in the tiny nuggets of process.
[27:30] Lisa would tell her younger self there is room for US ALL.
[28:10] A saturated market doesn’t mean you can’t jump in.
[29:00] Creating within the same vein.
[30:00] Selling and Giving Away for FREE.
[31:00] 4 Things Tom would tell his younger self.
[32:00] Lean into your true self with confidence.
[33:00] Network, Network, NETWORK!
[34:00] Start a Personal Brand.
[35:00] Broaden your creative horizons.
[36:00] Think beyond general graphic design.
[37:20] Your weird is wonderful.
[38:40] Don’t be bull headed.
[39:20] Live below your means.
[40:00] Your true self will eventually come out.
[41:10] Ian suggests listening to, How to sell out the right way by Brian Manley.
[42:30] Being average is worse than being weird. Find your strange and crank it.
[43:00] Basic Average Vanilla.
[44:00] And that’s a wrap!

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