Today, we’re talking with Mark Hirons, an inspiring young creative entrepreneur from the UK. Mark is known for his podcast, Creative Waffle, but also as one of the youngest and most ambitious minds in the industry. We’re really excited to bring a youthful perspective to the show. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Tom welcomes a nervous Mark to the show.
[1:50] Tom describes Mark as a Networking Ninja.
[2:10] Dave Clayton has been a huge inspiration for Mark.
[3:00] Mark talks about starting Creative Waffle.
[4:00] Mark gives us a quick run down on who he is.
[5:00] The meaning behind Mark’s creative company’s name, Blue Deer.
[6:10] Where does Mark’s drive come from?
[7:00] YouTube ultimately led Mark to podcasting.
[8:35] Tom and Mark share how they support one another.
[9:20] Mark and Tom share a pint and conversation at a local pub.
[10:00] Golden advice from Tom to Mark – go deeper with your audience.
[11:00] Mark found himself in a very dark suffocating space.
[12:00] A physical injury pulled Mark into a deep, dark place.
[13:20] Ian asks Mark what his plans for the future are.
[14:00] Where Mark aspires to be creatively.
[15:00] Mark doesn’t wish to be the next Aaron Draplin.
[16:00] One social media trend that makes Mark cringe.
[17:00] How do you bring value when you are new to design?
[18:30] Event creator, inspiration and pure intent work for Mark.
[19:00] Document everything if you want, not because you are told to.
[20:00] The biggest influencers in design are not peddlers of advice.
[21:00] Why does everyone have to become an influencer?
[22:00] Influencers – micro influencers and sanity
[23:00] Becoming an influencer can mess with your sanity.
[25:00] What it takes to be an influencer.
[26:00] Find out what sets you on fire.
[27:00] Marks talks being true to himself.
[28:00] Living in the age of influencers.
[29:15] What Mark hopes to have 10 years from now.
[30:20] Is money or career a huge worry for young designers?
[31:10] Tom experiences conference moaning from attendees.
[32:00] Feeling a million miles away from your design dreams.
[33:10] Dustin remembers feeling like he’s not enough.
[34:00] Just keep going… chase dreams not money.
[35:00] Close your eyes and just keep pushing forward.
[36:40] Surround yourself with the right people.
[38:00] Learn to better explain what you do for a living.
[39:40] Tom shares his favorite trait in people.
[40:00] Mark pitches his Creative Waffle Live Event.
[42:00] Finding the ‘how to’ and not the ‘I can’t’.
[43:00] Stop being afraid of fear.
[44:00] Fighting the demons in your own head.
[45:00] Audacity can deliver great gifts.
[46:30] Network tips simplified.
[47:00] Be brave enough to speak with people.
[48:00] Give without the thought of receiving.
[49:00] Friends open doors.
[50:00] Become friends with people you like and admire.
[51:30] If the gang were social media platforms Tom would be…
[52:20] Mark’s first view of TikTok.
[53:00] Judging new social platforms.
[54:30] Is authenticity easy?
[55:00] Stop worrying about what others think.
[56:30] Ian asks Mark what processes he has in place to protect himself.
[57:00] How can one protect themselves from negativity?
[58:00] Mark shares a low point.
[59:20] Things that take your mind off of work are needed.
[1:00:00] No matter how much you enjoy something, breaks are needed.
[1:01:20] Is inspiration overload a thing?
[1:02:00] Unplug, rest and restore.
[1:03:00] Guard your mental health from negativity.
[1:04:00] Super Human Entrepreneur – Tony Stark?
[1:05:30] The problem when Tony Stark and Elon Musk are your idols.
[1:06:00] The crippling mindset of the Good Day Syndrome.
[1:07:00] Rest, spontaneity, hard work, and nothingness are all needed.
[1:08:00] Learn to listen to your body.
[1:09:00] Fresh eyes see the world differently.
[1:10:00] Ignoring the popular trend of client bashing.
[1:11:00] You become the people you surround yourself with.
[1:12:00] Mark can be found online at Creative Waffle!

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“A must for every creative freelancer (or those aspiring to freelance). Thank you for being so… honest! Such a wealth of information from people I admire who have ‘been there and done that’. Listening to the podcast every week feels like I’m among friends. Can’t wait for more episodes!”AG_GD