This week, we’re talking with Henry Kaminski, otherwise known as the Brand Doctor. Henry has run a 7 figure agency and now serves pro athletes with his strategic design services. Henry is very much someone who has been there and done it, so we’re very excited to welcome him to the show. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:10] Henry gives us a rundown of his career.
[2:40] The grind starts to take its toll.
[3:00] The pivotal moment of Henry’s business.
[4:10] The toll of design, grind, party, rinse and repeat.
[5:00] Cars, watches, vacations and girls.
[6:30] Henry tells his wife they are broke.
[7:00] Let’s get to work!
[8:10] Re-building a profitable business.
[9:00] Referrals are a trap!
[10:00] Joining a marketing Facebook group for a buck was a game changer.
[11:00] Henry gets his digital marketing chops wet.
[12:20] The ClicksFunnels Coaching Program is 25 grand! What?
[13:00] Henry joins ClickFunnels and pours his heart out.
[14:00] After an hour, Henry gets hired to design and market ClickFunnels.
[15:30] The first $3000 client goes down the tubes.
[16:40] Crash and burn work gives Henry a bad reputation.
[17:00] It’s a small world. Do a great job or you’re out.
[18:00] Old spending habits creep back in.
[19:00] Henry sticks his neck out again for ClickFunnels.
[20:00] Working at ClickFunnels teaches Henry a lot about business.
[21:00] Downfall of continually working with no down time.
[22:00] Nightclub flyers lead into big time liquor distributors.
[23:00] Clients like Coors Light, Guinness, Absolut, Grey Goose bring big cash.
[24:00] Hurricane Sandy hits and wipes out $250,000 in revenue over night.
[25:00] Half a million in 18 months? How?
[26:00] Gurus preaching about pay more for quality opens up the market.
[27:00] Henry begins building his team to scale up his company.
[28:00] Running a virtual design agency with traditional values.
[29:00] Hiring people based on their values.
[30:00] The company has great people in place but is still missing a strategist.
[31:00] Demon client turns into a PR nightmare.
[32:00] Henry struggles to get ahead of false negative publicity.
[33:00] Full refunds to clients put Henry in the red.
[34:00] Henry’s community comes to his defense.
[35:30] Mindset is everything.
[36:00] Starting a family through IF.
[37:00] New baby boy and Henry buys two Rolexes and an $187,000 car!
[38:00] “It’s either the car or your family.”
[39:00] Henry’s father delivers tough love to his door and it changed his life.
[40:20] Family is Henry’s why.
[41:00] Learning to manage money has been life changing.
[42:00] Over 1 million in revenue.
[43:30] Takeaways – become financially intelligent.
[44:00] Mindset is everything. Flash is not needed.
[45:00] The baby effect.
[46:00] Henry and Dustin have similar beginnings.
[47:00] Our children are the reasons we do what we do.
[48:00] Henry just wants to leave clients better than how he found them.
[49:00] More money more problems.
[50:00] Henry’s success is Justin Bieberesque.
[52:00] A Bronx Tale.
[53:50] Money is as addictive as a drug.
[54:00] Henry hopes listeners hear his truth and pull value from it.
[55:00] Ian asks if click funnels are better than websites.
[57:00] Where you can find Henry online?

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