This week we’re opening our inbox and taking questions from our lovely listeners! Hopefully you guys will find our answers helpful… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] First Question: How to find clients when you are first starting out.
[2:00] Lisa tackles question #1 with what’s worked for her.
[3:00] Pitching is more than cold calling.
[4:00] Use FREE Google CRM to track your cold call progress.
[5:00] How to WOW prospective clients.
[6:00] Tom shares details from a recent pitcher at Design Cuts.
[7:00] Pitching is not a one and done approach.
[8:00] Ian shares how he started out gaining clients.
[9:00] Use your current network of friends and family.
[10:00] Push work out so people know what you do.
[11:00] Building contacts, portfolio and price.
[12:30] Think about what you love outside of design.
[13:00] Ian shares an example of where outside interest meets design.
[14:10] Facebook Bulk Spam is a no-no.
[15:40] LinkedIn is another space where you can thrive.
[16:00] Ian and Tom share how you can make the most of LinkedIn.
[17:00] Stop lying to yourself – you will need a side job.
[18:00] Invest in the company you are working for.
[19:00] Learning on someone else’s dollar.
[20:00] How do you keep going when no one believes in you?
[21:00] Lisa recommends connecting with likeminded people. Find your tribe.
[22:00] Create your own network.
[23:00] Be clear about what you do and sell.
[24:00] Ian has simplified his elevator speech to help others understand.
[25:00] Not everyone is going to get what you do and it’s ok.
[26:20] Prove others wrong with your amazing work.
[27:30] How do I explain to others that design is a real career?
[28:00] Ian contemplates a video for his Instagram.
[29:00] Why do you need to justify what you do to others?
[31:00] Do what you want to do.
[32:00] People seem to focus on job titles.
[33:00] Put in the work and wear that badge proudly.
[34:30] Mr. Beast.
[35:30] Designer by day, lion tamer by night.
[36:00] Leave powerful impression of confidence.
[37:30] Dolphin Shaver?
[38:10] What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for coffee?
[39:20] Ian shares his celebrity pick. You may be surprised.
[40:00] Why Ian chose his celebrity.
[41:10] Tom’s celebrity crush is _____.
[42:00] Last question: if you could change one thing what would it be?
[43:00] Lisa wishes she’d taken herself less seriously and believed in herself more.
[44:00] Lisa and Tom have a laugh at Ian’s younger self.
[46:00] Investing while young and retiring early.
[47:00] Back to the future, Honest Designer style.
[48:50] Tom wouldn’t change a thing with his past.
[49:20] Stop living in your head and do more.
[50:10] Ian was content with his life, yet was driven by his friend’s lifestyle.
[51:20] Success is not just about the money. Ian values time with his kids.
[52:00] We thank the listeners for all your questions.
[53:00] Teaser of upcoming episodes…
[54:00] That’s a wrap!

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