This week we’re talking about how to stop hating on clients. Clients are not the enemy, but there is an awful lot of negativity floating around in the design community when it comes to clients. Why is this and is there a better way? That is exactly what we dive into in today’s episode. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] The gang is missing Dustin!
[2:30] Tom is disgusted with all the winning.
[3:00] A fraction of designers believe client work should be a collaborative process.
[4:00] It’s easier to be a blamer than a claimer.
[5:00] Why a welcome pack is a great idea for your clients.
[6:30] Turn design negatives into positives.
[7:00] Overcome objections by showcasing how working with you will be easy.
[8:00] Clear expectations are a must.
[9:35] Tom shares how his company respects the client.
[10:00] Clients are our lifeblood. RESPECT them all.
[11:30] Ian notices people pick up on subtleties.
[12:00] It’s never a good idea to poke fun of your clients.
[13:20] Tom has a theory. Bad clients come from desperation.
[14:00] Not all clients are bad.
[15:30] We are all walking billboards for ourselves.
[16:00] Careful what you post and how you behave.
[17:00] Every action can be seen by a client on social media. Think before you post.
[18:00] Tom opens up about some recent struggles.
[19:00] Better communication makes magic at Design Cuts.
[20:00] Step up, sit down and open up for better client communication.
[21:00] Recent rants are reminiscent of current politics.
[22:00] Stop, collaborate and listen!
[23:00] That’s a wrap!

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