This week we are trying a bit of a different format with our Q&A. Not with what you give us but with each other. Each of us has a co-host and we’ll get to ask that person one question. So without further ado, let’s jump into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:00] Everyone gets a chuckle over how the order of the questions will work.
[2:00] The struggle is real.
[3:40] Tom > Lisa – “What has your career felt like over the years?”
[4:40] It’s been a lot of rollercoasters and rabbit holes.
[5:00] Lisa is in a constant state of freefall.
[6:00] “What are your three biggest emotions over the years?”
[7:20] Dustin > Lisa “do you ever think about what you are devoting your life to?”
[8:10] Lisa talks about how happiness goals were always moving.
[9:00] Finally living with purpose.
[10:40] With focus struggles what hacks does Ian use to get jobs done?
[11:10] Deadlines keep Ian in check.
[12:30] Stop dwelling and embrace speed.
[13:30] Ian talks about overcoming project obstacles.
[15:18] Ian gets real about how Coronavirus has affected him.
[16:00] 5-4-3-2-1 – do it!
[17:00] Sometimes we need someone else to give us that push.
[18:00] If it takes less than 2 minutes to do… do it now!
[19:00] Tom sees Ian living between two extremes.
[20:00] Society likes to put us into productivity boxes.
[21:25] It’s easy to feel guilty when you don’t work full days.
[22:20] Allocating different ways to work switches things up.
[23:30] Stand, move furniture, get coffee to engage different brain gears.
[24:00] The reason Ian did the skateboard was to enjoy painting!
[25:30] Calculating hours worked for likes.
[26:50] Ian > Dustin “if you could only have one marketing strategy what would it be?”
[27:30] Email – search engines or word of mouth.
[28:30] The gang ask Dustin to share some of his favorite tips.
[29:20] Harnessing the power of segmenting.
[30:00] Email marketing can be very overwhelming.
[31:15] Ian > Dustin “where do you find email segmentation information?”
[32:40] Cohort analysis and email marketing
[33:00] Finding people patterns.
[34:00] Heads are exploding.
[35:00] Where there is a will to learn there is enormous benefit.
[36:20] Dedicate 4 hours once a quarter looking at your customers’ transactions.
[37:20] Make an observation. Hypothesize. Guess. Measure Results.
[38:00] Be inquisitive and experiment to find what works for your business.
[40:00] What is your metric of success?
[41:00] Tom is looking for audience and community on LinkedIn.
[42:00] Tom elaborates more on his LinkedIn test.
[44:20] Just ask yourself some easy questions about your business.
[45:20] Dustin > Tom: Tom is a genuine relationship marketer.
[46:00] Tom always wants to help people and they in turn help him.
[47:30] Dustin > Tom “if you can’t use relationships how would you build a business?”
[49:00] The good and bad of customer focus.
[50:00] Creating a product and get a group to rally around it.
[51:00] Tom loves bringing people together.
[52:00] Tom shares more on friendship building.
[53:00] Stop waiting for people to come to you. Go to them.
[54:00] How to convert friends to sales?
[56:00] We buy from our friends. Here’s why.
[57:00] Lisa wants people to know they can trust buying from her.
[58:00] Everyone wins from friendships.
[59:00] Tom shares a real case study of relationship marketing.
[1:00:00] Dustin gets overwhelmed by responding to emails.
[1:01:00] Do the marketing you feel most comfortable.
[1:02:00] Introduce your audience to your responder if it’s not you.
[1:04:00] The company that makes the most badass customers wins.
[1:05:00] This episode is OG Honest Designers.
[1:06:00] The gang discussing doing this show forever.
[1:07:00] Pocket knives and tooth picks.
[1:08:00] That’s a wrap!
[1:09:00] Ian and Tom rant about ditching Dustin.
[1:10:00] That’s a wrap – again!

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