This week, we’re thrilled to welcome the super talented Will Paterson to the show. Will is a longtime designer, somewhat of a YouTube design rockstar, and a fantastic educator within the design community. We’re so excited to pick Will’s brain today for all you dear listeners at home. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The gang welcomes Will to the show!
[2:30] Will gives us a brief overview of his design career.
[3:00] From secretary to design mogul.
[4:00] Dyslexia and small town roots haven’t stopped Will.
[5:00] Will talks never feeling small town and bucking authority.
[6:30] Trial and error.
[7:00] Will makes a decision to leave college.
[8:00] With low grades preventing further college, Will forged ahead.
[9:00] Being told he was an idiot, Will decided to prove everyone wrong.
[10:10] The number of entrepreneurs who are dyslexic is astounding.
[11:00] Will shares how back engineering has been key to his learning.
[12:10] Strange is good.
[13:00] Embracing the inquisitive mindset.
[14:00] Will’s style of learning is inquisitive curiosity.
[15:00] Dyslexia allows Will to see letters as shapes.
[16:00] If you lose a sense, you become more sensitive in other ways.
[17:10] Will learns differently so he teaches differently.
[18:00] Discovering YouTube.
[19:00] Tom shares his college days studying business.
[20:00] Ian asks Will how long it took his YouTube channel to take off.
[21:00] Why Will would choose YouTube every time.
[22:20] Jump cutting in a nutshell.
[23:00] The pros and cons of jump cuts.
[24:15] Playing to your strengths.
[25:00] Show up everyday.
[26:00] Persistence pays off.
[27:00] Good Algorithm or Good Content?
[28:30] It’s really easy to become Jake Paul! Trust me.
[29:00] Thumbnail and Click Through Rate and Watch Time – OH MY!
[30:20] Understanding the Youtube investment.
[31:00] Work Today Paid Two Years from now.
[32:00] When sponsors apply pressure.
[33:00] YouTube revamps recommendations and lowers suggested views.
[34:20] Dustin has noticed a change in YouTube over the past year.
[35:20] YouTube is a business. Here’s why you need to diversify your content.
[36:30] Will explains the other baskets holding his business eggs.
[37:00] Book publishing, Skillshare, YouTube and Client work.
[38:30] Secrets to keep someone watching a video.
[39:00] Visually appealing backgrounds, great audio, changing the view.
[40:00] Using the Ken Burns effect.
[41:40] Ian asks if now is the time to start a YouTube channel.
[42:30] A message all YouTube newbies need to hear.
[43:00] Understanding YouTubes’ view tests.
[44:00] Will’s best performing video made him $20,000 and took 10 minutes to make.
[45:30] YouTube is not as organic as people think.
[46:00] YouTube? Do it for fun and not for money in the beginning.
[47:00] Will shares a very low point in his life.
[48:00] In the midst of so many great things, Will was struggling.
[49:00] Work pressures and fear of no money drove Will to drink.
[50:00] The online dopamine addiction.
[51:00] When hopes, dreams, career and self worth are tied to work.
[52:00] Turning to alcohol to deal with work woes.
[53:00] Ian asks Will how he disconnects at the end of the day.
[54:00] Struggling to disconnect when new videos launch.
[55:00] Spending time with people in other fields helps disconnect.
[56:10] Will sees 4,000 followers drop after controversial Instagram post.
[57:00] There are no holidays on YouTube.
[58:00] Your bravery shows when you have everything to lose.
[59:00] Handling brutal comments.
[1:00:00] Destructive comments are not allowed.
[1:01:00] You have control of your own channel to remove the icky comments.
[1:02:30] People hate up. Never down.
[1:03:30] Will suggests an episode on Haters.
[1:04:00] A loss is always a gain.
[1:05:00] Ian shares how a comment from someone he admires hurt.
[1:06:00] Another YouTube channel targets Will.
[1:08:00] Choosing who you want to serve.
[1:09:00] There are always going to be haters.
[1:10:00] Ask me who I am, not how many Instagram followers I have.
[1:11:00] You’re on the right track when people are threatened by you.
[1:12:00] Less competing and more completing each other.
[1:13:20] Will closes the episode with one final golden thought.
[1:15:30] That’s a wrap!

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