This week we are talking all about focus! How to focus, how it can help us, why we sometimes struggle with it, and, finally, how a lack of it can hurt us. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Welcome back!
[2:30] Talking about focus.
[3:00] If you don’t focus, you get nowhere.
[4:00] Focus is something we all struggle with.
[6:30] Paying attention to only one thing may be the secret.
[7:50] The Anti Procrastination Mindset book.
[8:15] While working at the magazine, Ian had a great routine.
[9:10] You can become very lost without specific goals.
[10:00] Ian finds he procrastinates a lot.
[11:25] Most books can be summarized on one page.
[13:00] Taking on client work has helped Ian focus.
[14:00] Ian found setting deadlines for products helped him complete them.
[15:30] Tom talks why he decided to drop one of his podcasts.
[16:00] Dropping a project can be hard but the benefits are worth it.
[17:00] Tom has cut out little things to focus on the big things.
[18:05] Overarching goals are needed for success.
[19:05] How a series can pull you out of feeling stuck.
[20:00] Tom asks Dustin how focusing on only RetroSupply Co worked out for him.
[21:00] Compliments and money.
[22:00] People only change when staying the same becomes uncomfortable.
[23:00] Finding your style is deciding to focus on one thing.
[24:00] Lisa has no regrets.
[25:00] Stop feeling boxed into a genre.
[26:00] Ian has experienced some of the best work because of niching.
[27:10] Stop thinking “what do I want to be known for?”
[28:00] What and who are you creating for? Hearts, love, fulfillment?
[29:10] When the affirmation for your work doesn’t come, then what?
[30:00] Money changes focus.
[31:00] No one can take what you create away from you.
[32:00] Effort, likes and goals.
[33:10] Focus on effort gives you control.
[34:00] Make, meet goal, repeat.
[35:00] You can control the effort you put into your work.
[36:00] Choose goals you know you can control.
[37:00] Dustin talks business with his daughters.
[39:00] Breaking down the problem to avoid being overwhelmed.
[40:00] Dustin’s coffee/work analogy.
[41:00] Drinking paint.
[42:25] Most knowledge bombs today goes to Ian.

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