Today we are getting into a series of unknown question prompts from our fellow host Dustin. He has a card-based game that we are going to be getting into and will use this framework to elicit some nuggets of wisdom. So without further ado, let’s get into the show!

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Show Notes for This Episode:

[1:30] Dustin talks about the School of Life brand that made today’s game.
[2:00] Going over the rules.
[3:10] Q1- What is especially endearing about Tom?
[4:00] Lisa explains what she loves about Tom. Making her laugh is #1.
[5:00] Dustin jumps in and explains what is endearing to him about Tom.
[6:15] Ian leans on Tom when attending group events.
[7:00] Tom rubbed some people the wrong way?
[8:00] Offer romance, not a one night stand.
[9:00] There is power in many tiny friendly actions.
[10:00] Networking is like planting seeds.
[11:00] Being kind and helpful does eventually pay off.
[12:00] Sunshine card: Thank someone for something they did for you.
[13:00] Tom thanks Lisa for collaborating on the Scene Creator with him.
[14:00] Kind, easy to work with, attention to detail, asking all the right questions.
[15:20] Lisa shares how the Scene Creator went from a tiny idea to a licensing deal.
[16:35] Q2- If you could reassure your younger self about something what would it be?
[17:40] Ian would talk to himself about not worrying so much.
[18:00] Really deep friendships will come, don’t go to college and just make a business.
[19:00] Time wasted as a teen could have been money making.
[20:10] Takeaway from Q2: have patience.
[21:00] Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s useless. There’s always a reason.
[22:00] Learn as much as you can.
[23:00] Tom shares a funny listener email and who everyone reminds them of.
[24:00] A podcast of good looking celebrities.
[25:00] The gang ogle over the listeners’ celebrity comparisons.
[26:00] Dustin sees Lisa as a Khaleesi.
[27:50] Q3- Who do you think you haven’t loved enough?
[28:30] Dustin shares his appreciation for Lisa, Tom and Ian.
[29:00] The time to do for others is always NOW.
[30:30] Tom shares a marketing tip on gift giving.
[31:00] Giving can take only 30 minutes but can pay off in spades.
[32:00] Small gestures speak volumes with clients.
[33:00] Lisa shares an example of Tom’s small gesture of giving.
[34:00] People will always remember you for the little things you did.
[35:00] Create a Joy Fund for your business to make people happy.
[36:00] Take note of the tiny things.
[37:00] The Pillars of Charisma.
[38:00] Charisma on Command.
[39:20] Imagine if we all made each other feel good.
[40:00] Just be a decent human being.
[41:00] That’s a wrap!

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