In today’s episode we define our ideal client, that special unicorn-like person that you want to seek out and is going to make all your design hopes and dreams come true… So without further ado, let’s jump into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:20] How do you define the good clients?
[2:20] What does the dream client look like?
[3:00] Are unicorn clients farfetched?
[4:00] Design Cuts outlined their ideal client.
[5:10] Marketers use this same approach all the time.
[6:00] Ideal client is a lot like looking for the ideal mate.
[7:00] You have to know what you’re looking for.
[8:00] True love client.
[10:00] Client expectations.
[11:00] Client love languages.
[12:00] The two-way street of client/designer relationships.
[13:25] Adjust what you need and want as a designer over time.
[14:00] Tom needs 100% client investment in their own projects.
[15:00] What you need as a designer in you 20s is different from your 30s.
[16:00] Many rarely sit down and ponder what they really want.
[17:00] Lisa shares how she met Cliff. Love connection.
[18:00] Great story of true love.
[19:00] We all share common dream client traits.
[20:00] Tom’s 40 Year Old Virgin – Dream Client analogy.
[21:00] Acknowledge that your first client will not be your dream client.
[22:00] Have a top 3 and try molding other traits you need and want.
[23:00] Lisa shares how she molded one of her first clients.
[24:00] Communication is key.
[25:30] Long-term client relationships that last = solid income.
[26:00] Pandemic is a strange time, so we need to be a little more flexible.
[27:00] A couple of must-haves for a client.
[28:45] Red Flag! Dragging feet when you talk budget or payment.
[29:00] Tom empathizes with clients on the budget questions.
[30:00] The old client budget – designer rate question.
[31:00] There is no one-rate-fits-all projects.
[32:40] Budget – rate is basic business practice.
[33:00] Understanding value helps one back into a rate.
[34:30] Meeting up to discuss price helps ease tensions.
[35:00] Tom becomes the client for his new logo build.
[36:00] The design brief and building the perfect logo.
[37:30] Walk a mile in your client’s shoes.
[38:00] Lisa discovered she likes corporate clients. Here’s why.
[39:00] Even unicorn clients need tweaking.
[40:20] Client empathy is a wonderful teacher.

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