This week, we’re joined by the lovely twin sisters Jillian & Jordan from Loveleigh Loops. They are calligraphers and teachers who are dedicated to helping their community become better lettering artists… So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:40] A two minute breakdown of Loveleigh Loops.
[2:20] The Loveleigh Loops Facebook group is a great place to learn.
[3:00] Support from the calligraphy community is incredible.
[4:20] How do an engineering and business grad end up in calligraphy?
[5:15] Twins living apart after college connected over calligraphy.
[6:15] Creativity over analytical work.
[7:00] Training has always been something they’ve loved.
[8:10] Not being afraid to teach early in your learning process is the magic.
[9:00] People asking them ‘how’ led to YouTube videos.
[10:00] Moving from in-person workshops to online courses.
[11:10] The sisters share their iPhone video hack.
[12:40] Tom has his own hilarious video confession.
[13:40] Lisa filmed both of her Skillshare courses with her iPhone.
[14:10] It’s not been all unicorns and glitter for Jordan and Jillian.
[15:00] The sisters talk fear of what others thought about starting their business.
[16:20] Leaving fulltime careers to build a calligraphy business.
[17:30] 9-5ers just don’t get the world of freelance.
[18:00] Fears of wasting their degrees were more in their own heads than others.
[19:10] Making money while you sleep is the best.
[20:40] Taking a leap of faith.
[21:00] Dustin asks how they found people to take their workshops.
[22:00] Workshops are great for locals but online courses are for everyone.
[23:35] Free courses lead to full course purchases.
[24:00] Lisa asks if there was any guilt with going off on their own.
[25:40] Lisa hears from a lot of women longing for creative work.
[26:00] Jillian and Jordan remember day one of unemployment.
[27:00] Guilt, feeling unsure yet knowing they needed creative work.
[28:35] Dustin asks the girls if they compete with each other.
[29:30] Being high achievers really pushes the girls to be their best selves.
[30:40] Quitting their jobs was a joint decision.
[31:15] The girls talk about using their degrees in their new job.
[32:00] What’s the secret advantage for Jillian and Jordan?
[33:00] 2 years of calligraphy and right into Loveleigh Loops.
[34:00] Advice from Loveleigh Loops on starting your own lettering business.
[35:00] Validate your idea and skills before making the leap.
[36:20] The one thing that gained Loveleigh Loops traction.
[37:00] YouTube over Instagram and Facebook Groups for community.
[38:40] Tom asks rapid-fire questions.
[39:00] Who’s geekier? Clumsier?
[40:00] Handling the many moving parts of a business.
[41:00] Cutting out non-viable parts of a business and hiring help.
[42:15] Focusing on what lights you up.
[43:00] Is ‘do what you love and the money will follow’, good advice?
[44:00] If you don’t love your work, is it really worth it?
[45:25] A Money Chasing vs. Passion Chasing analogy.
[46:00] If it’s not inline with your heart, is it all bad?
[47:00] It’s too hard to make it that you need passion to fuel you.
[48:00] In the beginning try many things.
[49:00] Tom talks about the Business High.
[50:00] It’s such a gift to love what you do.
[51:00] The gang talks about the feeling that comes with business wins.
[52:30] Tom asks everyone to share how his or her first win felt.
[53:40] The first sale feels.
[54:00] Mom is your first sale.
[55:00] Tom sells his first membership.
[56:00] The power of believing in yourself.
[57:00] Understand that starting a business is a learning process.
[58:00] Where’s the best place to find Loveleigh Loops online?
[59:00] And that’s a wrap!

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