This week we are back, broadcasting from Coronavirus world, and have the full gang in session. This episode is a continuation of our discussion from a couple of weeks back with a bit of fresh context and hopefully with a few actionable tips to help all you creatives out there who are uncertain about the future.

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:20] The gang share what’s happening in their worlds.
[2:00] Dustin is unable to leave home right now.
[3:20] This feels like a total reboot for the mind.
[4:00] Finding the positive in a sea of so much negativity.
[5:00] A normally calm Lisa explains her moments of panic for others.
[6:00] Life feels like scenes from a movie.
[7:00] Dustin shares conversations with family and internal thoughts.
[8:00] Tom is feeling frustration.
[9:25] Ian talks about the series Pandemic on Netflix.
[10:00] You can’t predict human behavior.
[11:00] There are a lot of positives brightening these darker times.
[12:20] True colors are revealed during trying times.
[13:00] Be the positive ray of sunshine in the world.
[14:40] Ian has been on quarantine for a while already.
[15:00] Relying on others for help.
[16:00] Elderly and the Depression.
[17:40] Ian’s having a hard time focusing on work.
[18:00] Ground Hog Day meets Extended Holiday Break.
[19:00] Be gentle with yourself.
[20:10] Even if you work from home this can still be draining.
[21:00] The strange world of social distancing.
[22:10] Ian asks how restrictions work in the US.
[23:30] Tom’s current daily routine.
[24:00] Grabbing your cell phone before coffee.
[25:00] Work has become Tom’s distraction.
[26:10] Anxiety organizing is in full effect.
[27:15] Lisa hates housework but finds herself drawn to it.
[28:00] The joy of working with your hands.
[29:20] Chill out. Take it easy.
[30:30] Tom talks how conversations have changed.
[31:00] Attitude of gratitude.
[32:00] If you’re not stressed, it’s your duty to be sunshine.
[33:00] Life can change on a dime.
[34:00] Living in the middle ground of aggressive practicality.
[35:00] Think ahead and don’t live in a dream world.
[36:00] Tom shares how his staff has been working on projections.
[37:00] Financial impacts are coming.
[38:00] Don’t be scared, be prepared.
[39:00] Stay on top of all the grants and stimulus packages.
[40:00] Priorities have changed.
[41:00] Don’t wait if you need extra income. Act now.
[42:00] This situation highlights how much we spend.
[44:00] Use this time to look at finances more seriously.
[45:00] Is now the time to cut back on ads and marketing?
[46:00] Keep what’s working and drop what isn’t.
[47:00] Pivot to find the money.
[48:30] Stay frugal.
[49:00] Be sensitive and offer help.
[50:00] Dustin and his staff look at what they can offer.
[51:30] Share how your company is changing to serve.
[52:00] Everyone’s situation is different.
[53:00] Art lessons for children from Brave the Woods.
[54:00] Mix two passion projects and share it. Cooking with Kids.
[55:10] Change, balance, learn, pivot, earn.
[56:40] Tom just sold out his first online course!
[57:00] Online education interest has been very reassuring.
[58:30] The gang talks family time changes.
[59:00] 21 day lockdown could get interesting at the Glanz house.
[1:00:00] Embrace the slow life and the little things.
[1:01:50] Confronting the demons in our own minds.
[1:02:00] Love of family and friends is true wealth.
[1:03:20] Kings, Philosophers and Women.
[1:04:20] Pandemic causes Honest Designers to miss first week.
[1:05:00] Stay safe, hug your loved ones and we’ll see you next week.
[1:06:00] That’s a wrap!

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