This week we’re talking about scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset. We are going to dig in to how to achieve more of an abundance mindset and shed some of that scarcity mindset that all of us experience sometimes. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] What exactly is scarcity mindset?
[2:00] Scarcity mindset is closely linked to imposter syndrome.
[3:40] Lisa shares what she thinks scarcity mindset is.
[4:00] Negative in – negative out.
[5:00] Seize opportunities.
[6:00] Ian shares his scarcity mindset analogy.
[7:30] The gang discusses Ian’s grocery store analogy.
[8:00] It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
[9:30] Attitude is everything.
[10:00] Economy is a great way to view scarcity and abundant mindsets.
[11:20] Remember that abundance doesn’t always mean money.
[12:10] Becca from Happy Ever Crafter has a great abundance mindset.
[13:15] Ian talks about the scarcity he experiences with his product releases.
[15:00] Tom talks about his own scarcity mindset.
[16:00] Dustin shares his scarcity mindset dilemma.
[17:00] Always feeling like the other shoe is about to drop.
[18:00] It always seems to work out.
[19:10] The internal dialogue, “You can’t repeat your success again.”
[20:00] What is inside successful people that helps them continue pushing?
[21:00] Proof fuels courage.
[22:00] Lisa makes the scary decision to teach her process.
[23:10] Realizing everyone is just like you opens the universe.
[24:20] The team share common scarcity mindsets they hear.
[25:00] Myth: “I don’t think I can charge more for my services.”
[26:00] You’re not charging enough.
[27:00] Do your legwork and take action.
[28:00] You have to move forward to find success.
[29:40] Tom’s 2019 Aha Moment.
[30:00] Break free from a frozen life.
[31:00] Anxiety builds when you watch others DO what you fear trying.
[32:00] The downfall in watching others.
[33:40] We’ve all seen abundance at work. Dustin explains.
[34:00] We all want a taste of what’s popular.
[35:50] Big D PhD.
[37:00] People pick up on desperation and confidence.
[38:10] Myth: “The market is too saturated.”
[41:00] Find your right space and go for it.
[45:00] Tom sums up today’s episode. Scarcity comes from within.
[46:00] That’s a wrap!

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