This week we are talking about how to make your work stand out. The world has never been a busier place, so it’s essential to be different in order to get people’s attention. Today, we break down the actionable steps of how you can actually do this. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[2:00] Why standing out really matters.
[3:00] Some people do well blending in
[4:05] 4 Points to finding your stand out style.
[4:30] Lisa always asks herself these two questions before she designs.
[5:00] Spinning a current trend to work in your favor.
[6:10] Fully leaning in on what you are good at alone will elevate you.
[7:00] Improving your odds even when your not 100% unique.
[8:00] Nailing down your niche, Ian talks niching down even further.
[9:00] The key to finding your sweet spot.
[10:30] Niching is a constant evolution.
[11:00] The human brain likes focus.
[12:00] Tom shares a design focus strategy.
[13:30] Does more focus equal less money?
[14:30] Ian’s friends had no idea what his niche was.
[15:00] What do your friends think you do?
[16:00] One-upping your own work.
[17:00] Stand out with what is natural for you.
[18:20] Stop assuming everyone has your GIFT.
[19:00] Lettering is not a natural gift for Ian.
[20:20] Tom rarely sees this…
[21:00] Discovering a uniqueness is endearing.
[22:00] Stop being lukewarm and light fires.
[23:00] Should one follow a trend or be their unique self?
[24:00] If it’s trending it’s most likely already saturated.
[25:00] Lisa as a trendsetter.
[26:00] Do you want to be a follower or a leader?
[27:00] Tom asks Lisa what she would do if everyone did her style.
[28:00] Searching for the crack in the market.
[29:00] Wet your feet on trends, don’t dive into them.
[30:00] Analyze your competitors to discover how to be different.
[31:00] Put a ton of energy into customer service and you will stand out.
[32:00] Lisa and Tom bounce ideas off of each other on how to be different.
[33:10] Elevating your proposal phase.
[34:00] Purchasing a design can open your eyes to what’s good and bad.
[35:00] Holding your clients hand is so important.
[36:50] The EXTRA mile really is less traveled.
[37:50] Stand out with Style, Message and Subject.
[38:00] Pivot away from what everyone else is doing.
[39:00] Use passion projects to push your personality out into the world.
[40:10] Combining two passions to find your stage.
[41:10] Research and plan your own spin.
[42:00] Tom uses Lauren Hom as an example of standing out.
[43:20] You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just put your own spoke in it.
[44:10] Use how you help yourself to help others.
[45:00] Tom counts down 3 – 2 – 1 and asks the Lisa and Ian to name a designer.
[46:00] Tom asks Lisa to explain why she chose Victoria Johnson.
[47:00] Lisa shares how Victoria Johnson is a stand out artist.
[48:20] Tom and Lisa dig deeper into Lisa’s choice.
[49:00] Tom uncovers that Victoria is very open to teach her techniques.
[50:00] Strong color usage takes some bravery.
[52:10] To be the best in the world you only have to be in the top 5% in the world.
[53:00] Ronaldo is considered the greatest footballer in the world, but is he?
[54:00] The winning combination.
[55:00] Our following finds us through more than social media.
[57:00] Finding your door to unlimited possibilities.
[58:00] Tom offers an overview of today’s talk on ways to differentiate your work.
[59:30] Don’t forget to be human.
[1:00:00] Ian suggests a book to help listeners brainstorm unique concepts.

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